Around You (with Luke Hemmings)


Amber Larson gets to meet Luke Hemmings, a famous musician who at the moment is not that well known in the United States, not even in New York City.
Amber is a strong person, she knows exactly how she is and what she wants for herself, while on the other hand, Luke is just in love with music and likes living in the moment having fun without worrying about a thing.
Luke and Amber share a special relationship in the short time that they spend together but Luke has to leave Amber in the States and go on tour with his band but when he returns he is more than just the Luke Hemmings that Amber knows, he now is the Luke Hemmings from this famous Australian band that every teenager is talking about.
Luke and Amber fall in love so deeply that they would do anything for each other and Amber takes this so seriously that at some point she is not the same person anymore. She is now lost and there is no way to find herself again… or maybe there


1. Prologue

I can feel it.

I can feel the pain that's growing on my inside getting ready to take away my whole body.

I can feel the tears of anger rolling down my face.

I try to make myself smaller and hug my legs as if I was against the world alone but the truth is that I am in fact against the world alone.

Several ideas start running through my mind. Ideas that you probably don't want to know about.

He is with another girl in his hotel room.

You have already heard and seen all of it.

This time will be just the same but with another girl.

You were just one more.

Just like the other girls.

I take a deep breath.

Tears keep falling.

Then, my phone starts ringing.

I try to whip my tears away with all of the ideas when his cute photo appears on my phone letting me know he is the one calling me.

"Hello?" I answer trying to sound natural as possible.

"Hey." He says with his usual bright and happy voice but I still hear the giggling of a girl near him and tears start falling again. "Are you alright?"

I swear that those were the only words I needed but I was still hoping for more.

"Yeah, nothing to worry about. I'm just a little stressed trying to get my homework done." I try to say but it just comes out as a slow and little whisper and I am hoping to hear his voice asking me if he could help me with anything, but it never comes...

He doesn't answer but I can hear the voice of a girl calling him and telling him that she misses him already.

"Sorry, I have to go. Michael wants to go for milkshakes. I'll call you later, alright?" He says and before I could even answer, he has already ended de call and the next thing I know, I am throwing my phone.

I stare into nowhere still hugging my legs with tears falling while I try to calm myself.

Then I see it.

My design sketches.

I take them with my two hands and start to rip each one of them with anger, as if breaking the most precious things I have could make him and me the people that I want. When I'm done, I just get up from the cold floor and head to the kitchen and fill a large cup with black coffee and I sit on the tall kitchen table.

I try to clear my mind while I try to warm my hands with the warm coffee cup and I play with my engagement ring.

When have I become this weak?

When have I become one of those stupid girls?

I can totally pull this off.

I can be perfectly fine without him.

I am ready to have him out of my life.

If that's what he wants and needs from me.

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