This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


41. My Neon Heart

I gave you my neon heart,
My heart of neon lights,
Glowing so bright.
But kiss goodbye my light,
As it flickers out.
What's this all about?

Well honey don't shout.
A broken heart,
Can't glow in the dark,
You broke my neon heart.
As the lights are flickering out,
You ask what's this all about.

Don't make it break more,
The neon lights,
Flicker on and off in all these nights.
They're going out,
What's this all about?
As the neon green lights fade,

I can see you in a distant shade.
I fall to my knees,
You broke my neon heart.
You tore my heart apart.
I can see you in the neon lights,
What's left of them...

There goes my neon heart,
The one you tore apart,
Well there goes my neon heart...
Why did you have to tear it apart.
Now the lights flicker,

As the darkness gets thicker.
Now as my light starts to fade,
I see you in a distant shade.
Let the neon lights die in peace.
I can see you,
I run.

Now I'm far away from you,
Now as my neon lights start to fade,
I can't see you in a distant shade.
Let my neon lights,
Die a peaceful death,
But hear my last breath,

The soul of my neon lights will carry on.

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