Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


27. Chapter 26

Open up to Me

Chapter 26


Castiel awoke the next morning with his face pressed against Dean's pillow. The scent was faint but he'd come to learn Dean's natural smell. This was definitely Dean's pillow. Why he was sleeping on it instead of Dean, however, was another question. He let his eyelids open and close a few times, adjusting to the light before trying to look around.

"Shh... don't get up," he heard Dean say from behind him. He turned just a little, looking over his shoulder to see Dean looking down at him. "I thought we could sleep in today. I don't have to work until three." Dean's arms were wrapped around Castiel's waist whilst his lips pressed against his shoulder.

"I have to work," Castiel protested, voice still rough with sleep. He could feel the vibrations of Dean chuckle against his back.

"You w-work from h...home," Dean reminded, kissing the warm skin at Castiel's neck. Castiel just hummed, putting his hands over Dean's around his waist.

"Yeah, I guess," he breathed, feeling nervous all of a sudden. The implications of what Dean wanted made him feel a little anxious. He could feel Dean breathing unevenly against his neck. "Do... do you want us to stay in bed for sex?" Castiel asked hesitantly.

Dean breathed in sharply, making Castiel swallow thickly. "Jesus, Cas. S-Sugarcoat it, won't you?" he muttered, sounding agitated. Castiel could feel Dean's arms slipping away but he held onto his boyfriend's hands, making sure he stayed where he was.

"Sorry," Castiel mumbled. "I just wanted to make sure." Castiel hated himself for ruining the mood but if he didn't mentally prepare himself then he wouldn't be able to go through with it. And he wanted to go through it. He wanted to pleasure Dean. He was afraid Dean was getting bored of him lately. He thought if he fulfilled Dean's sexual appetite he might stay.

Dean sighed, pressing a chaste kiss to his boyfriend's cheek. "Yeah," he said quietly. "We d-don't h...have to if you don't want-"

"No, I want to," Castiel interrupted, biting his lower lip. He wriggled awkwardly, turning onto his other side so he was lying face to face with Dean. "I want... I... I would like that," he stuttered, smiling a little.

Dean mimicked the look, dipping forward enough to kiss the man tenderly. He hated how they couldn't be spontaneous. They still had to have a talk beforehand but it was still progress. They'd get there. Eventually. Castiel hesitantly moved forward, gripping Dean's hip as he kissed his boyfriend back.

"Just... don't touch my ass," Castiel whispered, blushing furiously even as he said it. He remembered what had happened last time when Dean had suggested they try anal. It just wasn't his thing, he supposed. It had felt weird and he just couldn't get any pleasure out of it.

Dean laughed, kissing Castiel deeply. "I won't," he promised. "W-We'll just do things y-you like," he assured, running his hand up and down Castiel's back, making the other shiver in anticipation. He kissed Castiel again before tugging off the man's shirt and then his own, leaving them in just their boxers. "W-What do you want?" Dean asked, rolling Castiel onto his back as he kissed at his chest.

Castiel blushed, feeling the hairs on his arms stick up and goose pimples begin to rise on his skin. "Y-You," he whispered, making Dean chuckle in amusement.

"Well, i-it's a start," he commented, smirking. "How about we just m...make out for a little?" he suggested and when Castiel nodded sheepishly, Dean leaned forward and stroked his tongue against Castiel's lower lip.

A sharp gasp escaped Castiel as Dean moved his tongue along his lips and then into his mouth. He would never get used to that. The heat of Dean pressed against him, so dominant yet gentle. It was overwhelming and yet not enough.

They stayed this way for a while. Castiel getting used to the sensations again that came with a heavy make out session. They hadn't done this in so long, it took Castiel by surprise just how much he'd missed it.

Dean was panting by this point, cheeks red and sweaty from the lack of oxygen. His eyes almost black with arousal. "G-Get rough, Cas," he whispered, moving his lips down to kiss at the man's neck. He wanted a little spontaneity. He wanted something new and exciting. He wanted Castiel to surprise him. "Be rough with me, baby."

That caught Castiel off guard but he'd be lying if he said it didn't turn him on. The trouble was, unlike Dean, he wasn't used to the initiative side of sex. Dean always led the way and now that Dean was asking him to do stuff, he felt a little lost. His hand weakly swatted against Dean's ass, the movement uncertain and in no way sexy. If anything it just made Dean laugh.

Castiel's heart sunk. He was trying. Really trying and Dean was laughing at him. He wanted to push the man away and hide but then Dean was kissing him again, happy and in no way sounding cruel. "You're adorable," Dean murmured against his lips as he moved his hands down to cover Castiel's and manoeuvre them to lie over his ass and squeeze roughly. "Like that," Dean gasped softly.

Castiel tried again on his own, moving his hands over Dean's body clumsily, squeezing roughly in places, making the other man's breathing rate quicken. Castiel's confidence began to grow a bit more after that, taking charge as he explored Dean's body a little more roughly than anything he'd ever tried before. His lips crashing against the other man's as he rolled them over to straddle Dean's waist.

"C-Cas," Dean breathed, eyes widening a little in surprise. He could really see Castiel coming out of his shell today. It made him grin. Castiel was so beautiful like this. When he just let go and had a little fun. Castiel was breathing heavily, looking down at Dean with red bruised lips. "I-I-I love you," Dean stuttered out, making Castiel whimper softly. A huge smile spread across his lips.

"I love you, Dean," he whispered back, leaning down to kiss Dean tenderly. Dean rarely said those words but it just meant when he did, they were sincere. That's what mattered.

Sex was easy after that. It was loving and compassionate and everything Castiel had always imagined. He didn't know why he'd been so scared to initiate things during the daytime before. Gabriel was right. It didn't matter when or where it happened. As long as it was meaningful. Lying in bed with Dean afterwards, both breathless and satisfied, Castiel was certain it meant everything.

"H-H-How was it for you, darling?" Dean asked in a stiff English accent, pouting as he sat up on his elbow.

Castiel laughed, pushing Dean away as the other tried to pepper his face with sloppy kisses. "S-Stop," Castiel snorted. He loved it when Dean played with him like this. He loved when Dean made him laugh. He hadn't felt this happy in a long time. He liked to savour the moment while he could.

Dean laughed, heart warming at the sound. "T-That good, huh?" he smirked, kissing Castiel's cheek. "D-Don't worry. I... I liked it too," he whispered before rubbing Castiel's forearm lazily. "I-I'll let you work now," Dean said, feeling a little guilty he'd already made Castiel technically two hours late for work.

Castiel just shook his head, nuzzling shyly at Dean's chest. "I don't want to get up today," he admitted softly. "I-I just want to stay in bed," he insisted, making Dean chuckle and nod his head in agreement.

"S-Sounds like a plan," he whispered back, kissing Castiel's cheek again. His hand rubbed smooth circles up and down his lover's back. He could feel Castiel nuzzling closer, trying to cuddle and Dean allowed him, hugging him back. "I g-got you," he whispered, kissing Castiel's temple as he fell back to sleep.

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