Chat room 13

Breezi has always been pretty lonely, sure she's friendly and will talk to anyone, but its always been an uphill battle. Valire is popular, nice and cool, but she's always felt... different. One thing both girls have in common is that they love the internet chat room, Anonymous98, a special place where you're paired with someone who could be your real best friend. What could possibly happen in Anonyomous98?


5. QA

 The movie just ended.

 Melody runs upstairs, shouting something about a rave downstairs. I get up; Melody's raves are the bomb, even if I can't dance. 

 The apartment owner gave us the basement because they never used it for anything, so Melody made it basically her own paradise. 

 We walk into the old brick room, the walls covered in old band posters and records, as well as black lights. Along the left wall is a black couch with dark pink and purple pillows on it for us to chill on. There's a policy that's written on the aluminum sign next to the stairs. 

You wearing black? 


Get out. 

: )

 Melody has a thing for black. Everything about it just makes her happy. 

 "Crap, Mel I'm not wearing black." I say, looking down at all the white I'm wearing. Melody sighs.

 "I have old clothes behind the changing screen, go." 

 Mel has this black screen with purple flowers on it that she keeps downstairs. We get together for these raves and we dance to music really late into the night on Fridays, it's really fun.

 There's a black off the shoulder shirt and black jeans with ankle boots sitting there. I pull them on quickly and wrap a black and white stripped scarf around my neck, we have to look classy for this. 

Sometimes some of the kids from other parts of the apartment get together with us and we party all night. Tonight we're playing for this party, it's always a blast. 

 As we set up, more people I recognize walk into the room, making me more nervous than before. 

 Ever since I was young, I remember my obsession with music, which I learned from Melody. I used to sit in my room and play music over the radio. I would just listen, and then try to match pitch with the singer. It wasn't easy, and it's a little embarrassing but I was like, five. 

 Dillon, a guy who's about  eighteen and has auburn hair and amber eyes, aka Melody's boyfriend, is setting up. He's also Jay's brother. I he's really good with machines and setting them up; my sister would probably drop kick the amps into the wall, not saying I wouldn't, I totally would!  

 Dillon looks over at me and gives us the thumbs up to start the performance whenever we feel like it. I sheepishly smile back as I approach the mic. 


 We all look over to see who had yelled. Callie and Zyland are running downstairs, Callie carrying a bronze guitar, Zyland holding a black bass. 

 "Sorry we're late..." Zyland says, obviously embarrassed by making a scene with all these people around.

 "I thought you were sick." Melody says as she gets behind her drum set. I smile at them, showing that I'm not judging. Zyland smiles back and Callie winks at me. I blush. 

 Dillon shows up holding a clipboard.

 "What's the first song, sweetheart?" Melody asks, smirking.

 He smiles a little at her remark.

 "We're only doing covers tonight, right? I wasn't given an agenda and I just suspect that we're doing that as usual." I say, trying not to blush.

 Dillon looks at me and smiles. 

 " Yes, we're only doing covers, we're starting with...." He flips through his agenda. "It's always a good time, Owl City." 

 Melody groans and I laugh.

 "We're doing the DJ version, so it's not shitty pop music,promise." Dillon says smiling.

Melody's face brightens, that means she gets to DJ. Callie and Zyland leave the stage and Dillon grabs the mic, while Jay climbs onto our stage, my voice can only go so far.

(Gasp I'm breaking the fourth wall,

here's the link to the awesome DJ version I mean :)

 I smile at him as he grabs a spare mic and waits for Mel's cue. I hear the music start and the beat floods into my body, seeping into my bones and before I know it, I'm swaying to the music. Jay looks at me and the music starts. He starts singing. 


 I flop down onto my bed, exhausted. My shoes are still on my feet and my hair is still done. I still have make up on and I'm so tired I could sleep right now. 

 It was after midnight when the Rave ended and we spent an hour on clean up. I almost passed out a few times, but I survived. I quietly wait for the energy to get up and wash my face.

 Sooner or later I get up and grab my phone. Setting it up on it's stand proves to be a task but I did it.

 First thing I do is turn on my Fall Out Boy playlist and turn up one of my favorite songs, Young Volcanoes. I yawn and turn on the sink, washing my sparkly make up off and brushing out my hair. I take out my contacts and out on my glasses. After changing into a tie dye shirt and teal shorts I lay on my bed, pulling out my phone and opening to Anonymous98.

  QA: Hey sorry, I was super busy, I doubt you'll answer at one in the morning but hey, you might :)

 I set aside my phone and stare at the ceiling. Just as I begin to fall asleep...


I sit up and look at my phone. I refrain from throwing my phone into the mirror across from my bed as I turn it on.

 CC: I'm awake. It's okay. I have a hard time sleeping.

 QA: Oh... I didn't know that.

 CC: Heh, I doubt you would, considering we've never actually met.

 QA: You never know. I could've known you in a past life ; )

 CC: I don't believe in those kinds of things. They only happen in anime and tv and stuff. 

 Did she just say anime?

 QA: You like anime?

 CC: Well um...

 CC: Yeah, I've never told anyone that, but yeah,I totally love it.

 And this is why I didn't get any sleep.


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