Pregnant with Harry's baby

Emma is at a party. Her and Harry have been dating for 1 year. Things get intense.


4. The Interruption

Emma's POV

"We will be happy to come. Won't we Harry." I say looking at him.

"Huh" he replies."Oh yeah we'll be there".

He seems lost in thought. I wonder what's the matter.

"Well, I guess I'll see you there." Hannah says as she runs off to hand out more invitations.

Me and Harry found a compartment all to ourselves. 

"So, how was your summer?" I asked him. "Oh, usual. I spend half the time with the Dursley's until my birthday, then me and Hermione go to Ron's house." he answers.

I have never been real fond of Hermione. I mean, she's nice and all, but I'm worried that one day she might take Harry from me. If you are a girl, you understand.

As if on cue, Hermione walks into our compartment.

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