This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


46. Remember The Times

Remember the times we shared,
When you and I still cared,
The whispers after midnight,
We'd talk till' the morning light.
One of us would get scared,
One of us would hug the other saying it would be alright.

Now these silent nights plague me,
Like the ghost of you.
But you aren't dead,
You still have your head.
While mine is in my hands,
Trying to think of what went wrong.

What went wrong?
Why did I think I had a chance?
I remember when we would dance,
It was four in the morning,
But we didn't care.
We were as light as air.

Now it's gone,
Oh how we fall,
Like it never happened at all.
But only I fell,
You're still on the clouds,
While I fall,

Face down on the pavement.
Oh I saw it coming,
Yet I let you have my heart anyway.
I want to leave,
But you keep me here,

To stay.
So here I sit,
And waste away the day.
Wishing this to be a nightmare.
Hoping to wake up,
Back in Gastonia,

In my home in Stanley.
I wish I could wake up,
With amnesia,
So I can forget,
These memories.
They haunt me.

You don't care,
But my heart won't let it go.
Let it go!
Oh how I wish I could,
You know.
Oh how I wish I could.

I wish I could,
Let you go.
But you left anyway.
Breaking my heart away.
I don't want to awake in your arms,
I want to awake back from once I came,

I want to awake back at my old home,
With amnesia,
To forget you.
But here I stay,
Wasting the day away.

I want to let you go,
But I can't,
I don't know how.
Now my heart is broken beyond repair.
I hope I wake up somewhere,
Back from once I came.

With amnesia,
So I can forget you.
Maybe the pulls will help?
Maybe the blade will too?
I don't want to need you.
Maybe if I don't wake up...

I won't need you.

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