A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


8. Chapter 8

Two Dragon Shards

Marie finally stopped her screaming, Johannes making sure he hadn't gone deaf. Although she was still pretty frantic. Kagome and Sango attempted to calm her down, Kirara making sure no other Demons snuck up behind them. Though it seemed like she was very distrusting of them.

"Honestly, you're way too loud for your own good," a female voice came from behind Marie, all of them snapping their head to look at her. She had covered her face with her hood, so they couldn't really see her expression. Although, form the tone of her voice, she seemed irritated.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Marie complained, getting up on her feet. "I'll have you know I had a very good reason to…Hey!" The girl didn't let her finish before turning her back to her. Kagome got up as well, getting an arrow ready in her bow and shot at her. Jess caught it before it could hit her, slightly turning her head to face them.

"Don't get involved in things you don't understand, Kagome," she warned her. Marie faced her as well, Kagome lowering her bow. The girl didn't say another word before leaving them behind. Her blood started to boil at the other girls comment, hating the feeling of being looked down upon.

"I… uh, kind of forgot why we came here," Marie laughed nervously, Johannes sighing as Sango and Kagome's attention turned to them.

"You got so scared that you forgot why we're here," He wasn't able to say anything else before Marie hit him in the back of the head. Cold sweat ran down both of their necks, wondering why Marie was so scared.

"Anyway, why don't we get somewhere safer. Some friends of ours aren't that far and they probably on alert after your scream," Sango suggested, trying to change the subject for the moment. Kirara turned from her bigger form and jumped on her shoulder. Kagome agreed with her, though the newcomers were rather reluctant. But they both gave a small nod before they headed out. They got closer to the village, Miroku, InuYasha and Shippo looking in their direction.

"You're both OK!" Shippo yelled suddenly and jumped at Kagome. She grabbed him to make sure he didn't fall. Although she didn't really understand why he was acting like this.

"What do you mean? What made you think we weren't OK?" she asked, patting his head to try and stop him from crying.

"The scream we heard earlier came from the same direction you just arrived from. We didn't know who it belonged to so we were concerned for your well being," Miroku explained to them, Sango assuming as much. Kagome had more or less forgotten about it after the encounter with Jess.

"Neither of us were injured, just someone being scared of a Demon," Sango explained vaguely. She looked behind her as Marie and Johannes made their way towards them.

"You mean the idiot girl behind you?" InuYasha spoke up, Sango already seeing the intent to kill in the Human girl's eyes. She started walking calmly past InuYasha, Sango curious about what she was going to do. Before InuYasha got a chance to react, she kicked him in his back and made him fall to the ground. He seemed like he was in a lot of pain, the kick probably stronger than Sango first believed.

"That's what you get for calling me an idiot," she informed him, moving back over to Kagome and Sango. Who were both becoming more worried over their situation. Kagome was a bit more pleased by her actions than Sango, though still worried. InuYasha didn't stay on the ground for too long, though, getting up and faced Marie.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, stupid Human?" he yelled at her. Marie's glare only became more furious, moving closer to him.

"That's my line, you dog-eared idiot!" Marie snapped back, Sango walking over to stop their argument. "Speaking of which, why do you have dog ears?" Everyone, excluding Johannes, were amazed it took her this long to actually notice it.

"They're my ears, what else would they-" He couldn't finish his sentence before she moved up and roughly tugged at them. Like she was trying to pull them off. Shippo shifted in Kagome's arms and held onto his ears.

"Huh, they seem pretty real. Either that or you just glued them on," she inspected, seeming rather oblivious to the number of curses InuYasha spat at her. Sango moved towards her to make her stop, Kagome trying not to laugh.

"Why can't she take those ears off?" Johannes moved beside Kagome while he spoke, Kagome trying to think of an easy way to explain it.

"Well, he's part Demon. So those are his real ears," she said, Johannes not seeming to understand right away. Though it seemed he caught on after a bit and backed up a bit. "Don't worry, he won't hurt you. He still has Human blood in him, remember?" She gave him a warm smile to try and calm him down. And it seemed like it succeeded. Sango tried to talk Marie into letting go of InuYasha's ears in the meantime.

"Get off!" he yelled at her, Marie not caring. She seemed to be enjoying the pain he was putting him through. But she did suddenly let go of them a second after. Sango looked over at her and saw her rubbing the back of her head. Sango noticed a small pebble falling to the ground near her, assuming that it hit her.

"Ow, who the hell did that?" she shouted at them, all of them shaking their heads and moving a bit away from her.

"Up here, idiot," a female voice said calmly, all of them looking up towards the tree behind her. The girl in the hood from before was sitting neatly on the branch, her body language rather relaxed.

"What do you want?" InuYasha asked, rather irritated. He rubbed his ears to try and ease the pain a little. The girl let out a sigh before she spoke up again.

"You're really pathetic, a Half-Demon is being humiliated by some Human kid," she pointed out, completely ignoring his question. And agitating Marie once again.

"Who are you calling a kid?" she yelled at her, the girl ignoring her. Johannes was waiting for Marie to take note of the 'Half-Demon' part of her sentence. But it seems she was too interested in the one who irritated her than that. Miroku moved a bit closer, making sure that he was ready if she tried to attack. Sango, Kirara and Shippo were a bit on edge as well.

"Use your head for once. Or just ask the ones that surround you," she snapped before  standing up. Marie tilted her head a bit, not coming with a remark as everyone was expecting her to. Shippo jumped from Kagome and over on her shoulder, startling her a bit.

"Is something wrong?" he asked her, Marie calming down slightly before answering him.

"I don't really know, her voice just reminds me of someone I know," she told him, the girl leaving only a few seconds after she said that. InuYasha let out a small growl, sitting with his legs crossed.

"Who the hell does that Jess think she is?" he said to himself, Johannes moving closer to him in a rush.

"Wait, did you just say 'Jess'?" he asked him, Marie ending up behind him. InuYasha looked up at him, noticing the urgency in their eyes.

"Yeah, and?" he asked, the others getting closer as well.

"Do you know her?" Miroku asked, Johannes nodding.

"She's the friend we followed here. Remember that we mentioned that before?" he explained, Kagome recalling that. "Is she also the same person that showed up after Marie calmed down?" He received a small slap in the back of the head from Marie, Sango nodding at him. Marie let out a small huff, placing her hands on her hips.

"Why the hell is she acting  like this? I mean, she's been acting off lately, sure. But I wouldn't have thought she would end up like that?," she complained, Kirara feeling something on her head. She moved her head slightly and saw Myoga standing there.

"I can explained that," he said, receiving odd looks from Marie and Johannes. Although both of them wanted answer, so they just sat quietly and listened.

Jess moved swiftly from branch to branch, her thoughts wandering to Johannes and Marie. She had been too careless. She let them follow her and she didn't even notice it. She shook her head, not wanting to make the mistake of thinking too much. That was the reason they were able to follow her in the first place. She kept moving, the sound of someone or something following behind her catching her attention. She noticed some white fur. She quickly fell to the ground below her, looking behind her. She stood completely still and waited patiently, almost to the point where she stopped her breathing. Before long, whoever was behind her came into her view. Sesshomaru walked slowly towards her, Jess relaxing.

"You have become increasingly better at that," he complimented her, Jess couldn't help but let a smile form on her face.

"Well, I had a good teacher. Besides, it's good for me to be aware of my surroundings in order to serve you to the fullest," she told him, Sesshomaru only giving her a firm nod. He moved so he was right in front of her, Jess already sure about what he was going to mention.

"Were you able to find anything?" he asked her, Jess nodding. He had sent her to find out which Demon had the rest of the shards for her necklace, and has been doing while she was training.

"Seems like a Demon named Yura of the Demon Hair has one of the Shards. From what I overheard, anyway," she told him, not sure if she was going to mention Kagome's relation to her or not. But she thought in the end it would be better to. "From what I understood, she's been brought back with the help of the Shard after Kagome and InuYasha defeated her in the past," Sesshomaru closed his eyes once she finished her sentence, Jess a bit worried whether or not she ticked him off by mentioning his brother.

"Did anything else happen on your way back?" he asked, Jess surprised that he asked that all of a sudden. He must've noticed she was in deep thought earlier. She gave him a weak nod, knowing that lying to him wouldn't be the best thing.

"Someone from my era followed me here. Right now, they're with InuYasha and company," she explained, Sesshomaru opening his eyes again. He had a harsh glare in them, Jess backing up a bit. The last thing she wanted was him to get upset with her.

"Will they slow you down?" he asked afterwards, Jess shaking her head. She had no intention of getting involved with them now that they were here. "Good, then it should not matter whether or not they are here. As long as they do not get in your way, that is," He walked past her as he spoke, Jess didn't say a word to him. Once he had gotten some distance between them, she jumped up in the tree again and scanned the area for Yura. Or any other Demon with the shards. She took the one around her neck in her hand, thinking back to what Flarenix told her before.

"There are four shards in total. The first one is always the easiest and usually is a place where the wielder could get it. The other three are placed inside Demons that have already died once. None of the previous wielders have gotten hold of four of them before, despite being around for about 20 years," she repeated for herself, still trying to find the Demon. "Meaning this isn't as easy as I would've hoped," She noticed something on the ground in front of her. She jumped down from the tree and walked over to it. It was a long strand of black hair, and it seemed like it was attached to something. She pulled a bit on it and try to see where it stopped. But it almost looked like it went on forever. The sound of a branch cracking made her head snap to look behind her. Two soldiers were walking towards her, one of them seeming like he was walking in his sleep.

"What are you doing all the way out here, young lady? It's not safe here," the more awake soldier asked her. Jess got up on her feet and looked at them, her attention more on the weaker one. He looked almost dead, like he was being dragged along. She noticed black hair attached to him, Jess instantly grabbing onto the hilt of her sword. Hey, hey, easy! We don't want a fight,"

"You don't, but he doesn't have a say anymore. He's gone," she said, the other soldier looking at his dead partner. Who didn't wait much longer before he charged at her. Jess unsheathed her blade and blocked his attack, swinging her sword at the strands of hair. However, the soldier jumped back at a ridiculous fast pace. Which only made her more sure that he was being manipulated.

"Hey, what are you doing?" the other soldier said as he moved towards his friend. Jess stood her ground, noticing strands of hair on the ground where he was walking towards. She realized the situation and tried to stop the other soldier. But it was too late. He got caught in the hair and tripped, his feet getting caught in the hair. The second soldier didn't waste any time before he stabbed his old friend in the back and killed him. A split second later, he turned back to Jess and charged at her again. She jumped backwards to avoid his attack, feeling hair touching her arm behind her. She quickly took a half step forward to make sure she didn't get caught in it, noticing that the path behind her was blocked.

"I don't have time for this," she said to herself, using a tree nearby to help her get further up and away from the soldier. She noticed the direction the hair seemed to be coming from, jumping from branch to branch to get to where they all connected. And they started getting closer the further she got. She noticed the orange color from the sunset, making her relax to a degree. She always felt a soothing motion from the sunset. But she made sure to not get too distracted by it as she arrived at where the hair seemed to be coming from. She left the safety of the trees and went into the open field.

"My, my. Aren't you a stubborn one. I am disappointed that you didn't bring your Master, though. I would have loved to let him see me taking your power," A female voice spoke above her, making her look in that direction. A large ball of black hair was being held up by numerous strands of heir, a person sitting on one such strand. She held tighter on the hilt of her sword, ready in case she attacked suddenly.

"My Master doesn't need to waste his time watching me destroy you like the bug you are. All he needs to know is that you're dead and I got the shard you had," she said, sounding over confident. Although, she was a bit concerned. She was a Demon that looked like a Human, which she had learned were a lot stronger than the Demons who look like monsters.

"Oh? And what makes you so sure about that?" she asked as she changed her position.

"Because that is what I have been told to do. And that's all I need. Prepare yourself, Yura of the Demon-Hair," she said as she pointed her blade at her. Yura had a cocky smile on her face, seeming pleased.

"My, you already know my name. Very impressive," she complimented, Jess keeping an eye on the hair around her. Yura's physique was rather fragile, so she assumed she used the hair to attack her opponent.

"That doesn't matter. You'll die anyway," Jess braced herself to reach her, a cackling laugh coming from Yura. A large group of hair came rushing towards her, Jess using it to help her get up towards Yura. Who seemed like she wasn't expecting her to do that. The hair lifted itself up and disturbed her balance, Jess jumping down to make sure she didn't get caught.

"What a smart little Human. A lot smarter than a certain other Human girl," she complimented her again, Jess assuming she was talking about Kagome. Though she didn't waste time thinking about it.

"Don't compare me to other Humans. I'm different," she said simply, once again using the hair and getting closer over to Yura. Hair came from either side of her, Jess spinning around to use the fire she created to burn it so it couldn't get her. Making it easier for her to move around on the hair.

"How dare you?" Yura yelled at her, Jess only smirking to herself. She had upset the Demon, that was all she knew. She looked up and saw a comb in her right hand, which moved in a swinging manner. More hair was sent towards her, Jess getting ready to get rid of it again.

"I'm surprised someone with this much hair is so pissed at a fraction of it getting burned," Jess taunted her, cutting through most of it. The parts she wasn't able to cut she was forced to jump out of the way of. It seemed like it was coming more or less at random, making it hard for her to really plan her jumps.

"Just wait until I cut your head off and add your hair to my collection," she told her, Jess getting a clear view of Yura. She tried to locate where the shard was implanted. She had to hit it right where it was in order to kill her, or she could be wasting her time. The hair kept going after her as well, making it hard for her to concentrate. She decided it would be easier to see it from the air, using the hair as a jump pad to get higher up. She noticed a faint glow in her chest, a small smile creeping on her face. More hair came towards her, Jess once again using her fire to burn them. She left some hair and used it as a bridge to get to Yura. before she could shield herself, she jumped down at her and stabbed her directly where the shard was. Yura let out a painful cry, her body slowly turning to ash.

"It doesn't matter how you were killed before. If the shard is removed from your body, you're dead," she explained before the Demon was turned to complete ash. Jess grabbed the shard, feeling the hair becoming loose. She quickly jumped down and landed on solid ground once again. "Two down, two to go," She attached the piece to the shard around her neck, a bright glow emanating from it. She closed her eyes so she wouldn't get blinded, opening them again once it weakened. The shards had now connected to each other, like they had never been apart. And it started looking more like a dragon now.

"Impressive work, Jess," Sesshomaru's voice came from behind her, startling her. She turned around to meet his gaze, Jaken, Rin and Black Fang standing behind him. Jess moved her hands to the back of her neck, about to take off the necklace to give him the shards. Sesshomaru put his hand on them and stopped her, however, Jess looking confused up at him. "Those shards have to stay with you until you learn to control the stronger power. If you remove it now, the power you just gained will kill you. So do not take that off no matter what for now. Understood?" he told her, Jess nodding as she moved her hands away. Jaken moved so he was standing beside him, Jess looking down at him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, do you have an idea of who has the last two shards?" he asked, seeming a bit reluctant to say anything. Rin ran over to Jess and grabbed her arm, seeming rather happy to see her again.

"I do, but it does not matter for now. Two is enough. She must first control the increased level of power the hard just gave her. Which means tougher training," he explained, Jess nodding. "Also, we need to focus on getting you prepared for the test," The last sentence made her sigh, scratching the back of her head.

"And that will hopefully be the last time I need to hear anything about it. They can blame me for breaking the tradition, I won't judge them for that. But the Demon I've already met is just annoying," she said, feeling Sesshomaru's eyes on her. She was a bit scared of looking up, hoping she hadn't made him angry.

"Once this is done, they will have no reason to interfere with your work. As long as we do not give them another reason to, that is," he told her, Jess looking up at him and gave him a firm nod. "Let us go. We have no reason to stay here any longer," He started walking past her, everyone else walking behind him. Black Fang finally moved and walked beside his Mistress.

"What about the Half-Demon you have been mentioning? Would he not try to interfere?" he asked her, Jess thinking about it for a bit. He was right, InuYasha would get in the way if he disapproved of their actions.

"If he did interfere, I think Sesshomaru would take care of him himself. I'm strong, but not strong enough to fight him. Especially with the amount of Jewel Shards they have. Not to mention his friends that will most likely help out as well," she answered him, looking over at the Demon wolf.

"Speaking of which, why does not Sesshomaru try to get the Jewel Shards? He could easily make you go retrieve them," he asked afterwards, a pretty good question really.

"Not really sure. He's never talked about them to that extent. He just told me about them. But I think it has something to do that he already has complete control over the Blade of Demons, which alone is very powerful. It wouldn't be worth it to waste time trying to get even more power, especially since just about every Demon is after them," She assumed, Black Fang nodding as well. She heard Jaken's voice in front of them, though she didn't really pay attention to what he said. She knew he was complaining about them taking their time, jogging a bit to catch up with them.

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