This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


21. Dahvie

Pick me up,

My dearest friend,

I've falling in a black abyss,

of nothingness.

I can feel nothing more,

Than love, for you.


I know the sun will come out tomorrow,

But it won't mean a thing,

If you aren't by my side.

How far we've come,

Fills me with pride.


I love you,

I've loved you to the stars and back.

But the one thing I lack is,

Your love back.


Your beautiful moss green eyes,

Fill me with butterflies.

Your precious smile,

Makes me want to keep you for a while.

Why can't you just love me back?


You're Beautiful, Dahvie!

You're beautiful!

To me.

Oh, hear my plea.

Can you see what I see?


Love me!

Please Dahvie

Why won't you love me!?

Love me!




My dearest friend.....

Oh, my dearest friend.

Dahvie... Dahvie...

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