Cant you tell

Just a sweet poem that may have a few errors sorry. Oh by the way the blurb sucks but the poem is ok tho


2. heart shattered

I always thought you'd be single

But I see you mingle

With a strange sight, a girl who may like you

I don't know but if she is yours

She took a chance just like her dyed hair

But if your dating it would give me a nightmare

They say love is many things

In art it's a heart

But in math it's a problem

In history a war

And in my heart it's you

Why can't I forget

The way your voice sounds

The way your hair is just right

Or how you're always confident

I may have gone too far

A few years back

When I read a book I hate

To be with you by "fate"

Or now when I watch you in lunch

And act cool so you can walk to me

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