Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


21. Chapter 20

Open up to Me

Chapter 20


A week had passed since the dinner. Sam hadn't spoken to Gabriel since. As soon as they'd left Castiel's, Sam had driven Gabriel home and hadn't been in contact with him since. He'd spent more time with Dean, on the off chance his brother might say something to him. Gabriel in tow, had spent more time with his best friend, Kali, trying to get back into Sam's good books after punching his brother. He'd sent flowers and badly written love poems, anything just to get his baby back.

"I get why he's mad but I thought he'd have forgiven me and moved on by now," Gabriel said aloud, sighing as he fiddled with his cravat, admiring himself in the mirror whilst Kali fixed her hair behind him in a compact mirror. Gabriel was dressed in his fine tailored suit, the gold waistcoat bringing out his eyes. Eyes that looked less than happy. "I mean, it's our wedding day. He shoulda called, right?"

Kali was leant against a table, her brown floor length dress draped elegantly against her legs, flowing from the waist where it held together with finely detailed embroidery. Light brown in colour and swirled and curved the the top of the dress, enhancing her breasts whilst still looking classy with shoulder straps, covered in the same patterned embroidery. Her hair was pinned up and to the side to let the loose curls brush against her right shoulder.

If she wasn't Gabriel's best and oldest friend, she would not have been invited to the wedding. No one was allowed to upstage Gabriel today but for her, he'd make an exception.

"It'll all work out," she assured, putting her compact mirror back in her purse before going over to Gabriel to help him put on his cufflinks. Cufflinks Sam had bought him as a present two years ago. They were little silver space invaders. Sam had laughed and blushed, admitting he'd forgotten their anniversary and had panic bought them at the last moment but that didn't matter. What mattered was that night Sam had told Gabriel he loved him, making the goofy, if slightly cool, present that little bit more sentimental.

"He loves you, Gabe. He's probably thinking, today's the day you vow your lives to one another. Once you say 'I do' all will be forgotten, you know?" Kali was always the voice of reason for Gabriel. Even as she spoke you could see the tension draining from his shoulders. She finished helping him with his cufflinks and stood back so he could look at himself in the mirror.

Gabriel smiled softly, looking over his form. He was lucky to have someone like Sam. Sam was younger, more athletic and oh so handsome. To think he'd want to spend the rest of his life with a podgy short guy with an endless amount of bad puns, well, it was sort of a bad joke in itself.

"You look great, Gabe," Kali insisted, smoothing out his jacket with a gentle hand and a warm smile. "I'm so happy for you. You're finally living your dream," she said after a long time. Gabriel looked at her through the mirror before turning around to face her and hugged her tightly, hiding his face against her shoulder for a moment before pulling away.

"Thanks, K. I'm really glad you're here. It's... it's been tough," Gabriel said, nodding a little to himself before pulling himself together. Kali was one of the few people he could be like this with. Castiel had his own problems to deal with so it was hard sometimes to confide in him like that. And he had no other family. It was just Sam and Kali, really. But honestly, that's all he needed.

Kali nodded and fixed Gabriel's collar before planting a chaste kiss to his cheek. "Alright," she said with a wide smile, noticing an usher, Sam's friend, give a subtle nod from the door. "This is it. You ready?" Gabriel took a deep breath, hooked his arm with Kali's and together, they headed out the small room and towards the ceremony.


Sam fiddled nervously with his flower pin thing. What was it Gabriel had called it... a corsage? Something like that. Didn't matter. Point was he was a wreck standing up there in front of everyone he knew unsure whether his fiancé would even show up. He hadn't spoken to Gabriel since the dinner at Castiel's. He knew it was a stupid thing to do but he was having a hard time processing everything. Dean could talk and Gabriel had heard him first and in his own stupid way, Sam was still mad at Gabriel for that.

He was just upset about everything. For years he'd assumed his brother's vocal cords were torn to shreds. If he'd realized sooner... maybe he could have helped Dean. Helped him to talk sooner and get on with his life. He could have... "Ow," Sam winced, looking up in surprise at Dean who'd slapped his hand away from the flower on his jacket.

Stop fidgeting. You'll be fine.

Sam gave an apologetic look and nodded. He wasn't so sure himself about that but having his brother up here with him sure helped. He was pretty sure Castiel was here too. Somewhere. Dean had said Castiel was sat in the back in case it all got too much for him. Sam had offered Dean to go sit with Castiel but his brother had refused, saying he was his best man and wasn't going anywhere.

Sam was grateful for that. He had little to no family. Dean was all he had left and it felt right for him to be up here with him. The crowd hushed down suddenly, causing Sam to look around as he spotted Gabriel walking down the aisle with Kali on his arm. Gabriel didn't have any family either and Castiel wasn't stable enough to walk alongside Gabriel with all these people watching. It made Sam's heart to swell to think that through it all they'd found family in each other.

"Hi," Gabriel said with an uncharacteristically sheepish smile. "Hey," Sam said softly as he mimicked the action, hesitantly reaching out for Gabriel and brushed the back of his hand against his cheek. Gabriel automatically leaned into the touch and silently, all was forgiven.

The ceremony was short and sweet. They both said 'I do' and shared a tender kiss. Sam's eyes were slightly pink and puffy from where tears threatened to fall and Gabriel was pretty sure he looked the same. "I'm proud of you, babe," Gabriel murmured as they posed for photos outside the church. Their friends and co-workers milling around them as everyone filed out of the church to go to the reception.

Sam gave a curious look as if to say, 'what for?' before Gabriel leant up on tiptoes and kissed Sam, lips lingering for a moment as he murmured the answer against the other's lips. "For facing your fears." Sam had been beaten and bullied growing up for loving the 'wrong gender'. When Gabriel proposed, Sam had freaked out majorly. His abused childhood coming back to haunt him, stopping him from moving on with his life. It was only with Gabriel's help was he able to move passed it and commit to something wonderful.

Sam smiled softly and kissed Gabriel again whilst the photographer took pictures. He caught a glimpse of Castiel standing with Dean awkwardly to the side and gestured for them to come over. Castiel looked hesitant but Dean held his hand firmly and whispered assuringly in his ear.

Their first photo as a family was what made Castiel cry. Each brother had their faults but together, they were stronger. They completed one another in a way some may struggle to understand but it didn't matter. What mattered was Castiel had not only gained two brothers. He'd gained a best friend and a lover. Someone to call his own and for someone to call him theirs.

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