My trashy lyrics

Its a bunch of crap that I have the nerve to call 'lyrics'... These are not final, I will be editing them.

I wrote these lyrics myself 'n all that, if you do want to use them; ask me. Please don't call these your own.

If you really want to read them, please tell me what you think. (BTW My lyrics are very... Angry/depressing)

Plus~ I wrote this blurb and lyrics when I was angry sooo yeahhhh


14. 14

Angels or Demons


I don't know if it's Angels or demons,

But I feel like I'm fighting a losing race.

I can't seem to get them out of my head,

When everyone seems to hurt me.


I'll never be able to cut the rope,

I'll never be able to choke,

I don't know if it's Angels or demons,

But there's nothing I can do.


I don't want to hurt you,

I just want you to go,

But the words don't seem to make it through,

That's not my fault.


It'll always be my fault,

Doesn't matter if it's Angels or demons,

I'm the only one with blood coming through.




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