Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


24. Chapter 23

Open up to Me

Chapter 23


"Fuck, that's hot?" Sam quoted angrily just after Dean had settled back onto the couch, unaware that anything was wrong. It took Dean a moment for him to realize Sam was talking to him. He looked at Castiel curiously and Castiel returned the look with a worried expression of his own. Something wasn't good. He turned back around to look at Sam to find the man had stood up and was towering over him.

"I have waited all these for you to say something, and after a year of talking to him," Sam bellowed, pointing at Castiel with a trembling hand. "I get 'fuck, that's hot'?"

Castiel flinched as Sam pointed at him. He cowered a little behind Dean. He'd never seen this side of Sam before. He was glad for it. It was horrifying to see such a calm and loving man loose his temper. Especially with Sam's extra height, it was intimidating.

"H-Honey. Babe, please. Don't." Gabriel said quietly, rising from his spot on the couch to rest his hand lightly against Sam's chest. It was rare that Sam got angry. He'd only gotten angry, really angry, about three times since he and Gabriel met.

The first, when Gabriel proposed, letting out the can of worms that was Sam's sexuality. It'd been a long night but Gabriel had managed to calm Sam down enough to get him to open up about his adoptive parents. The abuse he received over his sexuality, everything.

The second had been on the Sam's 25th Birthday just a year later. Sam had never been good with birthdays. They always reminded him of what little family he had left. How he'd been born on that day and just six months later his parents had died. He'd gotten really drunk and lashed his anger out on Gabriel.

And the third was now. After years of built up walls of emotion, Dean had finally spoken and snapped a coil somewhere inside of Sam's mind. Gabriel was having to use all of his strength just to keep hold of Sam's hand so the other didn't try to swing it at Dean like he knew he wanted to.

"Look at me," Gabriel said. "Just sit back down, take a deep breath." He swallowed thickly, stepping in front of Sam because he could feel Sam try to push back to free his hand and he didn't want him to hurt Dean or Castiel. "Please. Just take a deep breath and think about what you're doing."

Dean had never seen his brother like this. The anger somehow reminded him of the stranger, murdering their parents all those years ago, it triggered the memory. He started rocking softly, clutching hold of Castiel like he was the teddybear he held all those years ago as a lost little boy beneath the bed.

Castiel didn't say anything. He had an idea of what was wrong but he didn't want to ask. He didn't want to make it worse. He just held onto Dean tightly, rocking with him a little in an attempt to sooth him. Castiel pressed his lips to the shell of Dean's ear and started singing 'Hey Jude' to him in a hushed whisper.

When they first met, Dean had whistled it to him to calm him down and over the last year it had become a safe song they shared whenever one of them felt low or anxious. Castiel hated using it because that meant Dean wasn't happy. That something was wrong.

Sam reluctantly met Gabriel's eyes, his vision clouded with rage. Dean didn't trust him enough. He was the only family he had left and he wasn't even comfortable enough around him to say something. He pushed Gabriel easily out the way, sending the shorter man toppling to the ground only to stop when he heard Dean whimpering into Castiel's shoulder.

"Make the stranger stop. Please, make him stop." Dean had never said the words aloud before but it was what he had thought that night, locked up tight in a ball beneath the bed.

"Stranger?" Sam parroted with a grunt, his anger subsiding a little as confusion took its place. He could only see Castiel's face looking up at him worryingly as he rubbed his brother's back soothingly.

"Dean," Castiel said softly, looking down to try and meet the other man's eyes. "H-He isn't here. Just Sam. Your brother." He could feel Dean trembling against him and his heart ached. He wished he could carry some of the pain too. He wished Dean didn't have to carry the burden of all this alone.

Gabriel had run up to the bathroom. Sam had pushed him and he'd hit his head pretty hard causing his nose to bleed. He took his time up there, figuring he'd only be in the way downstairs. "Times like this I wish Cas was a girl," he muttered to himself, shoving half a toilet roll up each nostril to stop the bleeding.

"Dean, what do you mean 'make the stranger stop'?" Sam asked, lowering onto his knees in front of the two men. His anger was gone now. All he felt was hurt and worry for his brother. "Please, Dean," he said, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice. "I can help. That's what brothers are for."

Dean wasn't saying anything, just keeping himself as small as possible, curled up against Castiel's chest. Castiel bit his lip, looking down at Sam. "I don't think now is the best time," he said softly, giving his brother-in-law an apologetic look but Dean made a small noise and pushed himself up off of Castiel's chest to look over at Sam.

"Sammy," he whimpered, moving to crawl into his brothers lap and embrace him in a tight bear hug. Sam wasn't sure what was happening but he held his brother until he felt him relax in his arms. He'd just heard his brother utter his name for the first time. Whatever else was going on with Dean could wait until he was ready. Sam had heard Dean say his name. That was a big enough step for today.

"I'm sorry I yelled," Sam said sincerely, looking between Dean and Castiel. "I shouldn't have done that." Castiel nodded, timidly crawling onto the floor to join the hug, too shaken up to say much else.

Gabriel chose this moment to enter the room, tissue still stuck up his nose. "Gee, thanks for the invite guys," he grumbled, pretending to be upset, secretly relieved things had been resolved. More or less.

Sam looked up and his expression changed again to sadness, seeing his husband broken because of him and not for the first time. He held an arm out for Gabriel and the man came and sat with them, leaning his head against Sam's shoulder next to Dean. Dean reached out for Gabriel's hand and squeezed it once. Silently thanking him for standing up for him. Gabriel seemed to understand, giving a small smile in return.

"Gabriel, I'm so sorry," Sam whispered, kissing his husband's forehead.

Gabriel looked up and gave Sam an expressionless look. Although Gabriel still feared this side of Sam a bit he couldn't let it consume him. It'd happened three times in all the years he'd known the man. The rest of the time, Sam was a devoted, loving partner who would cut off his own arm if it made Gabriel happy. He couldn't hang this over Sam's head. He'd bet himself up over it and there was nothing more heartbreaking than a sad Sam.

"It's okay," Gabriel said, lips stretching out into a sly smirk. "Just so you know, you'll be paying for ice cream tomorrow."

Sam just smiled, grateful to have such a forgiving partner. A kind and honourable man that Sam in no way deserved. He kissed Gabriel's forehead again before answering. "I think I'm okay with that."

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