This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


11. The Perfect Daughter

As they are all clueless you cry alone,

As they all laugh together,

You sit alone.

Oh look in the mirror,

Hate what you see!

So tired of looking at the same face in the mirror,


The one with more and more flaws each time.

Isn’t it so much better that they haven’t a clue?

What if he finds out your little secret?

What if they take away your only friend?

The jagged edge of the blade you’ve come to love,

Your only cure.


Everyone thinks you’re oh so perfect,

What happens when they are faced with the reality.

Oh tell me again how long ago was it when you last have eaten?

They all wonder how you obtain your figure,

But they never even come to question when you last ate.

Oh you want your head on a silver plate,


Oh you want them to catch you.

Oh how you just want everyone to see what has happened to you,

But you’re too scared of what they’ll say,

And how they’ll think of you.

How will they think of you!?



How long can you keep up,

This charade,

Because it’s bleeding onto the masquerade.

Oh how long can you keep up this charade?

Oh it’s as fake as that smile that you wear,

Because I know the real one,


Cracked broke and torn it is.

Oh but judgmental they are.

So sit quietly,

But do this politely,

But the perfect daughter for your mother.


Oh no,

Don’t let her know.

So keep it quite,

And smile how they think you should,

Yes you can eat that food,

But don’t let it sit.


Oh you can’t run,

No you can’t hide.

From these problems that are killing you inside,

Torn by this broken family you’ve come to love.

Oh and yeah,

You’ll never be an angel from above.


So suffer,

But don’t let them see,

Oh make them let you be.

So you can,

Be the perfect daughter for your mother.

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