This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


38. Who Am I?

I don't know who I am,
So stop asking.
I don't know why you hate me,
So stop yelling at me.
I'm crying because I'm lost,
So stop lecturing me.

I don't know what's wrong with me mentally,
So don't hug me.
I cry when you hug me because you remind me of the past,
So don't hug me!
Don't hug me!
Just leave me be.

Let death take my breath,
Let death take my breath in the darkness of my lonely heart.
I'll decay in my favorite dark corner away from you.
Don't try to make it better,
'Cause you'll only make it worse.
Let me decay and rot away.

Death is beautifully depressing,
And I'll take it's kiss.
There's beauty in this dying wish.
Let the decay build,
Let death take my dying breath.
And don't try to help 'cause you'll only make it worse!

You'll only make it worse.

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