The Lost One Book 1: When Destiny Calls

A thousand years ago she was cursed and disappeared from memory and time. She returns to the Kingdom with darkness in her heart. Feared by the Light, sought by the Darkness. A forgotten past from long ago comes back to haunt her. Can she change her fate or is she doomed to the Darkness forever? Magic always comes with a price. Will she be willing to pay it?

I don't own any characters except my own, nor do I own any of the songs used or tweaked.


2. The Letter

20 years later….

Desmoira’s POV

Note: Anything in BOLD is Desmoira signing.


 “Dessie... Wake up….. Dessie…. Dessie?” A little girl’s voice piped up.


I rolled over and faced the wall away from the voice. I knew who it was but I wasn’t going to give any sign I was awake. It was my day off and I was going to sleep in. But my tiny visitor seemed to have other plans. I felt the bed dip as she scrambled up onto the bed before sitting on my stomach. I smiled softly and lay still, waiting for the right moment to strike.


The little girl on my stomach remained still before she got off me and started jumping on the bed. “Up! Up! Up! Dessie up!” she chanted over and over again with each bounce.


I smirked and quickly lifted up the blanket and grabbed the bouncing toddler and yanked her under the covers with me, causing her to squeal in surprise and delight. I smiled to myself and started blowing raspberries on my 2 year old sister, Anika or Ani’s cheek as she squirmed and shrieked with laughter.


I pulled back to let her catch her breath and I stared into her blue eyes as I smoothed her blond curls back from her face. She snuggled closer and I held her, relaxing in the calmness. It didn’t last long when the sound of a key entering the lock on the front door, reached us and Ani shot out of the bed and out the door towards the front door yelling.


I sat up and rolled my eyes when I heard her start saying, “Owen here!” over and over. I got out of bed and shuffled over to my closet to pull out some clothes. So much for sleeping in. I paused by the mirror to take in my appearance. There wasn’t anything new. Same violet eyes, the same unruly mass of black curls, dark red lips, and…. My hands drifted up towards the scar on my throat, a constant reminder of what had been and what could have been. I shook my head of these thoughts and slipped on some blue jeans, black tank top with a purple off shoulder top and a purple scarf in my hair. I got dressed and examined myself. I wasn’t bad looking, to be honest. I had an hourglass figure that people noticed more than I often wanted to.


I slipped out of my room and down the back stairs into the kitchen to prepare coffee and looked up when I heard footsteps and was greeted by the sight of my boyfriend of almost one year, Owen Burnett, with a giggling 2 year old attached to his leg.


I rolled my eyes and shook my head. She thought Owen was a jungle gym, no matter how many times I told her he wasn’t.


Owen must have seen my face because he smiled that small smile I loved and picked Ani up and placed her on his shoulders as he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. I kissed him back since I had missed him.


“Hello Des. I hope you’re doing well.”


I smiled and nodded and signed: I am. I made your coffee just the way you like it.


Owen smiled again and took it. Ani wrapped her arms around his head and hugged it. “Missed you!”


Owen looked up at her. “I missed you too Anika.”


Ani giggled and pointed at me. “Dessie miss you lots!”


Owen smirked and raised an eyebrow at me. “She did, did she?”


Great. He was teasing me. Two could play at that game. I suppose I did. I was pretty busy though. Ani get down. Owen isn’t a jungle gym. I’ve told you that before.


Owen smiled again. “It’s alright. I don’t mind.”


Ani giggled and hugged his head again. “My giant.”


I pretended to be annoyed and huffed in mock aggravation. Great. I lose my boyfriend to the munchkin.


Owen chuckled as he placed Ani in her booster seat as I brought over plates of food for all of us. We ate in relative silence and Ani scampered off to play.


I was about to gather up the plates when Owen’s hand grabbed mine as he stood up. He pulled me into his arms and smirked. “Are you sure you didn’t miss me?”


Positive. You leave once a month for business trips so I’ve gotten used to it.


Owen chuckled and leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I accepted his kiss and kissed him back. But there was no spark. There never had been really. We’ve been dating for almost a year and in the beginning our relationship had been rather hot and passionate but as the months wore on the flames cooled down. We still kissed and cuddled but it wasn’t the same. We had never really gone beyond kissing and the occasional touch even in the beginning. I cared about him a lot, maybe even loved him but... Somewhere inside I felt like he wasn’t the right one for me. Now we just went through the motions for Ani’s sake I suppose. She had grown used to Owen in her life.  And I always got that feeling he wasn’t telling me things.


Owen pulled back and helped me clear the table and we silently washed dishes side by side. While we worked, my mind drifted back to how we had first met.


I had moved to Virginia when I was about 18 after a terrible accident left me voiceless, shattering my dream of being a singer. About a year later I had gotten the call saying my parents were dead. I had been numb with shock when I went to the airport to fly to California that I had run right into Owen. I had apologized and went to wait at my gate. To my surprise, he ended up waiting at the same gate. I ignored it and boarded and sat in the first class seat my grandmother booked for me. To my surprise yet again and starting towards annoyance, Owen had sat in the seat next to me. We didn’t speak the entire flight and I fell asleep, which was odd within itself since I hadn’t slept for the past few days and I was still wide awake due to the 5 hour energies I had been consuming. It wasn’t healthy, but I couldn’t bear to sleep since I knew what waited in my dreams and I had no desire to revisit them.


I woke up when we landed and quickly departed after gathering my things. I put a hat on and sunglasses to hide my features. It had only been a year and I was too easily recognizable due to my looks. The last thing I needed was the press getting wind that I had arrived. They had just about hounded our home when I first won the talent contest a year ago and became an overnight sensation and when I was attacked. Knowing that my parents' death would be all over the news especially with the past events in our family I didn’t want to be seen. Thankfully my grandmother had pulled up and I quickly popped in my bags before I climbed into the car. It was on our way back to the house did I realize that I had forgotten the shawl my mother made me back on the plane. Needless to say I had been extremely upset. Like I had thought the press was all over the house and had swarmed the car when it pulled in. Thankfully Grandma had pulled into the garage to avoid them. They had the nerve to name the case the Sleeping Beauty Murders. Fe. Unoriginal and cruel.


Anika, barely a year old at the time, was alive and healthy. She hadn’t known who I was but she quickly warmed up and never left my side. She didn’t have a clue what had been going on. I think that time during the loss of our parents and the huge court battle that went on was the hardest moment of my life. The courts had to decide if I’d be a suitable guardian for my sister. There were all sorts of tests and supervised visits before the case was over and I won. I don’t think I would have won had it not been for Owen.


Owen had shown up a day after the plane ride to return my shawl and after hearing my plight offered to act as my lawyer. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have won. He kept coming around to check on us and soon we started dating. Owen had said he was a lawyer to some degree and a majordomo or whatever to some really rich business man in New York, but Owen was stationed in California to manage business here though he’d leave once a month for New York for business meetings. At least that’s what he said. He moved in here 6 months after we started dating and slept in one of the spare rooms. He was old fashioned like that. But I never shook off the feeling he was hiding something.


Not long after we started dating, Ani started talking to this imaginary friend named Puck. Now I never read her A Midsummer Night’s Dream, neither had the aunts or Grandmother. I did read it to her when she was very little and fussy. Works of the bard seemed to put her to sleep as well as singing. But she had been really little at the time, so I doubt she remembered the name. I would get the image of a person with long white hair, pointed ears, crystal blue eyes and wearing a tunic of purple and red and gold arm bands. But every time it showed up it’d fade away and I’d end up with a headache.


But we were happy and Ani adored him, as did my Aunts and Grandmother. I had to smile at the thought of my rather exasperating Aunts. They were a lot like the 3 Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Aunt Flo always argued with Aunt Mary about what color I should wear. Even Ani hadn’t been safe from their color wars. Aunt Faun would usually quietly lead us out of the room and let her sisters argue it out. They weren't really my Grandmother or my Aunts. They were actually four sweet little old ladies that lived next door to us and we considered them family. They were always there to help out when we needed them and were a huge part of my life growing up. They helped me through my grief and raising Ani.  I'd be forever grateful to them.


It was a rather simple life, but I loved it. Only one thing kept me from being completely happy apart from the rather... Repeated motions of our relationship. My best friend Syrena Delmont had gone missing. About a year after I left, she just vanished, just after my parents died. The police couldn’t find any trace of her. She was at work at Disneyland one night and she simply disappeared. I missed her, but there wasn’t a thing I could do.


Owen’s hand on mine brought me back to the present and I looked at him in confusion when he took the rag from my hand as well as the plate I had been washing.


“You’ve been washing that plate for the last 20 minutes. What’s on your mind?” Owen asked as he dried the plate before putting it away.


I just shrugged. The past.


Owen said nothing, but just pulled me into his arms and held me. If there was one thing I could count on from him was he was a solid presence in my life and always offered comfort when I needed it.


Our moment was interrupted when Ani started singing the mail song from Blue’s Clues before she finished it off with a shrill wail of mail. We both cringed at her pitch.


Ugh! I need to teach her how to sing. I think she shattered something.


Owen chuckled as we walked out to see Ani dancing around by the door, eager to go out and get the mail.


I smiled and shook my head as I opened the door and she shot out down the front walk, Owen and I following at a more sedate pace.


Ani waited by the mailbox trying to open it, but it was too high for her to reach. I lifted her up and she opened the mailbox and pulled out some envelopes. Most of it was just junk mail and I let Ani tear those up, but there was one envelope that was different from the others. There was no return address on it and the envelope was made what felt and looked like parchment paper. On the back was an old fashioned wax seal with the Mickey Mouse symbol in it.


Curiouser and curiouser. I opened up the envelope and pulled out two tickets and a letter.


Dear Miss Sinclaire,


We are aware of your recent loss and wish to offer our condolences. Since you were unable to perform 2 years ago, we would like to extend to you and one person of your choice for an all expense paid stay in the park for 2 weeks. Afterwards we would like to discuss a unique opportunity for you.


Hoping you are well, 



I looked up at Owen to see what he thought but he was looking away from me and he seemed... tense.


I had the feeling he wasn’t telling me things again as I looked back at the papers in my hand. It wouldn’t hurt to go...Would it?

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