Chat room 13

Breezi has always been pretty lonely, sure she's friendly and will talk to anyone, but its always been an uphill battle. Valire is popular, nice and cool, but she's always felt... different. One thing both girls have in common is that they love the internet chat room, Anonymous98, a special place where you're paired with someone who could be your real best friend. What could possibly happen in Anonyomous98?


1. QA

Welcome to Anonymous98.

Would you like to start chatting?

 I've been greeted by those words everyday for almost 6 months. That's when my best guy friend, Jayson, made me sign up. He loves this sitet, that's where he met the girl he's been internet dating. I don't know much about her, I am pretty sure she's emo though. Just saying.

 My name is Breezi Catlin. I'm 16 years old and an aspiring writer. I have reddish brown hair, brown eyes, only one of which works.  For as long as I can remember, I've been nice to everyone. Though that may be the case, I have very few friends that I trust. My best friend's name is Karska, pretty odd name, I know, but she loves it, and I love it too, it's creative, like her. 

My whole family (including friends) lives in a large apartment, we live mostly off my oldest sister's salary, she's a nurse. Her name is Bella, she and I look a ton alike. I have another sister, Melody, she's my half sister though. Her and her boyfriend, Dillon, have a band in the basement. I'm a part of it, but only on occasion. I'm lead singer, the only issue is that I'm kind of awkward... I get tongue tided a lot, my mouth moves faster than my mind.

 I sign into Anonymous98 using my user name, queenofAwkward. Karska and I came up with the name during lunch a while ago. I look thorough my contacts list. All of these people were chosen for me to talk to, there's a special quiz when you first sign up. It looks like there's a new chat. 

 cosplayCrusader? This person sure sounds interesting...

 I click the name. 

 QA: Hello...?

 To every chatter, I'm cautious if I don't know them.

 CC: Hi, this is queenofAwkward, right?

 QA: Yeah, nice to meet you cosplayCrusader!

 At least I'm peppy over the internet, heh...

 CC: Well nice to meet you too. You're the first person I've talked to...

 QA: Well welcome. It's actually a pretty nice website.

 CC: Well thanks. My sister told me I should try it, she loves it.

 QA: Oh? What's her username?

 CC: Impressionist0

 QA: Oh cool. I actually have to go, I'll talk to you later, see ya!

 CC: Bye

 Well that was different. I usually ask names, but I didn't. Hm.

The sound of blaring Country music comes through the wall. I bang on it.

"Callie, could you keep it down!?" I yell.

 "Kiss my ass Catlin!" She shouts back.

 I roll my eyes. She's always been like this. Are we even friends? I've given up trying to figure that out. 

I put on my headphones and start playing my Marina and the Diamonds playlist. I love her music. I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Old Christmas lights twinkle from where they hang on the wall. I almost feel at peace.







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