Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


14. Chapter 13

Open up to Me

Chapter 13


Castiel stopped crying, just enough to look up at Dean in wonderment. His eyes were sharp and clear blue as tears continued to well around the bottom lid. As he blinked the water would trickle over and down his cheek, causing streams of tears to dribble off his chin. His lip quivered, causing Castiel to nip lightly at his lower lip to stop the trembling. He looked a complete mess, but that didn't stop Dean from pressing loving kisses to his forehead as he carefully tried to clean his face.

Dean had just said, he was proud of him. Out loud. And with a voice. It was rough with misuse and sounded a bit like he'd been eating sand for the past eight years, but it was a voice. And it was Dean's.

"I-I'm proud of you too, Dean," he stuttered, smiling in disbelief. Dean had spoken. To him. Him. There was no way he was worthy enough to be the first person Dean had ever spoken to. He felt guilty that he'd heard Dean speak before Sam had. His own brother. "S-So p-proud."

Dean's cheeks felt numb, they hurt that much from smiling. He'd finally taken that step, and he'd managed to break through the wall a little. He still felt nervous and weird about saying things aloud but he'd get there with Castiel by his side to continue to guide and inspire him. He pressed his hand to Castiel's cheek, dipping his head down to capture Castiel's lips in a deep, meaningful kiss that seemed to go on for hours. Both expressing just how glad they were to have the other in their lives.

When they finally broke apart. Castiel was left breathless and was no longer crying or shaking. Whilst Dean looked smug but blushed timidly at the fact that the expression came so easily to him. Castiel let out a small nervous laugh, dipping his head a little to hide his smile. Dean caught him, however, cupping his cheek to lift his head back up, so he could meet his eyes.

It took a moment for Castiel to register where they were again and turned a deep red colour, pulling away from Dean and fiddled with his hands nervously. "C-Can you take me home, please?" he asked quickly, shooting Dean a quick smile to say everything was okay. He just wanted to go home.

Dean nodded, getting out the car with Castiel, to move into the front seat. He turned on the engine and drove back to Castiel's, glancing over at him every so often to check he was okay. When they got there Castiel remained quiet, looking down at his hands in his lap and counted to ten steadily.

1...2...3...4...5...6... "Would you like to stay for dinner?" he finally asked, feeling comfortable and confident enough to ask Dean to stay, despite the short notice.

Dean just smiled, turning off the engine and pocketed his keys. "I-I..." he cleared his throat, blushing a little. "I'd l-love to." He made a small breathless noise, sort of like a nervous giggle, at the sound of his own voice. He wasn't used to it, but the way it made Castiel's eyes light up when he heard it made him want to speak more often.

Castiel just grinned, dipping his head back down as he got out the car, fishing out his keys as he walked up to his house and let himself in. Dean followed on behind, toeing off his shoes with Castiel as they lined them up neatly against the side of the stairs.

Dean closed the door behind them and shrugged out of his jacket, hanging it up on the coatrack before moving closer to Castiel. He wrapped his arms around Castiel's waist, pulling him flush against him and kissed him deeply. To his surprise. Castiel didn't gasp or resist. He stepped into the embrace and reciprocated almost immediately, like he'd anticipated it. Castiel was getting used to this. Used to them. It made Dean's lips curve into a smile against Castiel's and deepen the kiss.

Castiel didn't know what he was doing. He was being spontaneous and that scared the hell out of him. But he was kissing Dean and it felt good and right and he barely even registered when Dean pressed them up against the wall. This should have scared him, feeling out of control like this. But he found himself too enticed by Dean to care enough to push him away.

A small moan escaped his throat, causing Castiel's eyes to widen in shock. That caught his attention. He pulled back enough to meet Dean's eyes. His green dished eyes almost covered black. Lips plump and parted as his tongue darted across his lower lip. He looked dishevelled and care-free and so strangely beautiful like this.

"D-Dean," he breathed, blushing hard. "W-we have to stop."

Dean looked confused and slightly hurt. Everything had been going great. Castiel looked and sounded like he'd been enjoying it. He understood Castiel was new to these things but he'd spotted no negative signs from Castiel about the experience. He couldn't understand what the problem was.

"I-I'm getting an erection," he mumbled, embarrassed. He tried to move away from Dean, but he had him pinned against the wall. Suddenly, he couldn't breathe. He felt trapped. His breathing rate picked up to the point that Dean noticed and moved away, pressing a steady hand to his shoulder and led him into the living-room to sit on the couch. Dean disappeared for a moment. Only to return with a glass of water which he handed to Castiel.

Castiel took a deep breath, sipping the water and counted to ten. When he got to nine. He felt better and gave Dean an apologetic look. His erection was gone and so was the moment. He'd ruined things. Again. "I'm... just not ready," he explained, his voice full of disappointment.

Dean gave Castiel an assuring smile, reaching out for Castiel's hand and gave it a light squeeze.

We'll get there. Now, how about that dinner?

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