I Love You Peter

*Cover Fanart is not mine. I found it on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/398076054535115898/ *


1. Chapter 1


"Patrick?" I yell when I hear the door open and close.

"Yeah. Where are you?" 


He walks in and jumps on the bed, asking me what I was doing.

I chuckle, "Scrolling through tumblr. Where are the guys?"

"Waiting on us so we can all go to the Carnival."

"Hell yeah!" I yell jumping up.



Pete grabs my hand and runs out of his room, dragging me with him.

"Uhm.." Andy says looking at me and Pete's interlocked fingers, while Joe just smiles at us.

Pete seems confused until he realizes we're holding hands and he blushes a deep red before dropping my hand.

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