Im your pretty little liar (GXG)

It was one of those days were i hated my lie and where i just wanted to sleep all day,but my days changed every day because there was one girl that made me glad and happy to be alive. I would always tell the teacher lies for why i was late when i was really thinking of her,that one girl. her name was mackenzie. I often bumped into her at school in the weirdest ways. she started acting different. she started acting jealous when ever i was around another girl.


1. Petty lies


I groan as my alarm clock goes off. "Ughhhhhhh" i pull my sheets over my head. i suddenly feel the sheets ripped away from my grasp. there was my dog luther. "oh hey boy..." i say petting his head. he barks "i know i know im getting up..jeez" i say. i get up slowly and trudge to the bathroom. as i look in the bathroom mirror an idea pops in my head. i pull out my little knife. i cute my wrists slightly. luther whimpers. i put my wrists out to him. he licks them. i frown as he puts his head down. i smile slightly and hug luther. i quickly go to my dresser and try to find  presentable clothes. i finally find a outfit. i quickly change and run down the stairs. i hear singing from the kitchen. "watcha makin big sis?" i say loudly so she can hear me over the music. "pancakes!" "YUMMYYY!!" i say excitedly i quickly went quiet."are you okay?"  "yea im okay.." yea i'm not okay. "you sure?" she says. "yea" No.

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