This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


33. Mother Knows Best?

What is life?
It's unfair and will only cause you pain because no one understands!
What is love?
It's painful and will only cause you pain because everyone changes their mind!
What is numbness?
It's what you need to feel to escape the pain and these fuckers emotion!

What is insomnia?
It's were you're smart enough to know you're being watched and you can't sleep through the paranoia!
What is paranoia?
It's when you know your being watched and you know they're after you?
Who are they?

They 're everyone on the earth!
Because it's me and you against this world!
Don't worry honey I won't lie to you!
Don't worry darling I'll protect you from everyone!
Because they only want to hurt you!
Oh listen up because!...

Mother knows best!

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