This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


5. I’m Sorry

I’m sorry Mommy

I’m not the little girl that you wanted me to be

I don’t like pretty pink,

I’m sorry pretty girls

I’m not like you

So popular


You get everything,

I’m sorry enemies

I don’t want to put a gun to my head

Or take pain pills

Or jump off of high places

It’s me you wont miss,


I’m sorry

I’ll ever be pretty enough

It’s always,

I’m to big

Oh no I’m to skinny

I’m to this,


I’m to that,

I’m sorry I’m not like you!

I’m sorry,

I’m sorry I’m not normal

I’m sorry I’m not butterflies and rainbows

I’m sorry,


Oh I’m sorry,

I’m not what you want out of me

Oh I’m sorry,

Oh I’m so sorry,

You all ask whats wrong with me

Why am I like this,


Well I’m broken,

Yes I’m broken and I’m trying to heal!
Let me be,

Just let me be,

Let me die gradually.

I’d rather please others than myself.


Oh I’m sorry,

Oh so sorry,



So Sorry.

Are you happy now Mamma!?


Are you happy now!?
I said I’m sorry!
I’m not like you Mommy,

Not that little girl that loves pink,

Rainbows and Unicorns,

I’m sorry I’m not obsessed.


I’ll never fit in.

I’ll never be like you!
I’ll never be like you.

I’ll never be good enough.

I’m sorry...

I’m so sorry…


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry!

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