This is my collection of poetry and songs. ALL WRITTEN BY ME!


1. Broken

Teach me how to lie,

Because you keep getting better all the time.

You have broken many hearts in your path

You have broken mine,

Yeah sure.

But I should have seen it coming.


I deserve every tear I cry,

But now it’s time for you to say good bye.

Because this little bird could not fly.

So for now I think I will say good bye

Is it okay if I don’t come around anymore?

Is it okay if I just have a little fun with the blade?


Sure, why not?

Like who would care?

In fact,

Who has to know?

Maybe it can be our little secret huh,

Just between you and me


But if you can’t keep your mouth shut,

I guess I’ll just have to do it for you.

Because you know too much

And if you can’t keep a secret,

Maybe I can’t keep you.

So keep your pretty little mouth shut,


And keep your tears at bay.

You wanna play?

Fine I can play too.

In fact I can play just a good a game as you.

For my heart will not be the only thing that is broken.

Broken is what you’ll be


Because you messed with me.

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