Chat room 13

Breezi has always been pretty lonely, sure she's friendly and will talk to anyone, but its always been an uphill battle. Valire is popular, nice and cool, but she's always felt... different. One thing both girls have in common is that they love the internet chat room, Anonymous98, a special place where you're paired with someone who could be your real best friend. What could possibly happen in Anonyomous98?


2. CC

             Welcome to Anonymous98. 

Would you like to start chatting?

This wasn't my choice. My sister made me sign up for this. Ugh. How did a little 14 year old have so much power over me. 

My name is Valirean Alister. Just call me Valire. Or Val. I'm 17 years old and I make YouTube videos, as well as cosplay. I have blonde hiar and pretty strange eyes... one is Blue and the other is Green. I mostly just hide the green one. I'd prefer being normal. Don't we all? I've always been pretty popular, let's be honest, good looks run in my family. My brother Jamie is always being called 'hot' by my classmates. He's about 20. He has red hair and green eyes. Then there's my Batman obsessed little sister, Harley. She's really pretty actually, she has crazy bright red hair like our brother. And all those freckles. She loves her freckles and her bright green eyes. Then there's me. The one with fair skin and blonde hair. Most people think I was adopted.  But Nope. I was born into the Alister family. Great goodness, my family was rich. We still are but... Well, when I was about 6...Our family go into a car accident. My brother, sister, and I were the only survivors. I've only told a few people about that. 

 As I sign up for this weird-ass website, I'm forced to come up with a username. Hmmmmmmmm...

 Username: cosplayCrusader


 I smile slightly as a quiz pops up; I've always enjoyed quizzes. 

 Once all of the questions are answered, I look at the list of people who were matched up to me by the site. Onlyone was online. 

Name: queenofAwkward

Status: Online

I reluctantly click her name, but before I could type anything, there's a message. 

 QA: Hello...?

   (Yeaaaah You already read this conversation, but it's here if you wanna read it again)


 CC: Hi, this is queenofAwkward, right?

 QA: Yeah, nice to meet you cosplayCrusader!

 She sure seems nice...

 CC: Well nice to meet you too. You're the first person I've talked to...

 QA: Well welcome. It's actually a pretty nice website.

 CC: Well thanks. My sister told me I should try it, she loves it.

 QA: Oh? What's her username?

 CC: Impressionist0

 QA: Oh cool. I actually have to go, I'll talk to you later, see ya!

 CC: Bye

 Well um... that was,,, interesting? Is that what you would call it? I think so. Probably.

 I sigh as techno music blares in the room next to me. I push off my desk, using my wheely chair to propel myself at the wall. 

 "HARLEY YOU'RE WAKING THE DEAD!" I yell at the top of my lungs.


 "YOU HAVE WEIRD LIFE GOALS" I say before pushing away from the wall using my feet.




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