This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


9. The Broken Ones

They break and they cry,

They won’t tell you why.

They go days on end and wont eat,

They cut themselves and cry to sleep.

Oh these are the broken ones.

They never tell you that they are breaking.


Oh, oh, oh, these are....

The broken ones.

They never seem to look up when they walk

They never have emotion when they talk.

They smile,

But their smiles are broken.


We don’t see it

And those who do just forget about it and move on.

We all go our separate ways

But when a friend leaves you forever

It breaks you.

Some people never get fixed.


It feels like abandonment

And it hurts

It’s like you’re not good enough.

These people feel that everyday.

These are, Oh these are!

The broken ones.


They need us to fix them,

But we push them away.

I want to help them

And if you do too

than join me.


We’ll help,

We’ll try to,

Fix the..

Fix the..



The broken ones.

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