The Lost One Book 1: When Destiny Calls

A thousand years ago she was cursed and disappeared from memory and time. She returns to the Kingdom with darkness in her heart. Feared by the Light, sought by the Darkness. A forgotten past from long ago comes back to haunt her. Can she change her fate or is she doomed to the Darkness forever? Magic always comes with a price. Will she be willing to pay it?

I don't own any characters except my own, nor do I own any of the songs used or tweaked.


4. Studies And Rumors

After I woke up again, Yen Sid, my supposed Grandfather was kind enough to explain everything he knew. He didn’t know who my parents were, only who my grandmother was. He said she was long gone due to have been defeated by her son Oberon. He quickly squashed any curiosity about them, saying there was a very tense treaty between the Kingdom Of Disney and the Realm of Avalon. As far as anyone knew, they did have a child once, but she died at birth nearly a thousand years ago and he didn’t know who sired Oberon but he was sure it wasn’t him. He told me how he discovered me. He had been scrying one day when he learned of my existence. He had investigated and discovered I was his. He told me that neither of my parents had been magical, so he assumed my birth parents left me there. This saddened me to learn that I was adopted, but I knew they had loved me as their own. Once he knew who I was, he sent Fairy Godmother and the Three Good Fairies to watch over me. The villains had tried to take Lord Oberon and Lady Titania’s child, but their plans were ruined when she died. Yen Sid knew they’d come after me once it was learned he had a grandchild, hence the protection.


He let me eat as he talked, giving me time to think about what he was telling me. I found it all very strange and confusing, but for some reason it just made sense.


Yen Sid said now that I was here, I couldn’t really go home. While some part of me was happy I wouldn’t have to go back to a world where everyone knew my story, another part of me would miss the home I grew up in. Yen Sid assured me the house would be kept untouched and no one would know I was gone.


Ani had come by at some point, looking incredibly happy as she was taken care of by the other princesses. She didn’t seem too fazed by the whole Disney actually being real. I suppose it was due to her age and innocence. Being here was a dream come true for her.


After awhile, I met with Mickey and Minnie. Both were incredibly kind and understanding. It was agreed between all of us that it would be best if I completed my magical studies before being presented to the other characters. Something I agreed with wholeheartedly. While I was excited about being here, I wasn’t ready to take everything in head on. It was decided that I’d stay with Yen Sid in Disney Castle when he was here and also in his Tower near Twilight Town. Again, totally fine with me. Ani would be staying in Disney Castle as well under the care of Mary Poppins.


We settled into a rather normal routine. After breakfast, I’d spend the mornings studying until lunch and then I’d do basic chores like sweeping and organizing the various spellbooks and jars for potions. It got boring at times as he wouldn’t let me out of the tower if he could help it. He always managed to find something for me to do in the tower.


Whenever he did let me out, I always wore a cloak and a hood that hid my features. I never took it off and it started leading to some... Rather interesting rumors. Probably didn’t help that I wore gloves as well to avoid accidentally shocking someone if my magic went a bit haywire. It hadn’t been easy learning the elemental spells and I had accidentally frozen the entire workshop once. And the cloak and hood were Yen Sid’s idea as he thought it best that no one knew what I looked like for the time being in case some villains wanted to start some trouble.


Some of the rumors were that I was deformed in some way or I had strange ears or a tail. I was rather annoyed by the whole thing. You think they wouldn’t do that considering it was the Kingdom of Disney and there were all sorts of strange and unusual things. Then again all they really knew about me was that I was Yen Sid’s granddaughter and that I had fairy blood in me that could lead to possibly strange features. The only strange thing about me was my ears. They had always been rather pointed even as a kid and the pointed tip became even more pronounced the more time I spent here.


Only a small group of people knew what I really looked like: Yen Sid, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Ariel, Aurora, Lottie, Tiana, Jasmine and Silver.


Minnie and Daisy were my teachers in the manners of the court and they taught me everything I needed to know about being a princess. When I wasn’t with Yen Sid, I was usually with them.


Ariel, Lottie and Aurora had seen me when I first arrived and had tried their best to put the rumors to rest. I met with them sometimes during my princess lessons as they helped out from time to time. Lottie and I grew particularly close despite our differences in clothing tastes and our personalities were rather different as well. But I could always count on Lottie for news of what was going on and she always made me smile.


I met Tiana and Jasmine quite by accident. I was at another princess lesson when they showed up unexpectedly. But they were very kind and both promised to keep my identity a secret. So my circle of friends grew bigger.


Silver was the last person I met. I had a free day off and was exploring when I came across the kitchen. I was rather hungry, so I went in to make myself a snack. There I met Long John Silver. At first I had been a bit wary about being in the same room with the cyborg because he had once been a villain, but those fears were put to rest quite quickly as he was nice and let me have free reign of the kitchen as he wanted to see just how well I could cook. He offered pointers here and there and he told stories of his many adventures. I met Morph too, and I knew I had to bring Ani down to meet him sometime. His famous Bonzabeast stew was amazing and it quickly became my new favorite dish. Tiana and Silver didn’t seem to always see eye to eye despite the fact they shared the kitchens and it was always fun to watch them playfully jab at the other.


Sure, I saw other characters around the castle, but I usually kept at a distance from them. Some gave me a wide berth as well. But there was one who didn’t exactly keep distance from me.


John Rolfe was advisor to Mickey and was the ambassador to the other worlds when the princes and princesses could not come to the castle. Whenever I’d pass him in the halls, he always smiles at me. It was rather strange that he would do so when so many others stayed away. And whenever he smiled I felt my heart jump.


John’s POV


It had been some weeks since I returned to Disney Castle and many strange things had happened in the time I had been away. Apparently a new princess had come and she was the granddaughter of Yen Sid. No one knew who her parents were all they knew that her grandmother was the Mad Queen Mab, making the princess part fairy. Everyone knew of the great battle between Oberon and Mab and how he had overthrown her to stop her cruelty to the race of man.


But none but a few had ever seen her face because she was always wrapped in a black cloak and hood that covered her from head to foot. The only visible feature of her was her lips, nose and chin. Lips that were full and soft looking, colored to shame the darkest rose. They could only be described as kissable. Her nose was a cute button nose and her skin was a beautiful pale tone, almost as pale as Snow White’s but a few shades darker.


People gossiped that she was deformed in some way or had strange eyes and a tail; a monster of sorts due to her strange heritage. Even Yen Sid had told me that she was indeed a hideous and terrifying monster. But I didn’t believe him, how could a monster have such luscious looking lips that smiled so prettily and smooth looking skin? When I tried to imagine a monster, all I ended up with was a cute girl with a cute monster like feature. I kept my thoughts to myself because if the princes found out, I knew they’d tease me without mercy.


I’d catch glimpses of her from time to time when she wandered the halls or the gardens as I watched from my study window. At times she’d have a little girl with her, a bright, happy little thing, full of smiles with hair that reminded me of sunshine. Other times I’d see her peeking out a window of the tower that she resided in.

Just what lay under that hood of hers? I was dying to find out, but she always skittered away when I got too close to her. What did she have to hide?

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