something stupid called love

She was hurted by all her boyfriends from cheating to using. She tought she would never love someone again. That was until she meet's Luke from 5sos...


1. the meeting

Hi i'm Kylie and my live is a disaster. I'm bullied and my parents don't care and all those stupid girls can talk about are boys so if i'm friends with a boy they are so sweet to me so they could get closer to the boy. But now they all fall for the boy's of 5sos. So they leave me alone, yes i also like there music but it's not like i'm obsessed. I just like the music and nothing more.

Kylie's POV

I'm at school and i'm chancing my books for tomorrows homework. "Look who we have here" someone says behind my back. I close my locker and turn around. "what do you wan't Bianca". "I don't know maybe some money you see there is an 5sos concert here in town and i really wan't to go but my parents only gived me money for a card that is not backstage. And i need all my money for getting the perfect look so we could flirt with the guys and marry after a few years. So now you give me my money so i could buy a backstagepass". "And you expect that they wan't to mary you and your friends serieoulsy" i say. "Of course we're the best but now give me your money". "Sure wait" I take my blush and blow it in her face. She backs away and pick my car and drive to the mall i have to shop cause i'm frustrated.

I walk into a shop called cool cat yeah thats the shop with the coolest outfits in the city. I find some ripped black jeans and a top from nirvana i buy them and put them on my cloths that i had on i put in the bag. I walk and find some more make-up then i see all girls scream and running at a direction i wan't to look but i'm not that interest so i walk farther. I see the girls running and then i see a guy with sunglasses a cap and a scarf i can't see his face. He runs into me direction and i see all those girls running behind him. I really wonder who he is. "He you guy you can hide you here behind these plants" i yell at him he looks at me then at the girls and he runs to me and hides". I stand in front of him cause you never know. Just in time the girls are looking into my direction and one of them asks: "Did you see a guy past with sunglasses and stuff". "Yeah he runned to that corner and then he dissapeared" i say pointing at a corner. "thanks" they say and they start running again. "Thank you so much" the mysterious guy sais. "No problem" i smile. then he puts his scarf down and his sunglasses off wipping his sweat of. I recognize him immediately. "He you're Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer" i say. "Oops hehe yeah that's me please don't freak out" he sais immediatley putting his disguise back on. "I won't do you wan't a lift home?" i ask. "That would be nice". We walk to my car. "If this car is not to small for this king" i joke. "I prefer a limousine but it will do it" he says smirking: "no just joking just help me out off here". I jump in the car and drive like he sais to his house.

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