A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


9. Chapter 9

The Book of The Creator

Myoga had finished his explanation to Johannes and Marie about Jess' situation here. Explaining in a manner that they would understand wasn't the easiest thing, but both of them were able to understand most of it.

"So, Jess is bound to serve under a Demon as long as she has that sword?" Marie asked, just wanting to make sure she understood it correctly. Myoga nodded, seeming satisfied that his explanation worked. "But it that's the case, can't we just take the stupid thing from her and break it?" Johannes agreed with her, Miroku shaking his head.

"If it were that easy, the sword would not still be around. Humans would have broken it years ago," he explained, InuYasha moved his gaze upwards towards the sky. He still felt a bit uneasy that Jess was here before. She could've just been there to watch her friends. But there was always the chance that Sesshomaru had sent her.

"That sword has a lot of power when it's used by a Human. And a lot of Demon want that power. I can't think of a single Demon that would be willing to let go of it that easily. And the Humans that use the sword have no special abilities. So maybe they enjoy the new importance they get from wielding it," he continued, Miroku nodding along with him.

"The only way one can truly escape from this is through death," Sango added, both Marie and Johannes looking at her in shock. She knew it was probably scaring them, but it would be better to tell them outright than avoiding it. "So far, every wielder has committed suicide at some point. But it seems Jess is stronger willed than they were. So that might not happen with her.

"There is really no other way for her to get out of this?" Marie asked, considerably more worried that she was before. "I wouldn't mind too much if she wasn't in constant danger 24/7," Kagome looked to the ground as she shook her head.

"We've already tried to talk her out of it. She is more concerned about serving her Master than she is over her own life," she answered, Johannes letting out a defeated sigh. It didn’t help that his friend was stubborn as hell.

"In any case, we'd better get going. It's getting late, our parents will wonder where we got to. We can talk to Jess at school tomorrow," he announced, Marie shaking her head.

"No, she's coming back with us now! Whether she likes it or not!" InuYasha let out a small growl to keep himself from hitting her. She was rather annoying, more so than Kagome when she talked about Jess.

"She's coming to school tomorrow anyway. And it seems she's been staying here for a while at night time. Please don't be difficult right now," he begged her. Marie was still refusing, Kagome tapping her on her shoulder.

"Jess will be fine. She has been going to school actively since coming here I've noticed. So you'll see her tomorrow," she reassured her, Marie finally nodding in agreement. "Me and Sango can take you to where we first met," she said, Sango nodding as Kirara jumped up on her shoulder. Kagome looked back at Miroku and InuYasha, the latter sniffing the air again. "What's wrong?"

"Making sure no Demon picked up your scents. Those two smell really, as do you after you've been back in your era," he told her, Kagome turning her back to him and stomped her foot.

"Sit, boy," she said and sent InuYasha towards the ground once again. She jogged to catch up with the others, InuYasha pushing himself from the ground. Miroku let out a sigh, Shippo jumping on his shoulder and looked over at the Half-Demon.

"Do you think Jess will try and look for her friends?" he asked him, his voice filled with worry. InuYasha readjusted himself and shook his head.

"No, she already knows that they're here and that they most likely know about her now as well. If she cared that much, she would've immediately taken them back to their era and made it so that they would never come back here again," Miroku told him, making her sound rather heartless. "They're not a threat to her duty as Sesshomaru's puppet, as long as they stay out of the way. That's my guess," InuYasha nodded in agreement.

"It doesn't matter anyway. We don't have time to trouble ourselves about what that stupid Human does. We should just focus on finding the rest of the Jewel Shards," he said as she got up, Shippo jumped down from Miroku.

"You're so mean, InuYasha. What if they come back and Jess doesn’t do anything?" he asked him.

"I can smell them miles away. If they do come back, I'll have no trouble whatsoever tracking them down," he said, Miroku nodding at him.

"Yes, I suppose you are right," He picked up his staff and walked in the opposite direction of Kagome and the others. "We should find someplace to stay the night. I'll go see if there's a village nearby," He started to walk away, InuYasha not being given any time to argue with him.

"I assume he means another temple," he huffed, Shippo jumping on his head.

"Better than sleeping in the forest, don't you think?" he pointed out, InuYasha glaring at the tiny fox.

Jess sat by the river and cleaned off her wounds. She had cuts and bruises all over her body, blood running down her arms and legs. The training sessions with Sesshomaru had really tested her physical and mental strength. And the increase in the power of the Blade of Demons made it harder for her to control. Her strength, endurance and will improved during their fight, but she became defenseless when she was wandering around like this. She pulled out a roll of bandage and started to roll it around her arm. She had been told to take care of her injuries before they became infected. She didn't complain, although she thought he might use it as a different type of training.

"If he keeps harming you like this, I am really going to give him a bite," Black Fang growled. He had been sitting quietly and watching her train against Sesshomaru. She could only imagine how hard it was for him to watch her get beaten to a pulp and he couldn't do anything. She finished her left arm and started cleaning her right.

"This training will allow me to get through that stupid punishment. It must be something pretty severe if he thinks I need this intense training to just live through it," she explained, the wound stinging once it got hit by the water.

"What exactly are you being punished for. I do not think you have enlightened me about it," he asked, Jess pulling her arm away from the water and drying it.

"I went against the old way of choosing a Master for the Blade of the Demons," she said as she began to bandage her right arm. "Instead of fighting against Demons and have the first victor become my Master, or letting the blade itself chose for me, I choose Sesshomaru to be my Master on my own accord," She got up and placed the roll of bandage in her back pocket. "Sesshomaru also mentioned something about a test, though I know nothing about that," She looked over at Black Fang, a harsh glare in his eyes. She was about to try and calm him down, but movement behind him caught her attention.

"The test is to see if your way of choosing a Master is effective or not," Sesshomaru came out from the shadows. Black Fang quickly turned and got ready to attack him. Luckily, Jess was able to get her arms around his neck to keep him in place. He tried to get out of her grip until he realized who was in front of him.

"Do not ever do that again, if you wish to live," he warned him. Sesshomaru sent him a cold glare, his hand moving onto the hilt of his sword. Jess released Black Fang and stood straight again.

"Was there something you wanted me to do, Sesshomaru?" she asked, trying to get his attention away from the Demon wolf to her. This would really not be the best place for them to fight. Thankfully, Sesshomaru did indeed focused on her instead of him.

"Do you believe that I always search for you to give you a job?" he asked, Jess taken aback. She wasn't expecting him to say something like that, and really hoped she hadn't offended him.

"N-No, that's not-" Black Fang spoke up and interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.

"Have you ever had another reason for her?" Jess looked worriedly over at Sesshomaru, hoping this wouldn't offend him. Sesshomaru just closed his eyes and stayed silent before he spoke to Jess again.

"You are to locate the village that the creator of the blade is from," he informed her, Jess a bit unsure what finding one village would do. Black Fang just growled at him, sitting on the ground to make himself a bit more comfortable.

"No one has seen or heard from that village for many decades. And from rumors I have heard, the Humans there will do anything to make sure that blade stays out of Demon control. She will be putting herself in danger by going there," Jess pointed out, Sesshomaru opening his eyes again and looked right at her.

"You sound worried, rather unlike you," he pointed out, Jess moving her gaze down to the ground. She really didn't like when he pointed out things like that. "You are to find more information about the blade itself and the creator. The knowledge could aid you in becoming stronger," he explained more detailed. Jess moved her gaze back to him and nodded. Even though her body was injured, she wasn't going to disappoint him.

"I would've done it even if you hadn't explained," she pointed out, Sesshomaru pulling out a scroll and handed it to her.

"This was found by some Humans near where the village is rumored to be. It could be of some assistance to you," Jess accepted it and opened it. It had writing all over it, but nothing of it made any sense. She tried to figure it out, both none of it seemed familiar to her.

"What kind of writing is this? I've never seen it before, nor here or in my era," she asked him, finally giving up. She handed it back to him and allowed him to look through it. And it didn't take long before he let out a small sigh.

"This is a very old writing. Humans used this in the past. The wielder was alive during this time, so it's sensible that the writing would be like this," he told her. He gave it back to her, Jess still trying to make heads and tails out of it. "You can work on translating it tomorrow. You need to rest so that you are in better condition for tomorrow. You would not want to give your friends another reason to follow you," Jess nodded at him and folded the scroll again. Sesshomaru walked towards where the two of them were living at the moment.

The next day, Kagome and Sango were in a fresh Spring, both of them relaxing into the water. But Sango seemed a bit more restless than Kagome was. She kept looking up to the sky frequently, Kagome getting a bit distracted by it. Kagome looked up herself once, but the there was nothing there. Clear skies as far as she could see.

"What's the matter, Sango?" she asked finally, Sango taking her eyes of the sky and looked at her friend.

"Yesterday, there were storm clouds moving over the horizon while we escorted Marie and Johannes. But there hasn't been a storm yet," she explained, Kagome going a bit deeper into the water.

"Maybe it just rained overnight," she suggested, but Sango shook her head.

"No, if that were the case, the ground would've been moist. Its' still pretty early," she pointed out, Kagome looking back at her. "It must've been something else. I felt the faint presence of a Demon around that time as well," she added, Kagome trying to think of an explanation. But she hadn't seen anything, so she wasn’t  sure what to really think of it.

"Maybe there is something going on. Maybe it's another Demon that's looking for Jess," Kagome suggested, Sango giving a weak nod to her.

"Yeah, maybe. Do you know any Demons that you and InuYasha met before that it could be?" Sango filled her hands with some water and splashed her face. Kagome  thought for a bit before she answered her.

"I don't really know. I wasn't even expecting to meet Yura again. I can't even imagine who else could be brought back," she sighed, frustrated that they could be brought back to begin with. Sango couldn't help but laugh at her reaction, relaxing a bit more into the water. She noticed some rustling in the leaves in front of her, but she just ignored it. She didn't sense any Demons, and there was a small breeze. So it was probably just the wind.

InuYasha, Miroku and Shippo sat at the back of the Temple Miroku had gotten them into. The monk had told the Elder that their sleeplessness was happening due to the effects of a evil Spirit. He had offered to help them, and Miroku had done some things that made them believe his words. As of right now, though, they had been told to stay put until Kagome and Sango came back. Kagome had also given InuYasha the job of making sure that Miroku especially didn't wander off in their direction.

"I still can't believe those idiots bought the whole 'Demon preventing your rest' crap you told them," InuYasha said, copying Miroku's voice. "Sure, it's possible. But it's very unlikely," The monk eyed the Half - Demon, not really seeming too pleased.

"In a normal situation, yes. However, this temple has something the Demons would be more than happy to get their hands on," he told him, InuYasha half-heartedly turning his gaze to him.

"And that is?" Miroku moved his gaze away and closed his eyes.

"It's only a rumor, but it must be true if they truly believe that Demons being near will prevent them from sleeping," he started, getting InuYasha's attention. "The temple holds a book that was written by the creator of the Blade of Humans," InuYasha looked at him in disbelief, giving the air a smell. He caught the scent of some Demons a good deal away, but also the scent of dried blood from inside the temple.

"If it is, that book has seen some nasty scenes. There's still the scent of dried blood on it. Just how important is this book, anyway?" he asked, Miroku shaking his head.

"I do not know how important they see it. But it does contain information that the creator knew, and most likely how the Blade of Demons work and information about the shards," he assumed, InuYasha not really having anything to add. "However, it is a very old book. So I assume it is written in an old language very few these days know," Shippo looking up towards the sky.

"Do you think Marie and Johannes will come back here?" he asked, changing the subject. "It's around this time that school thing they go to is finished, right?"

"Who of us knows that aside from Kagome?" the half-demon snapped, Shippo glaring at him. Miroku let out a small sigh at the two of them, scanning the area around them. The temple was surrounded by trees, so it would be easy for more intelligent Demons to creep up on them. So he thought to scan through it quickly, in case on of them hid in the shadows of the trees. He noticed sudden movement, grabbing his staff, alerting InuYasha at the same time.

"Alright, come on out," he taunted it, a figure walking out from the safety of the trees. Neither Miroku or InuYasha were surprised when they saw Jess in her hooded cloak once again. "Thought you would come here, Jess. The book is rather important to you, isn't it?" Miroku asked her, InuYasha glaring at her. Jess, however, didn't say a word. Nor did she move.

"What exactly does Sesshomaru what with that book?" InuYasha spoke up, Jess still not answering them. "Answer me!" he yelled at her. She moved her head so he could see her eyes, a harsh glare in them.

"What I do has nothing to do with you, Half-Demon," she snapped back at him. "And if you know what's good for you, you'll get out of my way," Miroku moved his staff and pointed it at her with it.

"You speak quite rudely to the people who saved your friends. How about some gratitude?" he taunted her, though her expression didn't change at all. Like it hadn't affected her.

"If they hadn't been so stupid and followed me in the first place, they wouldn't have been in a situation where they needed saving," she told them, jumping back into the trees. InuYasha quickly jumped after her, not willing to let her get away.

"Hold it, you!" he yelled, Miroku jumping after him. Shippo was about to follow them as well, but thought it would be better for him to stay so he could tell Kagome and Sango about this when they got back from their bath.

jess kept jumping from branch to branch, going down to the main entrance to the village at a rather fast pace. She stopped and noticed some guards standing by the open gate, seeming rather carefree. They must've thought that it would be impossible for anyone to get past into the village aside from using the front gate. She was going to enter without letting them know she was here, but of course InuYasha and his friends would be here. She moved closer to the gates, hearing the conversation between the guards.

"Why can't we just burn that cursed book? Maybe then the Demons will finally leave this place alone," one of them suggested, confirming the rumor that the book was here. Jess moved closer as quietly as she could, trying to not get caught.

"If that were possible, it wouldn't still be around. They would've burned it millenniums ago," the other stated, catching her interest. "They say that the creator of that book as well as the damned sword used her powers before her life ended to secure that the book would never be destroyed," Jess couldn't help but smirk a bit. Humans always tried to get rid of the problem by destroying it. Now, they couldn't. Her cockiness was interrupted by the sound of someone stepping on branches coming from behind her.

"They sure are persistent little bugs, aren't they?" She heard the Demon from the Blade comment. "Just get the book and get out of this place. It' boring anyway. And be careful, remember what that scroll said," Jess gave a small nod before she moved more into the leaves. The smell of spring was pretty strong, so she hoped he would lose her scent. She looked down at the gate again and waited for her time to strike.

"In any case, there's no one here. Who would want to come and get that book other than the Demons?" Jess noticed him letting his guard down, narrowing her eyes. She jumped down in front of the guard and stabbed him in the chest. She was careful not to hit his heart or go too deep. She didn't really want to kill Humans if she could avoid it. She pulled her blade and slashed at his partner, who had moved to strike her after she attack his friend. He fell to the ground with a painful yell, the other soldiers moving towards her.

"Who are you?" they asked, Jess only giving them a quick look before she ran towards them. All of them moved backwards a step, but charged at her after a second of hesitation. But that second was all she needed. She slashed through them one by one, their screams filling her ears. She felt a sickening feeling in her stomach, but she didn't stop. They were in her way, so she had to take them down. She got through the group of soldiers, their blood all of her clothes. She swung her blade to get some of the wet blood off it before she sheathed it.

"Hold it!" she heard InuYasha near the gate, Jess not waiting for too long before going up towards the temple. She stopped for a second and looked back, noticing both him and the monk. She ignored them after that and continued up towards the temple. She assumed they would be distracted by the wounded soldiers, which could buy her some time.

"Is this what you have become since becoming the wielder of that sword?" she heard the monk call, making her stop. She turned to look back at them, the monk standing in the center of the fallen soldiers. "They become so set on following their Masters orders that they will kill anyone who crosses their path?" She clenched her fist, looking at the pile of bodies she had left. The sickening feeling returned, but she ignored it as she answered him.

"I've already warned you, do not get in my way," she said as she continued going up the stairs. Once on the top, she looked back down and saw Sango, Kagome, Johannes and Marie had arrived as well. She knew Marie wouldn't leave her alone after learning about this, but she had something else to do. She entered the temple and silently made her way through the halls. There weren't anyone guarding the inside, most of the probably down by the end of the stairs after her little rampage. She heard some voices in a room at the end of the hall.

"Can we please give another temple the responsibility of guarding this book? We cannot keep protecting it like this. We do not have the resources, and our soldiers have lost most of their will to continue fighting," a female voice said, Jess assuming it was either one of the maids or the Elders wife. She stopped by the door and decided it could be useful to hear what they had to say before she went in and took it. Besides, Marie would probably help buy her some time.

"No, we must protect it ourselves. Our ancestors were given the role of keeping this book save from the one who made it. It is our job to keep it safe from Humans and Demons alike. Those before me saw it as her way of keeping it from the hands of those who were unworthy," she heard a male voice this time, Jess carefully opening the slide door. She knew it would be dangerous, but she had been told to find it and take it with her. She wasn't about to ignore his order. She opened it completely, a gasp from the elderly woman in the room catching the Elders attention. Before he could make it to the book, Jess moved behind him and knocked him out. She careful put him on the ground before making her way to the book. She moved to pick it up, but stopped herself. She wasn't sure what kind of force protected it, she just knew she couldn't be reckless.

"Get away from that book, Jess," She turned to the door, InuYasha and Kagome standing by the door. She also noticed Marie behind them, and she seemed annoyed to say the least.

"What the hell has gotten into you, Jess?" Marie yelled at her, though Jess just ignored her. She noticed her friend charging at her, Jess instinctively moving away to avoid it. And before she knew it, Marie was sent flying into the air and crashed into Kagome. InuYasha moved behind her to make sure they didn't fly through the entire temple.

"Wow, that's a lot more powerful than I remember it being," Flarenix complimented the book, Jess worried if Marie was really OK after that. "But you don't have to worry, really. I can erase that level of magic pretty easily. Just pick it up and let's get going," Although she really didn't think it would be that easy, she did as she was told and placed her hand on the book. Her hand stung on contact, but nothing more than that. She picked it up and used the window in the room to get away. She heard InuYasha scolding Marie, but she didn’t pay any attention to them and left to meet with Sesshomaru.

Miroku and Sango had assisted the soldiers, as well as getting help from the village at the base of the temple. Thankfully, none of them had lost their lives either from the wounds of blood-loss. Johannes had also done his best to help, Shippo and Kirara assisting him.  Miroku stood up once he had helped the last one get bandaged.

"Despite being willing to do whatever is needed to follow Sesshomaru's orders, she didn't kill a single soldier. Maybe she is unable to kill Humans," he thought to himself, Sango moving her gaze from the man beside him to the monk.

"Do you mean like you when it comes to your Wind Tunnel?" she asked him, Miroku nodding. "I suppose that could be true. I don't think I've heard of her killing Humans during her time was Sesshomaru's slave either. Demons, however, are another story," She looked up towards the temple, Kagome, InuYasha and Marie walking down the stairs. All of them were covered in dust, Marie and Kagome having some bruises as well. Their clothes were torn as well.

"What happened up there?" Miroku asked, surprised by their condition. Johannes moved from Shippo and Kirara and went to Marie. The two animals followed him, more concerned about InuYasha and Kagome.

"Jess got away with the book. The was some powerful force that protected it that made it hard for us to stop her. But it seems she was able to take it without any problems. She left pretty quickly after getting it," Kagome explained briefly, Sango thinking about it for a bit.

"Maybe it was the Blade of Demons that was needed to get past it. That would make it easier for the wielders to get their hands on it," she suggested, Miroku agreeing with her.

"Or maybe she's just not as greedy as some of the other Humans," InuYasha said, glaring at Marie. "And if it wasn't for your recklessness, we could've prevented her from getting away with that book," Marie growled at him and nearly hit Johannes.

"Excuse me? I'm not just going to sit still and let someone hurt my friend. And I wanted a proper explanation to why she did this to all these people!" she snapped at him, InuYasha about to come with a comeback before Johannes spoke up.

"How exactly is it her fault?" Kagome hesitated a bit, but decided it would be better to just explain so they wouldn't misunderstand.

"It wasn't her fault, exactly. She rushed at Jess and accidentally touched the book. She flew back into us and allowed Jess to see the strength of the magic as well as get away with little resistance," Miroku let out a small sigh once she finished.

"Well, there is nothing we can do about it now. Hopefully, she will be unable to understand it," he said, trying to end the topic. Sango nodded as Kirara jumped on her shoulder. InuYasha and Marie stopped their harsh glares and turned their backs to each other.

"Well, they stopped fighting at least," Shippo commented, Kirara looking up towards the sky. A small growl came from her, Sango looking over at her.

"What's the matter, Kirara?" she asked, following her gaze. She noticed a large, black cloud moving over them. The it was right over their head, and there was a thunder sound coming from it. Yet, there was no rain. Nor was there any lightning that struck. And there was a demonic aura emanating from it.

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