I Love You Peter

*Cover Fanart is not mine. I found it on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/398076054535115898/ *


2. Chapter 2



My hand feels cold once Pete lets go. Wait what? I mentally shake my head and get in the drivers seat. 



I'm so stupid for holding his hand. I probably made him so uncomfortable! It felt so right though... NO! Stop, he isn't into you like that. But what if he is?... He wouldn't be, would he? 

I shouldn't get my hopes up.



I knew it. They've always seemed to be more than bandmates, even if they didn't know it themselves. 



When did that happen?


(At The Carnival)


We went on every single roller-coaster, ate a crap ton of food, and had all around fun.

I feel a small tap on my shoulder and turn around to see a girl and a boy.

"Hey! What's up?" I say giving them a warm smile. 

The guy talks first, clearly the more confident of the two. "Hi! Me and Mel are huge fans and we were wondering if we could get pictures with you guys." 

"What're your names?" Pete decides to speak up. 

"Melody." "Ryder" they say their names at the same time, then turn towards each other laughing.

"Are you two together?" I question, and Ryder shakes his head. 

"Nope. Twins." Melody says.

"Well get over here then" Andy laughs at Joe's comment. 

"ME FIRST!" Ryder says handing his sister his phone to take a picture.

He stands with me and Pete on either side of him and the other guys on our other sides. 

Mel snaps a picture and Ryder switches places with her for her picture. 

After her picture the twins hug us individually. Ryder reached up and kissed my cheek when we hugged.

"Ryder!" He puts his hands up while Melody scold him. 

"I couldn't help it. He's too cute!" Ryder defends himself.

I smile at the two and tell them that it was okay. "It was great meeting you, but we have to go" They say after they finished laughing at something Joe said



Melody and Ryder were great, and I'm so glad no other fans noticed us because I just want to go home and sleep. 

"Home?" I ask and the guys start rushing towards the car.

The car ride consisted of Patrick blasting music, and singing while me and the other guys pretended to do the instrumentals, and occasionally singing.


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