Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


25. Chapter 24

Open up to Me

Chapter 24


Once they were alone, in Castiel's guest bedroom, Sam finally spoke again. "I am truly sorry, Gabriel."

He took a step towards the older man but Gabriel held out his left hand in warning. His wedding band shining dully where the street light outside shone in through the window, warm orange light wrapping around the room. Gabriel's podgy figure looking more defined by the way the shadows cast against his shirtless torso. "Don't touch me," he warned, voice low.

Sam blinked in surprise, shaking his head in confusion. His own shirt was clasped tightly in his left hand from where he'd been in the process of changing for bed. "Babe," he breathed, emphasising the hurt tone in his voice. "I said I was sorry. Do... do you want me to sleep on the couch?" he asked, tossing his shirt onto a the chair behind him which sat in the corner of the room. "I'll understand," he assured quietly, very aware of the distance between them. "Take all the time you need. Please. Just tell me what to do."

Gabriel's eyes darted around the room until stopping on the chair. He sighed deeply, taking his own shirt, which was still held in his hand, and threw it to the chair. "I don't know," he admitted.

He loved Sam. He was the one, no doubt. He'd never question if he'd married the right man. He knew he had. The problem was there were moments. Times like these were Gabriel just wanted to leave and run from his problems. But if he did, he wouldn't know how to come back. Whether Sam would let him back. So he stayed. Remained silent, struggling to process his thoughts.

"We're going to the beach tomorrow," he said firmly, trying to grip to some form of structure. "We're going to be a supportive couple that Castiel and Dean can look up to. Tomorrow isn't about us."

Sam's silence confirmed his agreement and Gabriel ran a hand through his hair, grimacing as his thick fingers got caught on a knot and made him pull roughly at his hair. Sam went to his toiletry bag and pulled out a brush, holding it out for Gabriel like this was something they did regularly.

Gabriel took the brush with a small twitch of a smile and started brushing back his hair, getting the knots out. "I haven't... we still have some things to work out, Sam," he said, looking at the other's belt absently instead of his face as he fixed his hair. "But that can wait until we're alone. For now. We'll continue to be okay. For their sake."

He held out the brush for Sam and the younger man took it with a small nod. There was a moment, where both held the brush, meeting each others eyes. It was a brief moment but it said enough to Sam. "I do love you, you know," Gabriel said, feeling like it needed to be said. It didn't. Sam already knew.

"I love you too," he said in response, sporting a small smile. "I promise we'll fix this." The amount of determination in Sam's voice made Gabriel feel a little less numb and shaken up.

"I know we will," Gabriel sighed, watching as Sam turned his back to set the hairbrush down on the nightstand. He took a step towards the other. He preferred Sam like this. With his back to him. Sam seemed more vulnerable like this and it made it easier for Gabriel to get things back on track after a rough argument or falling out.

He pressed his hand to Sam's wrist, his thumb circling over his pulse point carefully. He stayed there for a moment, resting his forehead against his husband's back. A moment of silence. A promise. Things would get better. He moved away after a moment and shrugged out of his pants and crawled into bed, leaving a space for Sam. "Let's just get some sleep," he said with a strained yawn.

Sam just nodded, waiting until Gabriel was settled before unbuckling his belt and pulled down his jeans and got into bed, leaving a space between them. Sam knew he deserved it. Gabriel was still letting him off pretty easily if he were honest but for now it meant everything to him to know Gabriel wasn't giving up on him and all of his problems.

Meanwhile, Dean was downstairs, helping Castiel wash the dishes and put everything away before their trip tomorrow. Dean was drying the last dish and setting it back in the cupboard whilst Castiel dried his hands. "A-Are you sure you still want to go out tomorrow, Dean?" Castiel asked gently.

Dean nodded, drying his own hands before folding up the towel and set it aside. "You've b-b-been working so hard f-f-for... this, baby," Dean murmured, leaning against the kitchen counter with a soft sigh, looking over at his boyfriend with a proud expression.

Castiel blushed under the intense gaze. A blush peeking out from beneath his stubbled cheek. "You have too," he whispered, leaning against the counter opposite. The side of his foot pressed against Dean's. "I'm so proud of what you did tonight, Dean. That was incredible."

Dean gave the smallest nod in acknowledgement but didn't say anything. He was relieved he'd finally spoken to his brother. He just wished it could have been on better terms. He stayed silent for a moment before straightening up off of the counter and leaned forward to pat Castiel's forearm. "Let's sleep," he finally said, heading for the stairs.

With a small nod, Castiel followed. Looking around the room one last time to make sure everything was in place before heading upstairs with Dean. Butterscotch was already in his basket in the corner of their bedroom, fast asleep, sprawled out and snoring obnoxiously. Castiel thought it was endearing. He just hoped he'd be okay on his own for the day.

Dean had already stripped down to his boxers and was just stepping into a pair of pyjama bottoms when Castiel began to undress. "Will there be ice cream?" Castiel asked giddily. "I-I hear ice cream on the beach is better than the stuff you get in the stores."

Dean nodded and smiled giddily. He'd only ever been to the beach a few times but it was nice to see Castiel experience it all for the first time. "It's the best," Dean whispered, watching as Castiel put on one of Dean's baggy hoodies and crawled into bed, kissing Dean sweetly before lying down on his side.

Castiel hummed, closing his eyes. He was excited. Despite the nights events, everything was going well. Not the way they'd planned but Dean had spoken to his brother. That was a step in the right direction so that was good. Tomorrow he'd be going outside and further than he ever had before. The beach. Almost an hour away in the car. He was terrified but still buzzing with positive energy because he knew with his family around him, he'd be okay.

He felt Dean's arm rest loosely on his hip as the other laid down on his side beside him. "N-Night," Dean whispered. Castiel felt a smile curl at his lips. "Goodnight, Dean."

The next morning was full of nervous energy. Mainly from Castiel running around, making sure they had everything. "I'm going outside. I'm going to the beach!" he kept repeating, voice shaking with nerves. Dean found it endearing and laughed, until he turned to find Sam behind him, smiling proudly.

His laughter stopped. He wasn't sure what to do. Then Sam spoke, "Morning, brother."

Dean's smile widened, Castiel's positive energy was rubbing off on him. If he could face his demons then so could he. "Mornin', Sammy," he responded with the biggest grin on his face. Castiel ran past them, holding sunscreen and a picnic blanket in his arms as well as Butterscotch.

"We're going to the beach!" Castiel beamed, making both Winchester's laugh.

Castiel set the dog down in the kitchen and started pouring food into a bowl and set it down on the floor for the puppy. This is when Gabriel appeared downstairs, just out the shower, in fresh clothes, his hair still damp. He kissed Sam's cheek in greeting and Sam gave a small smile, resting his hand on Gabriel's forearm.

"Have you heard? We're going to the beach," Sam smirked, shooting Castiel a look.

Gabriel gave Castiel the same look. "Yeah. It might have been mentioned."

Castiel blushed and Dean laughed, going over to kiss Castiel's cheek. "Sorry," he apologized. "I'm just excited!"

Gabriel laughed, happy to see his brother this happy for once. "Alright. So we've got the food. Got the sunscreen. Swimwear. Anything else you wanna take?" Gabriel asked, wanting his brother to have whatever he needed to help him feel as comfortable as possible out there.

Castiel shook his head. "I think that's it," he breathed giddily. "A-Are we ready to go?"

Dean nodded, bending down to stroke Butterscotch before getting back up to head out to the car with the rest of them. The car journey wasn't that bad. Castiel had his headphones. He blocked everything else out and just listened to his music, keeping himself calm until they got there.

Dean drove, of course, whilst Gabriel and Sam sat in the back. Gabriel was looking out the window as everything passed by whilst Sam sat there opting between looking out the window and striking up conversation with Dean. He did most of the talking but he did get the occasional sentence out of his brother which made him grin with pride.

An hour or so later, they were at the beach. Dean had parked up in the lot and they'd all walked down together. Sam and Gabriel hung back a bit, letting Dean go with Castiel and pick out a spot for them. Castiel found a spot near the top away from children and was a bit more isolated and quiet.

They set out the blanket and towels and Dean laid down with a small huff. Castiel sat beside him, looking down with a small smile. "Thank you for driving us here, Dean," he whispered to which Dean smiled back, his eyes squinting up at Castiel to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Sam whipped off his top and Gabriel let out a cheeky wolf whistle. "You want help with the sunblock?" Gabriel offered and Sam nodded, moving to sit on one of the towels and Gabriel knelt behind him, rubbing suncream into his back. Castiel watched them before looking away shyly.

Dean noticed, rubbing Castiel's knee to get his attention. "You don't h-have to take your top off," he assured with a small smile. He could see the tension leave Castiel's shoulders as he let out a small sigh in relief. He sat back on his ass instead of his knees and started pulling his shoes and socks off and buried his feet in the sand, giggling quietly to himself.

"It's really warm," he said in surprise, looking over at Dean. Dean sat up and did the same, pulling his shoes and socks off so he could join Castiel and put his feet in the sand.

"Soft too," he commented, bumping shoulders with his boyfriend. Castiel smiled shyly, biting his lower lip. "You wanna p-put your toes in... the sea?" he asked, drawing patterns in the sand with a slender finger.

Castiel nodded excitedly, getting to his feet with Dean's help. They were both in shorts so could step in without getting their clothes wet. Dean took Castiel's hand and walked down the beach with him. Castiel giggling nervously from time to time, needing an outlet of all this energy.

Once Gabriel had finished helping Sam with his sunblock. Sam did the same for Gabriel, getting the shorter man to sit between his legs whilst he rubbed lotion into his back. "I'm glad we're here," he whispered into Gabriel's ear. "It's nice out here. Away from it all."

Gabriel hummed in agreement, his hand resting on Sam's thigh. "I'm... I'm sorry about yesterday," Gabriel said quietly making Sam kiss his neck softly in response.

"Don't be. You were right. We need to talk about what happened. Deal with... my baggage."

"I should have been more supportive last night. You were obviously just as shaken as I was."

Sam moved a little so he could see Gabriel's face. "Gabe," he murmured softly. "You had every right to be mad. It's okay. Really."

Gabriel sighed, moving to lie on his stomach on the towel beside Sam's. "I love you," he murmured, squeezing Sam's hand before letting go.

Sam smiled sadly, putting on a pair of sunglasses and sat back on his hand, soaking in the sun. "I love you too, Gabe."

Whilst Gabriel and Sam sunbathed, Dean stood with Castiel by the edge of the water. Castiel looked nervous but Dean squeezed his hand. "Ready?" he asked with a soft smile.

Castiel breathed in deeply before nodding and the two carefully stepped into the water. Castiel flailed a little, laughing breathlessly. "It's freezing!" he declared, making Dean laugh.

"C-C-Come on, let's go in a little further," Dean said, nudging Castiel a little and squeezed his hand.

Castiel followed, making sure he didn't get his shorts wet. "I-I can't swim," he said as if just remembering. He barely went out. He'd never learnt how. Dean seemed to understand.

"We're just s-s-standing here, babe. I... I-I've got you," he assured, squeezing Castiel's hand again and Castiel laughed as he felt a small wave push him off balance a little. It was bizarre, with the squishy sand beneath their feet and the water swaying them.

It was fun though. Castiel decided he liked the beach.

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