Around You (with Luke Hemmings)


Amber Larson gets to meet Luke Hemmings, a famous musician who at the moment is not that well known in the United States, not even in New York City.
Amber is a strong person, she knows exactly how she is and what she wants for herself, while on the other hand, Luke is just in love with music and likes living in the moment having fun without worrying about a thing.
Luke and Amber share a special relationship in the short time that they spend together but Luke has to leave Amber in the States and go on tour with his band but when he returns he is more than just the Luke Hemmings that Amber knows, he now is the Luke Hemmings from this famous Australian band that every teenager is talking about.
Luke and Amber fall in love so deeply that they would do anything for each other and Amber takes this so seriously that at some point she is not the same person anymore. She is now lost and there is no way to find herself again… or maybe there


2. Chapter 1 Papers and Confusing Schedules

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Chapter 1

Papers and confusing schedules


-Amber –

I kept giving out the papers that my boss gave me that morning for that day.

I don't really mind or bother looking at who is the one receiving the papers but one person actually caught my attention.

He was gorgeous and even if we barely made eye contact, I could already see his amazing blue eyes. Being too ashamed of myself, I decided to not give him any papers while my face goes bright red.

"Hi." he said with a thick accent.

"Hi." I answered.

"Do you work there?" he asked pointing at the bookstore.


"If I come by another day, can I look for you?"

"I guess you could ask for me."

"And your name is...?"

"Amber Larson." I said still feeling his blue eyes on me.

Who thought that those blue eyes would be following me for the rest of my life?

I give Samantha a quick hug before going back to work.

"Do you want to go out tonight?" my friend asks.

"I am not sure about today's schedule, but I'll call you later." I answer before heading to the cashier of the bookstore where I work.

The day passes slowly, like always. 

Basically, my job is to help people with books, tell them about the new creative writing classes we have and being in the cashier, so I am the only one who works here besides my boss, who yes, it's super nice but she likes the things done the exact way that she wants them.

Since today is Friday, my working shift is a little longer but it ends at six o'clock.

I manage to get throughout the day without even noticing it.

I help this man who is looking for a teenage romantic book for his daughter and after I finish helping him, a tall blonde boy comes over; I could recognize him anywhere in this world.

"Hi, can I help you with anything?" I ask, trying to sound as the typical store helpers.

"Hi, um, I was wondering if you had any of the papers that you were giving out on Tuesday in front of the music store. The thing is that you gave some to my friend but you never gave any to me and I think I told you that I would come and look for you." he says and he has a very deep voice that makes my heart stop for a while brief moment before it starts to beat fast again.

"Yes, but it will take me some time to look for them at the back. Do you want to wait and get them or would you prefer them sent by email?" I ask making direct eye contact him and making my heart stop for a brief moment.

"Can I have both?" he asks with a little shy smile.

"Sure, but first let me bring you the papers." I say before leaving the room.


I can totally do this. 

I take a deep breath and enter to the bookstore, where she works.

After scanning the place and not finding her, I ask for her to a middle aged lady, who is stacking books.

"Excuse me; do you have any worker here named Amber Larson?" I ask her.

"Yes, at the counter." she replies.

"Thank you." I say before almost running to Amber.

When I get there, I see her helping a customer and I got to admit that she is way better looking than I remembered but I try to act as normal and chilled as possible.

"Hi, can I help you with anything?" she asks me when I get to her at the counter.

"Hi, um, I was wondering if you had any of the papers that you were giving out on Tuesday in front of the music store. The thing is that you gave some to my friend but you never gave any to me and I think I told you that I would come and look for you." I say trying to sound cool and normal am when I am not talking to a cute girl like Amber.

"Yes, but it will take me some time to look for them at the back. Do you want to wait and get them or would you prefer them sent by email?" she asks while we make direct eye contact and I am blown away by those blue eyes again, just like days ago.

"Can I have both?" I ask trying to pass a little more time with her before jumping into the question.

"Sure, but first let me bring you the papers." she says in her sweet voice before leaving the counter to get lost in a small dark room.

I try to look at the books that are marked as the best sellers of this month and week on the counter but my mind is far away.

I mean, what of I ask her out and she already has someone?

What if she is not even interested?

What if she just rejects me right away?

While I am standing there watching and looking at books, she comes with a bunch of papers and a soft little smile.

"Okay, so here are the papers that I was giving out." she says to me, making me turn to make direct eye contact with her again and gives me a paper with a lot of descriptions of the classes.

"Thank you." I manage to say. 

"What classes are you interested in?" she asks and I panic because I have no idea what to reply.

"Um, I don't really know, I came to see the schedules of the classes." I respond.

"Well, in that case, here's the schedule. You can see it and tell me, I guess." she says giving me a paper full of hours and classes and I just pretend to be reading them.

"Are you in any of these?" I ask casually.

"Yes, actually. I am like in each of the classes after school before starting my shift. "

"Great, maybe you can help me out. This schedule is very confusing." I say.

"Um, sure. We have on Mondays and Thursdays poetry reading and storytelling skills, on Tuesdays and Fridays we have the creative writing hours, the novel writing class and the short story writing classes and on Wednesdays we have poetry writing class. And since you asked, I am on poetry writing and novel writing classes." she says to me.

"Okay, thanks. At what time do you end your shift?" I ask.

"At six, why?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to this small opening party that my friend is having. He just opened a store and he wanted me to invite."

"That actually sounds cool, but my shift ends in like thirty minutes. Can you wait?" she asks a little worried.

"Of course, I will be looking around the store and you can tell me when you're done". I say before she nods at me with a little smile and I walk to one of the corners of the store.

Amber walks around the store asking the customers if everything I alright and I honestly don't know how someone can be that good with their job, actually watching her work makes me want to go out there and get a job.

And I have just realized how brave she looks but at the same time, she was this softness and sweetness across her face. She looks so delicate and innocent.

How can someone just look that brave and sensitive? 

In other words, how can someone look so perfect?

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