Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


9. Chapter 8

Open up to Me

Chapter 8


Things seemed a little less tense after that. Dean and Castiel had retired to the living room with their tea and chocolate milk. They sat on the couch in companionable silence. Only this time, Dean sat snuggly by Castiel's side with their shoulders resting against one another's.

Castiel spent a long time just drinking his tea, watching as the contents swirled a little every time he took a sip. Dean seemed happy to just sit there, drinking his chocolate milk with the knowledge that Castiel wasn't going to kick him out. He still wanted Dean around. To what extent, he wasn't quite sure but he'd be happy to be there for Castiel, in any way he could be.

"Okay," Castiel finally said, looking determinedly at his tea. "You... like cuddling?" Castiel wasn't really sure how to approach this so he decided to just ask as factually as he could to get the right information. This was already a tricky subject for him. Beating around the bush would only confuse him further.

Dean nodded slowly, cautious with how much enthusiasm he showed. He didn't want to scare Castiel away. He'd said he'd never thought about anyone this way before. Dean wanted to make sure everything went right. He wanted to show him how good it could be to feel like this.

"I think... I do too," Castiel answered honestly. He'd never really been one for contact but sitting here with Dean. It was nice. Despite the reason, holding Dean upstairs felt good. He felt warm and safe. He'd like to try it when Dean wasn't crying, then he'd get a better perspective on the activity but from what he gathered, it wasn't a completely unpleasant experience.

Dean didn't say anything. He just waited for Castiel to speak. He didn't want to push Castiel and ask about anything else. If he liked cuddling. That had to be a good sign, right? There was no need to rush into this. He'd let Castiel discover things on his own. He didn't want to pressure him.

Castiel put his tea down on a coaster on the coffee table then carefully took Dean's chocolate milk from him and placed it on a coaster next to his own beverage. He looked back at Dean with a sheepish smile.

"H-How do we, um, cuddle sitting up?" He blushed shyly, knowing he must have sounded stupid but he'd never done it before. He'd seen it on TV but actually being a part of the moment made it seem all the more difficult to initiate.

Dean just smiled sweetly. He didn't laugh or scoff. In fact, he thought Castiel was actually quite adorable. He carefully slipped his arm around Castiel's waist and guided Castiel's arm to rest around his own middle. Being a little taller, he brought his other hand around to rest in Castiel's hair and guided him to lean against his shoulder.

Castiel tensed a little at first. When they'd first held each other it was for comfort. Castiel's mind simply focused on making Dean feel better; Now... Now Castiel's mind was spinning with every detail and it made him feel a little uneasy. The sound of Dean's heartbeat speeding up. The way his breath hitched when they came closer together. He could feel the heat radiating off the other's skin. It was too much.

He pulled away a little, ready to run away but something stopped him. Dean was staring at him with soft eyes, his fingers gently caressing his hair. If this wasn't what 'like' meant, Castiel didn't want to know. He could feel himself relax and melt under Dean's tender touch. His eyes assuring and comforting and their was something about them that made Castiel forget all his doubts and fears.

Dean felt like his cheeks were on fire. He was blushing a lot but Castiel didn't seem to mind. He looked content. Just staring back at Dean with wide innocent eyes. Yet he didn't look scared. He looked... surprised? Curious? Maybe Dean had underestimated just how inexperienced Castiel was with intimacy. Every touch he made seemed to get a reaction out of the other. Even the simplest of touches, a light brush of his fingertip against the back of his neck sent a small gasp escaping the man's mouth. It was endearing really and Dean felt honoured to be allowed into Castiel's personal space like this.

Castiel closed his eyes as he saw Dean carefully dip his head down towards him. He thought he was going to try kissing him again. Castiel felt a strange obligation to reciprocate this time. He wasn't sure how he felt about Dean but he knew he wanted to kiss him. To see what it was like. How would he know if he wanted to kiss Dean if he'd never really experienced kissing before. But alas, to his disappointment again, Dean didn't kiss his lips.

Dean had pressed a tender sort of kiss to his temple. His lips lingered there for a while, more a press of skin than a kiss but Castiel felt himself melt under the touch regardless. He kept his eyes shut and just snuggled up closer to Dean, silently telling him he liked this. Being so close to him. Castiel didn't remember when he fell asleep, he just remembers being in Dean's arms and never having felt safer.


"You think we should wake them?" Sam whispered to Gabriel. They'd arrived at Castiel's later that evening, just to check their brothers were okay. That and to be nosy and see where things had gone since the phone call earlier.

"Nah," Gabriel smirked, watching as Castiel moved closer to Dean in his sleep. Dean wrapping his protective arm tighter around the shorter man. "I think we should get a picture." He fished out his phone and quickly snapped a photo of the sleeping pair. Dean's nose crinkled at the sound of the phone capturing their picture but he was too deep in sleep to register what the noise was. Besides, he was far too comfortable to wake up anytime soon.

Sam chuckled lightly, leaning his chin against Gabriel's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around the shorter man's waist to see the photo. "Perfect," he smiled, kissing Gabriel's cheek. "I'm so glad they're getting along."

"Me too," Gabriel agreed quietly. "You know, Castiel said he was going to try and make the wedding."

Sam pulled back a little, looking at Gabriel with a speechless expression. "You think he will?"

Gabriel looked over at Castiel. Seeing the small smile on his face as he buried his face into Dean's chest, searching for warmth. Gabriel couldn't help but smile at the sight.

"Yeah. I think he will."

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