My trashy lyrics

Its a bunch of crap that I have the nerve to call 'lyrics'... These are not final, I will be editing them.

I wrote these lyrics myself 'n all that, if you do want to use them; ask me. Please don't call these your own.

If you really want to read them, please tell me what you think. (BTW My lyrics are very... Angry/depressing)

Plus~ I wrote this blurb and lyrics when I was angry sooo yeahhhh


5. 5

Suicide Dancers


Pull my strings like a puppeteer,

No one gives you a slight leer.

I just keep dancing the way I do,

Unable to move.


In the ballroom we dance,

One movement after another,

Futilely in a captivating a trance.


Don't get pulled down,

don't stop dancing,

We are the suicide dancers and this is what we do.


Never laugh it off,

Don't even stop to cough,

It would only pull you through.


In the ballroom we dance,

Gowns and all,

Don't even give anything else a chance.


I think it's time we stopped,

my feet hurt and I can't walk,

I was always made for my strings to be chopped.


Another drops to the floor,

Pull yourself up the strings,

Never fall through the trap doors.

You'll never make it back to the top.


The suicide dancers,

Dance around the room,

Trying to escape their own cancers,

Never escaping their uncertain doom.






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