My trashy lyrics

Its a bunch of crap that I have the nerve to call 'lyrics'... These are not final, I will be editing them.

I wrote these lyrics myself 'n all that, if you do want to use them; ask me. Please don't call these your own.

If you really want to read them, please tell me what you think. (BTW My lyrics are very... Angry/depressing)

Plus~ I wrote this blurb and lyrics when I was angry sooo yeahhhh


10. 10

Teenage nightmare


I don't know how to feel,

Oh shut up, Fuck off,

no one likes feelings anyway.


You flip me the finger,

then say you'll be my pleasure bringer,

This is a teenage nightmare.


I look at you with hope,

You say it makes you choke,

Love is a teenage nightmare.


Treat me like shit,

You expect me to love you too?


Glasses hitting the wall,

Smashing bottles in my face,

You make our paintings fall.


I'm winning a teenage nightmare,

But you're living the teenage dream.


Distance is key,

Emotional attachment is a waste,

Give yourself space,

Always face your enemies.


Free yourself from a teenage nightmare,

Don't try for a teenage dream,

Light up a teenage daydream.



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