This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


44. The Last Sighting

Over the trees,
Through the darkness,
I can see you,
In the neon lights.
Glowing as bright as the stars in the sky.
Don't ask me why.

I rush to see you,
I wish to,
See you!
To hug you!
To tell you how much I love you!
But I know I can't.

As I gave at the neon lights from afar,
I do not drive to you in my car.
For I know there's no use,
I know I'll never be with you,
You don't love me.
And I know it'd kill you to see me this way,

I'd rather suffer alone,
Than make you suffer too.
I can't do that to you,
These words I speak of are true.
You know who you are,
You know I still cry remembering the times...

But yay for friendship,
And for the motherfucking broken hearts!
Let's tear this world apart,
Bit by bit,
We seem to be good at throwing others in the damn pit.
Excuse me,

While I go and cry.
I did try,
I fucking did.
But my best wasn't good enough.
I wasn't good enough.
Well at least I didn't spend my whole life trying.

Oh fucking well!
Cheers to that!
Cheers to that!
Cheers to that!
Cheers to...
Cheers to...

Well I'm done now,
I'm picking up the broken heart,
And my broken soul,
And my goal,
Yeah my goal...

I won't cry!
I won't cry anymore!
I'm done!
You've gone and walked out the door,
I'm not crying anymore...

Over the trees,
through the darkness,
I can see you,
In the neon lights.
I'll watch now from afar,
Not gonna drive in my car.

I know it will never happen.

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