Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


12. Chapter 11

Open up to Me

Chapter 11


Butterscotch didn't go unnoticed for long. They'd made it back inside and into the warmth. Dean had placed Butterscotch on the floor and had attended to his needs, placing a plastic bowl full of water onto the floor beside him. He was instantly distracted and lapped up the water swiftly with his tongue. Dean watched him for a moment before standing up to find Castiel standing beside him, preparing two mugs of hot chocolate.

Dean bit his lip, watching Castiel make beverages for them, like this is what they did everyday. It felt so domestic. So right. He carefully slipped a hand to press against Castiel's right hip so his arm was warm and solid, pressed against the other's back. He waited a moment, watching Castiel's reaction.

They'd kissed. He should have expected this, shouldn't he? The small touches. They didn't have to mean anything, right? They could just be friendly. Nothing sexual about this... but Castiel couldn't help but wonder if that was where Dean's intentions really lay.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" Castiel asked bluntly, looking up at Dean with a curious expression.

Dean blinked, letting his hand fall away from Castiel as he pulled away enough to look at Castiel's face.

How about we start with the hot chocolate?

Dean looked around awkwardly and was blushing deeply. Something Castiel found endearing but right now was finding it frustrating when he wasn't given an answer.

"I'm serious," Castiel said, schooling his expression.

Dean fidgeted for a while, biting his lip. Butterscotch had walked off into the other room to curl up on Castiel's fluffy rug in front of the couch. Dean finally looked back up at Castiel, hot and flustered.

Maybe. Not right now if that's what you're asking.

Castiel contemplated this for what seemed like an eternity, nodding and humming in thought.

"But would you want to?" he asked, needing to be clear.

I'm not forcing you to... but yes. I would.

"Alright. Let's... go have sex," Castiel said almost clinically causing Dean to burst into a fit of giggles. Castiel gave him a confused look, tilting his head a little as he tried to process where he'd gone wrong. Dean cupped his face gently and kissed him chastely.

Neither of us are ready for that yet. It'll come when it comes. No pun intended.

Castiel didn't understand the joke but it didn't matter. He was still trying to figure out what Dean meant. In the movies, when the couple kissed they fell straight into bed with one another. Isn't that what was supposed to happen here? He tried not to think about it too much. Dean had said he wasn't ready either. For now, he'd follow his lead.

Dean had finished making the hot chocolate for Castiel and was currently squirting the whipped cream on top. He put the canister down once he was done, sucking the cream which had caught on his finger quickly before picking up the mugs and carried them into the living-room for Castiel.

Castiel could only follow through to the living-room to find Butterscotch fast asleep on the floor. He smiled softly at him, sitting down on the couch next to Dean. He picked up mug and drank the hot chocolate slowly, enjoying the comfortable silence that sat between him and Dean.

Castiel laughed when Dean pulled away his cup to reveal a smudge of cream on the end of his nose. Dean went cross eyed to see what Castiel was looking at before he began laughing too. Castiel stretched out his finger and scooped the cream up, sucking his finger, not realizing Dean had stopped laughing and was staring at him intently.


Dean gently pulled Castiel's hand away from his mouth and kissed him, soft and tender. Castiel managed to put his cup on the table as well as Dean's so they could assume their cuddle position. A few kisses and extra touches thrown in for good measure. It was nice. Experimenting with new sensations. It didn't feel rushed or strange. It felt right and like they had all the time in the world.

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