The Lost One Book 1: When Destiny Calls

A thousand years ago she was cursed and disappeared from memory and time. She returns to the Kingdom with darkness in her heart. Feared by the Light, sought by the Darkness. A forgotten past from long ago comes back to haunt her. Can she change her fate or is she doomed to the Darkness forever? Magic always comes with a price. Will she be willing to pay it?

I don't own any characters except my own, nor do I own any of the songs used or tweaked.


6. The Meeting

Note: This means she's using her magic pen


I didn’t see Lord Rolfe again after that night and learned from Lottie, he had to return home to London for a time. I could walk around the halls and gardens without seeing him. So July wore on and started to come to a close when Lottie and Jasmine invited me down to go to the market with them. Unknown to a lot of people who played Kingdom Hearts II, there was a dock behind the castle that lead to a sea that could access other worlds that could be sailed to. It was handy for people who needed to sail where they had to go and it saved time. Down by the docks was a marketplace that had a vast array of items from various worlds. I did need to get more supplies for my loom and Yen Sid needed some things as well.


So I agreed and started to head down when I got ambushed and dragged into a bathroom. My ambushers were Lottie and Jasmine and I did not like the sight of the counter full of hair things and make up.


What are you guys doing? Yen Sid had given me a pen that would write what I wanted to say in the air in gold lettering that looked almost like a ribbon.


“We’re getting you ready! It’s just too darn hot outside for you to wear that unsightly black hood and cape!” Lottie explained.


Jasmine nodded. “Besides, no one really knows what you look like so sneak out for the day without it. You deserve it. Now off with it and into the bath.”


But I don’t need a bath yet. I bathed yesterday.


They scrunched up their noses and said ew before they pounced on me, stripping me of my clothes before they dumped me in the bath.


Now I know how Mulan felt. Why do I have to take a bath? We’re just going down to the market.


“Sugar you must always look your best! You never know who you’ll meet!” Lottie said before she dumped hair oil or whatever in my hair and started scrubbing.


What is it with Princesses and cleanliness?


Soon they finished and let me get dressed again. Lottie gave me this dress with a dark blue skirt, a black underbust corset and a white blouse that was off shoulder, short sleeves. They tied my hair back with a blue ribbon and advanced on me with makeup.


Now hold it.  I let you stuff me into this thing though it shows a bit more of my cleavage and it’s tighter than I’m used to but I am putting my foot down at the makeup!


“Aw, come on sugar! Just a little bit!” Lottie pleaded.


“We’re just gonna enhance your eyes just a bit. They really are stunning.” Jasmine said gently as she approached.


Fine. But only that. I prefer natural anyways.


True to their word they faintly outlined my eyes to make them stand out more and the mascara they used made my eyelashes appear naturally fuller. Huh. Guess magical makeup in this place was a thing.


I had to admit they did a great job. But there was something bugging me. Oh, that’s right.


People are gonna know it’s me cause of my mouth. I’m pretty sure lips, dark as mine is rather easy to remember.


“She’s right Jas. I don’t think I have anything that can lighten up her lips without looking like she slathered it on.” Lottie fussed.


Rest assured ladies, Yen Sid taught me glamour spells and how to change my appearance. Since no one has seen my full face I don’t have to be quite so drastic. I concentrated really hard and my lips faded in color to a nice rosy pink and the scar on my throat disappeared. There. Done.


“Honey, you look gorgeous! Why does that old grump make you wear that old cloak and hood anyways?” Lottie asked pouting slightly.


Because he feels, the less people know what my face really looks like the less chance a villain finds out and decides to make trouble. And I don’t think he’d appreciate it if he heard you calling him an old grump and trust me he hears a lot. And I won’t get in trouble for this because as I stated no one knows my name or face. So I can easily walk out like this and use my real name but I can’t wear my hood and show my face. It will ruin it. I guess in a way this is a chance for me to get out and stretch my legs so to speak. I miss the sun on my skin.


Jasmine smiled in understanding as she handed me a basket to carry my purchases in before we left with Lottie.


I sighed in bliss as I felt the warm rays of the sun on my skin again and felt a smile stretch across my lips. The day was just stunning with a brilliant blue sky and fluffy clouds here and there, a light wind blowing the smell of the sea towards as we walked out of the garden door and out to the docks. The market was full of various characters and people and it was interesting to see them smile at me and say hello as they passed as they had no clue that I was the monster in the hood they heard so much about.


There was a commotion at one of the docks as a ship came in. The gangplank was lowered and down rode Lord Rolfe on his horse. I couldn’t help but watch as he did. He looked so... Regal while doing it. Like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to do. He dismounted a ways away and his horse was taken another way to reach the stables.


“Ooh. Someone is smitten.” Lottie cooed as she smiled knowingly.


I quickly turned around so my back was to him and looked at them. I am not! I’ve never even spoke to him!


Jasmine looked over my shoulder and smiled. “Looks like you may get to. He’s looking over here.”


I glared at both of them not to say a word. I still remembered the last time we met and I had no desire to repeat it.


Lottie ignored my look and waved her arm to get his attention. “Yoo hoo! Johnny! Over here!”


I loved Lottie I really did, but right now I wanted to set her on fire.


I kept my back to him as he approached. Maybe I could slip away and do my shopping without having to speak to him.


“Hello Princess Jasmine. Miss LeBoeuf. It’s wonderful to see you again. And your friend is?” He trailed off questioningly hoping I’d turn around.


Ha not on your life buddy.


Lottie seemed to have other plans in mind as she grabbed my shoulders and spun me around before she shoved me towards him. “Johnny this is Desmoira.”


I tripped over my dress and fell forward and he caught me as I landed against his chest, his arms about my waist and my hands on his arms.


“Are you alright? I’m John Rolfe and it’s nice to…” He trailed off suddenly as I looked up at him.


I feared he had figured out who I was but that was not the case. He was staring down right into my eyes with a look of pure awe on his face. I blushed under his gaze and looked him back in the eye. No one had ever looked at me before. I felt tingles running up and down my spine as I felt warm at his gentle touch and my heart began to beat fast and seemed to skip a beat. What was this feeling? Why couldn’t I look away? It just felt so right that I was here in his arms like a missing piece had finally fallen into place. I didn’t know what this feeling was but it scared me.


John’s POV


The ship landed at Disney dock and I heaved a sigh. Things had not gone too well back home in London. Everything with the king was fine, but there were hints that he expected me to take a wife now that I had been given my new title, lands and wealth. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, the families with unmarried daughters basically ambushed me on my way to leave. It was not a pleasant experience and I was exceedingly grateful to get out of there.


The girl with the hood never left my mind and I feared she was angry with me for trying to push her hood away. I hadn’t meant to offend her, my curiosity just got the best of me. Father always did say my curiosity would land me in trouble.


I was very happy to be back at Disney castle and rode my horse down the gangplank. Princess Jasmine and Miss LeBoeuf were in the market and there was someone with them I did not recognize. Which was odd as I knew practically every character if not personally, but by sight and name. I dismounted my horse and made my way to them. The third woman seemed to be silently arguing with the other two as I bid them hello. I tried to get a name out of the other woman but she seemed to start to leave. This bothered me for some reason.


Miss LeBoeuf seemed to have other plans in mind and stopped the other woman and turned her around before shoving her forward. “Johnny this is Desmoira.”


The woman tripped over her skirt and fell forward. I immediately moved forward and caught her, my hands landing on her waist as she fell into my chest, her hands latching onto my upper arms. I was hit by a wave of her scent, which smelled like cream, honeysuckle and nutmeg with an underlying hint of pink grapefruit. The smell was intoxicating and it sets my nerves on fire with something I wasn’t sure what. All I could think about was how perfectly she fits in my arms, like she had been made just for me.


I knew I had to say something to her. “Are you alright? My name is John Rolfe and it’s nice to meet….”


She looked up then and I felt the words die in my throat. She was beautiful. Even that word didn’t seem to do her beauty justice. I felt like an angel had fallen from heaven and straight into my arms. Her eyes were a stunning violet that could rival any amythest. Her nose was small and button like and her lips were a rosy pink and full. Her skin was smooth and pale, her cheeks blooming with color. I couldn’t help but stare at her in awe.


She blushed and looked down. I felt my heart skip a beat as she did so. “I”m sorry I didn’t quite catch your name.”


Miss LeBoeuf piped up helpfully. “Her name is Desmoira.”


I smiled. “Moira…”


She looked up at me confused for a moment.


“This is playing out just like a love story!” Miss LeBoeuf whispered loudly, a look of glee on her face.

I was confused for a moment, but without thinking I followed her. She seemed pretty unaware that I was as she moved at a slow pace drifting from stall to, stall like a butterfly drifted from flower to flower. She bought things at some stalls and at others, she just looked around before moving on. I couldn’t help but study her as she walked or as she debated on some item. Her hair was a wild tangle of black curls that framed her face attractively though part of it had been pulled back with a blue ribbon. Her hips swayed when she walked and her waist was small. Her arms were slender and her frame delicate. She was certainly more... Curvier than women I have seen. Almost unbidden, my eyes settled on her breasts as they rose ever so slightly with each breath she took, the skin pale and soft looking as it peeked out from her blouse. My eyes widened as I quickly shook my head, appalled by my behavior. My father had always told me that a man never ogled a woman unless he was invited to. I was not some lech! But I couldn’t help but admit to myself that I liked the way she looked and wasn’t as.... Well thin as some of the other princesses. Not that I looked at them in that manner, but it seemed they were all the same. Even when I had been with Pocahontas my eyes had not been drawn to her in such a manner. Blue certainly suited the woman before me.


She paused at a flower stand and admired a lovely collection of moon lilies before she moved on. I took a chance and purchased them for her before following her as she stopped at an herbs stand. I tapped her shoulder and when she turned to look at me, I held out the flowers for her. She seemed greatly surprised, but blushed, smiling shyly as she took the flowers from me. She held them to her nose as she inhaled their scent. She smiled at me and my heart fluttered again. I offered her my arm and she stared at it blankly, unsure if she should accept. I didn’t blame her because of our differences in social standings, but I didn’t care. I smiled at her warmly. “It’s alright. It’s not going to bite you.”


She smiled and slipped her hand into my arm. I followed where she led me with no complaint. It was interesting to see what she looked at and what she bought. It told me a bit about her, though I wanted to know more. She finished her purchases and began heading back. I stopped her and she looked at me.


“I want to see you again. Where can I find you?” I asked, hoping she’d tell me.


She looked at me wide eyed before curtsying and dashing off into the crowd. I tried to follow her, but she just simply vanished. Why did she react that way? Was she scared what people would say about a Lord and a maid being seen together? My heart felt.... Empty now that she was gone. And I didn’t have a clue where to find her. Was I ever going to see her again.


Moira’s POV


I felt bad about running off like that, but honestly his question scared me. Did I want to see him again? Or him to find me? I wasn’t sure, but what I felt when with him was so very strange.


I do want to see him again. But would he want to see me now that I ran away? Why does my heart pound so when I think of him?  


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