Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


11. Chapter 10

Open up to Me

Chapter 10


Castiel hadn't slept well. He was too busy thinking about Dean. How he'd try to kiss him. If he'd go through with it and when. He was currently nursing a much needed cup of tea on his spot on the couch when a knock at the door stirred him from his thoughts. He blinked twice, set down his green mug of tea and stood up.

When he got to the door. Not only did he find a bashful looking Dean, smiling nervously at him, but he also found a toffee coloured ball of fur in his arms. He blinked in confusion. It seemed to be a puppy. He couldn't tell. It was too curled up, its face hidden against the crook of Dean's elbow. Oh. Butterscotch. He'd forgotten about him. Dean had mentioned owning a puppy. He also remembered telling Dean to bring him round sometime.

Maybe Dean's timing was on purpose. Using the dog as a barrier between them after what had happened last time. Castiel suddenly felt a little more comfortable about today. He smiled a little at Dean and stepped to the side to let him in.

He noticed the slight dusting of snow on Dean's shoulders and couldn't help but reach out to brush it away as if he had the right to do so. Dean didn't seem to mind though, blushing endearingly and nuzzling a little against the sleeping pup.

"I guess it's still snowing?" Castiel asked, needing something to say.

Dean nodded, a small smile stretching his lips. The puppy began to stir in his arms, making small whining noises and wriggled to get comfy in Dean's arm. Castiel watched as the puppy blinked awake, looking sleepily over in his direction before turning his head to seek for his master.

"Butterscotch?" Castiel asked, again, wanting to say anything to avoid the topic of yesterday.

Dean nodded, grinning with pride as Butterscotch turned onto his back to allow Dean to scratch his belly. He barked happily. He wasn't as noisy as Castiel had expected. He was actually quite tame and... if he were honest, quite adorable. He was more of a cat person but he was sure he could make an exception for Butterscotch.

He hesitantly held out his hand, petting beneath the puppy's chin. His own hand brushed against Dean's but neither mentioned it or stopped the contact. Butterscotch let out a small, happy yelp. His head tilted so he could reach Castiel and lick his hand in appreciation. Dean let out a small giggle, shocking both men.

It wasn't often Dean made noises. Mostly it was when he was happy. As far as Dean knew. His voice-box wasn't damaged. He could speak and make sounds just fine. It was the psychological side that stopped him from doing it. The trauma of seeing both his parents die stunned him into silence. He didn't mind being mute. He'd gotten used to it long ago but he did take little victories in being able to produce sounds when he really wanted to.

Castiel heard the noise and was pretty sure he wanted to hear it again and again. It was so adorable and just... just Dean. He grinned happily, laughing a little before walking into the kitchen to wash his hands after being licked and slavered on. He scrubbed his hands for two minutes with soap before rinsing with water and turning back to Dean.

Dean had put Butterscotch on the floor who sat there obediently while his master spoke to Castiel. Dean wore a small blush and played absently with the hem of his shirt whilst he looked at Butterscotch before looking back up at Castiel.

I have to go to the bathroom. Could you watch him for me?

Castiel looked down at Butterscotch who was staring happily back up at him, panting lightly with his tongue hanging from his mouth. Castiel couldn't help but smile at the sight. He'd really have to rethink not being a dog person.

"Of course," he said in reply to Dean, shooting his a small smile and watched as he left the room to go upstairs. Almost as soon as Dean was gone the puppy began to get excited and began bounding around Castiel's feet, yelping happily. Castiel found it hard to keep up with Butterscotch, keeping track of where he was. Butterscotch had run through the house and to the backdoor. There was a cat flap there from when Castiel used to own a cat. Butterscotch, still being a puppy, managed to squeezed through the flap and run out and into the garden.

Castiel swallowed thickly, without hesitation swung open the backdoor and ran after Butterscotch. It was still snowing outside. Already a good 3/4 of a foot had settled and Castiel didn't want Dean's puppy to get ill from the cold or get lost in the snow.

"Butterscotch," he called out, trying to find him but it was proving difficult with the snow so deep. Butterscotch could be trapped under the snow and Castiel wouldn't be able to find him. That's when he saw a big indent in the snow. He quickly ran across to it and fished out the puppy, holding him at arms length as he wriggled off the snow on his fur.

Despite everything, Castiel couldn't help but laugh at the sight. As Butterscotch tried to blink the snow out of his eyes and yelp happily, waggling his tail. Castiel turned around to go back inside when it hit him. He was outside. His face dropped as he slowly looked around him. He felt calm and relax and yet he was here. In the cold, outside. Somewhere he most feared. He felt tears run down his face as a warm body stood beside him, carefully taking the puppy from him.

It was Dean. He looked up to see Dean just as worried, looking around them as if to ask why he was out here. How he'd gotten out here. If Castiel wasn't so blinded by his tear he swore he could almost see a small, proud smile tracing Dean's lips. He was also pretty sure he was wearing one of his own.

Castiel pulled Dean close. His hands in his hair and against the back of his neck as he tilted his head up just enough to give Dean a warm, meaningful kiss. He pulled away just enough to blush and laugh nervously. Afraid he'd done the wrong thing. Butterscotch yelped happily between them but was once again ignored when Dean moved in again to kiss Castiel back. This time everything had gone right and Castiel was sure Dean was the one.

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