Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


19. Chapter 18

Open up to Me

Chapter 18




This chapter contains sex. If you don't want to read that, I suggest that you skip this chapter.



Castiel's phone rung at eight thirty the next morning. Castiel moaned softly in protest as the infuriating noise stirred him from slumber. He tried hiding further into Dean, seeking his warmth, but the noise was persistent and even after the call went to voicemail it began to ring again straight away. That's when he remembered. Gabriel.

He gasped sharply, practically bolting upright in the bed, causing Dean to let out a startled grunt as he was suddenly ripped away from Castiel and out of sleep. Castiel would apologize in a moment. First he had to deal with his brother. As soon as he answered the phone his brothers worried voice could be heard working at sixty miles a minute.

"Gabriel, I am so sorry," he stuttered, holding the phone close to his ear. "D-Dean came back. Everything's okay now. I'm sorry I worried you like that... I-I know. Gabriel, I'm sorry." There was a pause as Gabriel spoke down the phone and Castiel bit his thumb nervously. "Yes... N-No, I..." He looked at Dean nervously before looking away anxiously and whispered into the phone, "I told him I love him."

Dean looked up from his pillow at Castiel and bit his lip. He held his hand out for Castiel, stroking his cheek tenderly, trying to comfort the other. He didn't want Castiel to feel bad for loving him. Castiel looked over his shoulder at Dean and smiled softly, leaning into the gentle hand pressed against his face. "Yeah... I-I think so," he said warmly into the phone, smiling over at Dean. "O-Okay. Tonight. 7:30. Bring Sam."

Castiel put the phone down on his nightstand and deflated heavily, sinking into the pillows as he closed his eyes. Dean wrapped an arm around Castiel and shifted to slot against his side, kissing his temple briefly. "A-Are you al-alright?" Dean whispered, his own eyes closed.

"Yeah," Castiel said after a moment of silence, pressing his hand to rest over Dean's. He lifted Dean's hand up to press the knuckles to his lips, kissing them tenderly. A small blush crept up on his face. "Everything's fine."

Dean grinned, lifting his head up off the pillow to look at Castiel properly. He traced his finger over Castiel's plump lower lip, smiling happily. "Good," Dean beamed, lowering his head slightly to press his lips against Castiel's causing the other to let out a small yelp in surprise before melting into the kiss.

"Dean," he whispered quietly when they broke apart. "Is it okay if... If I ask... for something?"

Dean pulled back enough to look at Castiel curiously. He nodded silently, stroking his thumb over Castiel's cheek. "C-Can we... Will you... Will you have sex with me?" Castiel asked nervously, looking up at Dean with wide, trusting eyes. Dean laughed a little at the way worded what he wanted to say. He kissed Castiel sweetly before pressing him close, kissing him again in answer.

Castiel's breath hitched, surprised Dean was so willing to accept him. Them. He tried to kiss back as much as he could, deepening the kiss as Dean rolled them over so Castiel was on top of him. His hands skimming beneath Castiel's shirt and up his back, pressing gently against the warm skin.

Things became heated, Castiel felt more comfortable doing this than he had been in the living room with his pants around his ankles. This was slow and passionate and if he felt self conscious he could just pull the covers up and over them. This was perfect, despite his nerves. He trusted Dean. He wanted him to be the one to share his first time with.

Dean moved Castiel's legs so he was straddling his waist, making him more comfortable as his hands slowly pulled off Castiel's t-shirt. It got stuck around his head and Castiel grunted in annoyance, wiggling out of the garment. His hair stuck up in all directions once his head came through the neck hole. Dean tried to hold back his laughter but couldn't. Castiel looked so adorable like that. Tussled hair, bright wide eyes, parted lips, and a bright red blush that pooled in his cheeks.

Dean kissed him deeply before Castiel had a chance to shy away. He wrapped his arms around Castiel's middle and pulled him down to lay against him. They kissed for several minutes, just exploring one another's bodies before Dean removed his own t-shirt. That's when things fell silent. Just their breathless pants could be heard in the silence of the room. Both just stared at one another, reaching out with hesitant fingertips to trace freckles or indents in the other's body.

Dean wanted to roll them over. Wanted to suck and nip and Castiel's skin, exploring his body roughly with his tongue and hands, but he didn't want Castiel to be afraid. They'd get there, maybe. For now, he needed to hold back and be slow and tender for Castiel. Make him feel good. Make him feel confident.

He leaned up to kiss Castiel softly, fingertips ghosting over a nipple that caused Castiel's gasp to be swallowed down as Dean deepened the kiss. Things stayed like this for a while, experimental touches and kisses. Castiel was enjoying himself. He loved the way Dean was coming apart beneath him just by a hand to his thigh or a kiss to his neck. Little things that made him moan and gasp. Little things that Castiel had done to make Dean like this. It made him feel confident and sexy.

"Wow," Castiel blushed, biting his lip to stop from giggling nervously. Their boxers were gone now and Castiel was kneeling between Dean's legs, looking over the exposed body beneath him. "You're... you're naked," he said, chuckling again. Dean smiled bashfully, running a smooth palm up and down Castiel's side, watching the way his hand dipped ever so slightly were his body curved.

"I... I think it's beautiful," Castiel whispered timidly, dipping his head down to press a kiss to Dean's lips chastely. He gasped a little when Dean pressed his hands more firmly to his hips and pulled him to press flush against him. He let out a surprised moan, swallowing down a second.

Dean made a small pleasurable noise in the back of his throat as Castiel got the idea and began experimentally grinding against him. Eventually Castiel got the idea and grew more confident about kissing and touch Dean places other than his face. Dean was going crazy, being so patient with Castiel. He need to get off and soon, he was already trembling with the effort to keep it together whilst Castiel continued to kiss down his neck and stroke down his sides.

That's when it went wrong. Castiel had spread Dean's legs, thinking this is what came next and tried to push the tip of his cock into Dean's tight hole, making the other hiss out in pain. Castiel's eyes widened. He didn't understand. This was supposed to be pleasurable, wasn't it? Why was Dean grimacing like that? "I-I-I'm sorry. What... what did I do?" Castiel panicked, moving away entirely, not wanting to hurt Dean again.

You've got to prepare me first. With lube. It makes it hurt less.

Dean explained patiently, suddenly realizing just how little Castiel knew about these things. It was actually beginning to worry him a little. Castiel shook his head. He still didn't get it. The guys in the video had just... done it. There was no bottles or preparation on screen. How was he supposed to know that that was part of it?

He bit his lip and started breathing a little shakily. "Oh... I-I didn't know. I'm sorry. Dean. I-I didn't mean... I don't have any lubricant. I... oh God..." Castiel had royally screwed this up. Hadn't he? He just wanted to show Dean how much he loved him without scaring him off by saying the words. He felt like crying. This wasn't how the fairytales went at all. "I just wanted t-to give you my love."

Dean looked up with saddened eyes as Castiel began to worry himself. It wasn't his fault. He was just poorly educated in this field. Dean would help him out there but it just made him upset thinking Castiel had never experienced any of this before. "Y-Y-You al-already have," Dean said breathlessly, taking Castiel's hand and squeezed it once before bringing it to his lips. He kissed the knuckles tentatively before uncurling Castiel's hand so he could lick the palm, wetting Castiel's hand.

Castiel looked in confusion as Dean slathered his hand in saliva. He tried not to grimace, but he really worried for Dean's sanity in that moment. That was until Dean moved his hand to wrap around their cocks and Castiel understood a lot more clearly his intentions. He let out a low groan, shuffling to hover above Dean so he could lie face to face as Dean helped to guide his hand to touch them both together.

Castiel's eyes widened as he felt a warmth jolt through him, arousal building low and hot in his stomach. He swallowed thickly as he tried to concentrate on breathing. He felt so hot, the friction of them rubbing together felt amazing. It was almost too much but Castiel wanted more. Wanted to feel the same release he had when Dean deep throated him on his couch.

He let out a sharp gasp as he felt Dean cum, a low grunt escaped the mute as his hips bucked up into Castiel's hand. Castiel watched Dean's face as he fell apart. It was so vulnerable and open and Castiel had only seen him like that once. Under his bed. Only this time, he was on top of it and looked a lot happier. Blissful, almost. Castiel felt his own arousal build as he came with Dean just coming down from his high. He let out a small cry in pleasure before slumping heavily against Dean, trembling heavily until he felt warm, solid arms wrap around him and held him tight.

Dean stroked a hand down Castiel's back until he felt Castiel calm down. It must have been intense for him. Feeling this way. He was in his early thirties and had never experienced this. That was bound to do something to a guy. Dean just remained patient, understanding this was a lot for Castiel to process. Eventually, the body in his arms came to, and shuffled around until it laid besides him, tired and spent. Dean stroked the hair out of Castiel's face, pressing a tender kiss to his forehead. Once again whispering those soothing words of encouragement to his lover. His soulmate.

"I-I'm pr-proud of you."

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