Chat room 13

Breezi has always been pretty lonely, sure she's friendly and will talk to anyone, but its always been an uphill battle. Valire is popular, nice and cool, but she's always felt... different. One thing both girls have in common is that they love the internet chat room, Anonymous98, a special place where you're paired with someone who could be your real best friend. What could possibly happen in Anonyomous98?


4. CC

Today was the last day of school before winter break.

 I wait by the steps of our school for my best friends. I hear yelling and look up to see a girl with medium brown skin and curly brown hair shouting from the top steps. That would be my best friend, Alex. She's kinda... how can I put this nicely... Yeah, she's insane. A girl with light ginger hair and blue streaks running through it steps out with a boy with spiky brown hair step out. Those are my friends Lucy and Jacob I love them. I lean against a pillar waiting for them to notice me. Alex jumps down the stairs, her face brightening upon seeing me.

 "Vally!!" She yells.

 Alex jumps on me, hugging me. I laugh and fluff her already fluffy hair. 

 "Hi!" Lucy says happily.

 I wave to her, smiling. I honestly love my best friends, they're the greatest.

 It's very cold out, it just stopped snowing an hour ago. We begin walking home, Alex spinning around on light poles. Lucy doesn't really like the winter, she really enjoys swimming and we don't know of any indoor pools in the area, sadly. And Jacob...  

 "Ugh I hate snow so much." 

 Yeah. Jacob hates snow.

 I walk and look up at the very gray sky. Snowflakes fall down on us in a lightly.

 "Did you know that no two snowflakes are ever exactly the same?" Lucy says, catching one in her glove. I look at her glove, seeing the beautifully crafted ice crystal.

 "I like snowflakes, they're so pretty." Alex says and she rolls in the snow.

 "Yeah.." I say.

 I look around at all the buildings around us. There's a few Christmas shops and a diner on this street. The school isn't too far from my apartment but we usually take the long way home, it passes by the foster home Lucy and Jacob live in. They've never let the things like that get them down since we were younger. We all kind of get the feeling. Except Alex, she has her parents but she doesn't spend a lot of time at home because they're always busy with her more 'successful' siblings. She spends most of her time with me, we're usually making videos or something, it's always very fun when she's around.

 We approach the foster home and say bye to Lucy and Jacob, Alex and me spending the rest of the walk talking about anime and music. We walk into the nice building where our apartments are, walking up the nice stairs to the seventh floor and saying our good byes. I walk into our apartment and look around. Everything is in order, as usual. My brother is extremely neat, our home is always clean. I put my purple coat on the hanger and slip off my white boots. I walk down the hall to my room, hearing talking coming from Harley's room. 

 "Hello again ladies and gentleman, Impressionist zero is here once again to take those blues away, so without further a do..." 

 Harley has this podcast she does every Monday and Friday. Sometimes I listen in, but usually I just listen through the wall.

 I walk into my room and set my stuff down at my silver desk. I lay on my round bed, staring at the square light hanging from the ceiling. Usually I would be setting up for a video, but today I'm just feeling... off. I take my silver  laptop off the edge of my bed and log into Anonymous98. I go straight to queenofAwkward's chat page. We're in chat room thirteen.    


 CC: Um... Hi again. You seemed pretty interesting the last time we talked and I just thought we could maybe... speak again sometime.

 I think that was okay.

 I don't get an immediate response so I get up from my bed. I pull a box out from under my bed and open it up.       

 Inside is a short blonde wig and a purple off the shoulder purple shirt. I put both things on and patiently wait for Alex to come through my window. 

 As I wait, I sit at my vanity and take out my make up supply. I put on foundation and mascara as well as bright red lipstick. I look cute and much younger with the short blonde wig. I sweep on some eyeliner to give myself a cats eye when I hear a knock on my window. 

 "Come in!" I call as I take out my contacts.

 "Hey hey hey, long time no see Val!" Alex says as she enters. I smile at her through the mirror as I put in my purple contacts.

 Okay so this may sound weird, but I prefer to hide my identity when making videos. It's just so much more comfortable for me. I talk about some really dorky stuff online. I show the part of me that no one ever sees. Most often at school, I'm the popular girl. The one who's not super dorky. They think I read magazines. I mean I do... but they're gaming magazines. One direction? Please, I'd rather listen to Panic! at the Disco. Pretty little Liars? I'd rather watch Death Note or Ouran. But they don't need to know that. I'd prefer them seeing Valire, rather than Val. Alex has already left the room to get us our popcorn and Japanese sodas. 

 I set up the camera and wait for Alex. 

 She walks back in after about Two minutes and we get ready to record. 

 "Hey everyone! It's Val and Ally!" I say with a big smile.

I finally get to be Val.

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