This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


8. Perfection


Oh perfection,

I love to watch it eat you up inside.

Oh how long have you gone without eating?

Oh how many cuts are there now?

Oh love tell me how does it feel,


How does it feel to never be what you strive for,

How does it feel to never be perfect?

Oh how I love to watch it drive you to madness,

Day by day,

You get worse and worse.

The voices get louder and louder,


As I watch your wrists,

Becoming covered in cutting marks.

Loving every second of it,

Watching you struggle in the misery,

Everyday hoping you’ll give up and drown.

Oh tell me love,


When will you drown?

Because I want to know,

I want to know when my wish has been granted.

Oh well,


I’ll see you in the morning,


Telling you more of how you’ll never be perfect.

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