Chat room 13

Breezi has always been pretty lonely, sure she's friendly and will talk to anyone, but its always been an uphill battle. Valire is popular, nice and cool, but she's always felt... different. One thing both girls have in common is that they love the internet chat room, Anonymous98, a special place where you're paired with someone who could be your real best friend. What could possibly happen in Anonyomous98?


3. QA

 Today was the last day of school before winter break. 

 My friend Jayson and I trudge through the snow, him wearing a black coat and blue jeans, me wearing a black trench coat over a white sweater dress and stripped leggings. Our boot make a satisfying crunch sound as they abuse the old snow beneath us. Karska skips behind us, giggling at the sound. I look back at her. Her ginger hair puffs out from beneath her panda hat and she's jumping on the snow, luckily wearing her black boots and green coat, bundled up tight. 

 "So where are we heading my dear Jacie?" I ask.

 He sighs at the nickname I gave him when we were five.

 "Mindy's." He states bluntly.

 Mindy's diner was an old favorite of ours, being just down the street from our apartment, we could easily walk to it and pick up a nice meal. Bella is the only one of us who is remotely good at cooking and she's usually working.

 "Why are we going to Mindy's? Isn't it like... Three in the afternoon?" Karska asks.

 "For one god damn time would you mind not questioning me, Nightl?" Jay says, annoyed. 

 Karska giggles, she has always had a special place in her heart for annoying poor Jayson. 

 As we reach the glass door with 'Mindy's' written in curly script on it. Jay holds open the door for us as we're greeted by the smell of fried food and he chilly sent of ice cream. A woman with dirty blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail stands behind the counter. She looks up to see who came through the door. The fifty-some year old woman smiles, making the skin around her eyes crinkle. 

 "Well isn't it three of my favorite customers. Afternoon, kids, how are you?" Mindy smiles at us.

 "Hi Mindy!" Karska shouts.

 Mindy laughs, she's known us our entire lives. Jay waves and I smile.

 Mindy is already gathering up the plates, mats, and silverware for us.

 "So what brings you kiddos in?" Mindy asks.

 "Last day of school before winter break, thought I'd treat these two." Jay motions to the two of us.

 "Oh, well isn't that sweet, where's Callie and Zyland, might I ask?"

 "Callie and Him got sick, we're gonna need a doggy bag for them-"

 "If you wouldn't mind." I add, I've gotta be polite.

 Mindy nods. "Usual?"

 We all nod, sitting down to wait for our meals.

 I look around the diner. The walls are covered with old pictures of movie stars from back in the day, my favorite is the one of Marlin Monroe, she looks so pretty. Usually we would sit at the bar stools, but today we sit in one of the vinyl booths, Karska next to me and Jay across from us, flipping through one of his text books. Karska is reading a book as I put my headphones on and change the song to Snow Fairy. (The theme to one of my favorite anime's, Fairy Tail) I bob my head to the music, just wanting to drift into the in between space.  

 "Oh noooooooo!" Karska moans.

 I look over; she has her face in her book, both items down on the table.

 "You've read that book like, seventeen times, I'd expect you to know what happens." I state.

 "I can't help it. The Outsiders is just too great." Karska says, she got into this book somehow, I just stopped questioning.

 I pull out my phone as Karska cries and Jayson reviews for who knows what. I sign into my Anonymous98 account to check my messages. Oddly enough, there's a message from cosplayCrusader. 

 CC: Um... Hi again. You seemed pretty interesting the last time we talked and I just thought we could maybe... speak again sometime.

 I smile slightly and type a message back.

QA: Sure, totally, I'm just like... super busy at the moment, I promise I'll answer you when I get back to my computer  : )      

 Mindy sets a few plates down at our table. 

 "Alrighty let me see... Pulled BBQ sandwich for the bear girl, Cheese burger, no mustard for the Gentleman, and Chicken stripes for little miss Hair dye." Mindy says as she sets the food down on the table. "Do you kids want your usual milkshakes?" We all nod, the tree of us have a serious sweet tooth. Mindy makes a note on her grease stained notepad. 

 I pull at the pink dyed part of my hair, taking a bite of Mindy's famous Steak Fries. Karska is digging into her sandwich. Jayson takes the pickles off his cheeseburger and puts them on the corner of my plate. Jayson hates pickles but he always lets me have them, because pickles are one of my many obsessions. Next to-

 "Here's your Nutella milkshake, sweetheart." Mindy says as she puts it down in front of me. Yep. Nutella addict.

 I smile at her. "Thanks Mindy." She nods my way smiling.

 "Vanilla for the gentleman, and mint chocolate cookie for the bear?" They nod, excited.

 She sets the creamy desserts in front of us. Karska drinks hers too quickly, her head falling into my lap.

 "Braaaaaaaaaain freeeeeeeeze." She squeals as quiet as she can.

 I pet her hat and take a sip of my milkshake, seeing two cherries on top. Jay hates maraschino cherries too. I pop one of the cherries into my mouth. I love cherries.

 Karska sits up and continues to eat, stuffing her face with as much sandwich as she can. I dip a chicken strip into some barbecue sauce and much on it. 

 "So what happened with you guys today?" Jay asks. 

 "I got in trouble." Karska says between bites of food.

 "What for this time?" I ask as I nibble on a steak fry.

 "I bit a boy who was being mean." Karska states boredly. 

 "You bit him?!" Jay yelps. "Why would you do that!?"

 Karska giggles, I just eat my food. 

 "Did I not say that he was mean? Because if I didn't, he was. Super mean." She says. Jay just face palms.


 Just as we finish eating, snow starts falling. 

 "Crap, we better go before we get stuck in here again." Jay says getting up. I place a ten dollar bill on the table, Mindy is a great server.

 We walk out into the snowy street and start speed walking. We race past store windows, decorated with Christmas lights and holiday decorations. We approach our building and ring the bell, waiting for the door man to let us in. A young man with a gray scarf on answers the door. He smiles at us.

"Hey kids,better head upstairs, don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose." He says, letting us into the warmth of the apartment building.

Jayson heads up stairs as we wait for the elevator. It opens and Karska and I stand in silence, waiting for the eighth floor. When we get up there, Jayson is already unlocking the door to the large apartment that houses us. We strip off our layers and throw our boots and such next to the door. We walk in to see Callie and Zyland about to start watching Rise of the Guardians. Jayson walks to his room and locks the door. I plop down on the sofa next to Callie. Karska sits in one of our large recliners and waits for the movie to start. I pull out my phone and check any messages. None. I'll talk to cosplayCrusader after the movie.

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