The Lost One Book 1: When Destiny Calls

A thousand years ago she was cursed and disappeared from memory and time. She returns to the Kingdom with darkness in her heart. Feared by the Light, sought by the Darkness. A forgotten past from long ago comes back to haunt her. Can she change her fate or is she doomed to the Darkness forever? Magic always comes with a price. Will she be willing to pay it?

I don't own any characters except my own, nor do I own any of the songs used or tweaked.


5. Gremlins And Fairies

About a month had passed since I had arrived in the Kingdom and things were going well. Yen Sid had given me a loom and a spinning wheel as a means to concentrate when I had to rest and meditate to focus my magic. It was very relaxing and they brought back memories of the times I shared with my mother. She was extremely good at making things with her hands and I remember sitting at her feet while she worked at the loom we had. I wasn’t nearly as good as her, but I understood the basics.


I did begin to notice things were going on though. I had my own little tower room that could be accessed by a staircase hidden behind one of the bookcases. So it never fairly private as Yen Sid came up here. Little things like trinkets started going missing as well as fruit from the bowl I kept in my room. I did research and found out I had a fairy in my room.  Hmm.... That must have been what Dinky and Boomer chased in through my window before Boomer slammed into it. I must have trapped it in here after I locked the window and it must have been too scared to go out the window when it was opened again. Must have thought Dinky and Boomer would try and get it again. So what to do?


I was saved that trouble by a crash at my window and found a girl stuck on the sill. And that’s how I met Gwendolyn or Gwen for short. Turns out she was the Gremlin Queen, a monarch that ruled a kingdom down in the Underground. I was a bit wary of her at first since I learned from my studies that all Gremlin Queens went insane at some point and a lot of them were bad news. But she quickly put those fears to rest and I found her to be wonderful. It turned out that the fairy living in my room was hers and his name was Gabriel.


Gabriel had apparently had a hard life before finding his way to Jareth and Gwen. Other fairies had tried to rip off his gorgeous red and yellow wings in fits of jealousy while male fairies thought he was a female fairy and tried to have their way with him. On top of that he had gotten captured by a previous Gremlin Queen and made into a sort of pet where he was made to wear some sort of collar that he couldn’t get off. Gwen changed the meaning of the collar so that all who saw it would know he was under her protection.


Gabriel didn’t seem to like me too much at first, most likely because I accidentally shut him in my room, but with patience, time, fruit and help from Gwen, he grew bold enough to sit on the table to munch on some fruit.


At some point Jareth came looking for his wayward student and I told him she had gone to the North Gardens where the fruit trees were. He believed me and left. I offered to let Gwen spend the night to give her a bit of freedom and she agreed. I wasn’t sure how people would react to the fact that the Gremlin Queen was here so I thought it best that I went down to the kitchens and grabbed some food and bring it back. Silver was used to my late night wanderings and eating due to the fact that I had to eat a lot more than I usually did since I usually burned up calories and food from my magic use. Gwen came too, and turned into a cat and sat on my shoulders.


We made it down to the main hall without incident, but our luck changed when Lord Rolfe opened his study door.


Gwen had one of her gremlins knock over a huge stack of paper to the floor from his desk. He must have been working on that all day and late into the night. I felt bad and went in to help him clean it up despite Gwen’s yowling protests. I wasn’t paying too much attention until Lord Rolfe started reaching for my hood to push it back. Gwen hissed and swiped at his hand.


He drew back and apologized, looking sincere, but I still kept my distance. Once his papers were back in order, I quickly headed for the door. But as fate would have it, he was heading to the kitchen as well. I didn’t waste time in putting a tray together to take with me. Silver didn’t even bat an eye at how much food I was taking. One good thing about being a magic user as we never really gained weight, due to burning off what we ate rather quickly.


Once the food was gathered I booked it out of there like a bat out of hell. Gwen and I enjoyed a late dinner and went to bed. Sleep evaded me for a while that night. Why couldn’t I get John out of my head? Just what was it about him that drew me to him so? I knew I had had a crush on him when I was a kid, but that was years ago and surely such a childish thing would have long disappeared, right?


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