This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


43. Pretty Lame

I know you're worse than nicotine,
And you probably don't feel the same,
Yeah I know and it's pretty damn lame.
But I want to hold your hands,
Look you in your beautiful brown eyes,
Seeing you smile at me makes my hearts skip beats so fast,

I'm done looking at the past,
I want the time we are together to last.
I wish I could hug you,
And maybe kiss you too.
But I know my dreams will never come true.
I'll still remain loyal to you.

You make me feel like no one else does,
You make me laugh like no one else can,
You make me feel alive.
Like I'm not as dead as I seem.
When you seem to care for me,
It makes my heart beat faster.

I'm sitting here,
Kicking myself for saying hello,
Because now I know,
I've fallen for you.
I've got it,
And I've got it bad.

I wouldn't trade you for anything,
I could look into your eyes 24/7,
And when the sun goes down,
I'll meet you once again,
Once again in my dreams,
That's when I'll see you.

You and your beautiful smile.
I'll look into your eyes,
And slip into your arms.
And I won't ever want to wake up,
Because reality sucks.
I know you'll never be mine,

That's pretty damn lame.

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