This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


10. The Outcast

The Outcast


By : Kathleen Ameigh


I want to scream

I want to cry

I want a hug

No I need a hug

I’m a girl

But just because I’m a girl, I have to be a Princess?


I don’t want to be a Princess

I never will be

And you can’t make me

I’ll be what I want to be

You can’t make me,

Be something I’m not


And a Princess is one thing,

I’m not

Definitely not.

Just because I’m a girl I have to love pink and purple

Everything has to be fluffy

And lovey-dovey


And sharing and caring


No thats not me!

I am not obsessed with pink and purple things!

But yet my Mother makes everything I own pink and purple

I’m sorry Momma!


I’m sorry I’m not the little girl you want me to be!

But I’m not here to please you!
I’m here to please me!

So you do you

And I’ll do me

And lets leave it at that!


‘Cause every time

I try to tell you different

You don’t listen!

And thats why I wanna...

I just wanna...



And cry

And I want a hug



I need a hug...

I need…


I need...



Someone who understands.

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