A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


7. Chapter 7


The Emperor, who was still being possessed by a Demon, created spheres of dark energy and attacked InuYasha and the others. Him grabbed and jumped to the right of the attack, while Miroku dodged to the left. He started to unwrap the beads that were on his right arm, making sure Kagome and InuYasha were far enough behind that they wouldn't get sucked into it.

"Wind Tunnel!" It began to pull everything in, the possessed Emperor creating more spheres. He was able to pull them in, protecting InuYasha and Kagome. However, he could feel his strength getting eaten away for every sphere he pulled in.

"Miroku, stop!" Sango's voice came from behind them, Kagome turning to see her with Kirara and Shippo. "They'll kill you if you keep this up!" Miroku reluctantly wrapped the beads around his arms again. He fell to his knees and gasped for breath. He saw multiple spheres coming straight towards him, the monk moving backwards to avoid them. But his body was working against him. He moved behind a tree to get some shelter from his attacks.

"Damn it, what now?" InuYasha had moved him and Kagome up into a tree, the reincarnated priestess holding her bow ready. InuYasha kept his eyes on their enemy in case he decided to strike at them. Kagome let go of the arrow and aimed it right at his forehead. It hit it's mark, a inhumane scream escaping his mouth. The Half-Demon didn't waste any time after that. He jumped out of the tree and ran towards the Emperor with Tessaiga in hand. He slashed his right arm, which he held up in defense. Though he made sure not to cut too deeply, not wanting to kill the Human in the process. Kirara came up behind him and held his left arm down, making sure the Demon couldn't get away. He started making a fit, spheres being sent uncontrollably around them. InuYasha was able to easily dodge them, and Sango used her Hiraikotsu to destroy the others. In a last attempt to escape, the Demon released the Emperor and tried to make it's escape. Miroku unwrapped the beads again and sucked it into the hole in his palm, closing it up once he finished.

"And it's done," he sighed, looking around the garden area. He hadn't noticed before, but the entire area had been damaged by the stray spheres from his last resistance. "We've made quite the mess, as well. I wonder what the guard will think of this," InuYasha grumbled and closed his eyes at his comment.

"Let's not stick around and find out. We only came here for the Shard, and we have it now," he said, the others agreeing with him. They made their way from the temple and quickly left the small village before the citizens could piece together what had happened there.

Jess walked towards the cave where Sesshomaru was waiting, not entirely sure why she was told to assist InuYasha. Especially considering that her Master seemed to hold some strong hatred for his younger brother. But she wasn't about to go against his orders. Her thought were interrupted when she heard a branch break behind her. She turned her head slightly, feeling slightly disappointed.

"You're really bad at following someone while hiding. Come out and I might refrain from injuring you," She held her hand on the hilt of the Blade of Demons.

"Oh my, you're rather rude to say something like that to someone you don't even know. Rather reckless as well~," a female voice answered, Jess not expecting the high pitched voice. And the purr she heard in the end was unexpected as well.

"Who are you? Show yourself," she said in a neutral tone, not letting her foe think she was getting anxious. A feline Demon came out from hiding, Jess not expecting her to seem so Human. But she would still see her as a demon, unlike with Sesshomaru.

"My name is Leopara. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Jess~," she purred, Jess glaring at her. She didn't recognize her from anywhere, so she didn't think they had met before. Making her curious as to how she knew her name.

"How do you know my name?" She didn't answer her, however. She just jumped around her, Jess trying to not lose her focus.

"Lord Sesshomaru is so lucky to have a puppet that is so loyal to him. I wish my little doll wasn't so afraid of blood. He might have been more useful to me," she said, almost like she was continuing from where she left off before. Jess felt a bit uneasy around her, not letting her guard down.

"If you want to meet with Sesshomaru, he's not here. If that's all you want, I'll be leaving," she told her, the Demon's expression changing from playful to surprised. She didn't think she had said anything that seemed surprising.

"You refer to him without any formality. Do you always do that?" Now she understood why she was surprised. Even though Sesshomaru was her Master, she never referred to him as 'Lord Sesshomaru'. It just didn't sit well with her to call him that.

"That doesn't concern you, what exactly is the reason for you being here?" she asked her, not wanting to bother with her unnecessary comments anymore. Leopara looked into her eyes, a mischievous expression on her face and a small purr escaping her mouth. Making the Human feel rather unsettled.

"There's a certain Demon who would love to meet you. And I assume you know why as well," she mewed, Jess only glaring at her. She wasn't expecting that little punishment yet, and Sesshomaru hadn't said a word to her either. "Hence why I need to find Lord Sesshomaru, so if you could tell me where he is," Jess almost told her, but stopped herself. She wasn't sure why this feline wanted to meet her master, but she wasn't about to just tell her where he was before knowing. So she instead stayed silent and didn't move. "Listen, brat, I'm not going to ask you again, where-"

"If you wanted to find me, you should have looked for me by yourself instead of asking a Human for my location," Jess turned to look behind her, Sesshomaru walking out of the shadows of the trees and towards them. She moved a bit to the side so he could walk closer to Leopara, not wanting to get in his way. "If this concerns the punishment, you will have to wait another five days. It is only at that time that it is the best opportunity for her finish it and not raise any unnecessary suspicion from those around her," he told her, the feline Demon giving him a smirk.

"That is what you say, but I think your words contradict your actions," she pointed out. "I believe you're just trying to prepare the brat for the worst," Jess glared at her, frustrated that she was looking down on Sesshomaru. He wouldn't do that just to get her prepared. "Oh well, I'll inform the old geezer for you. But he'll be mad if you decide to make any more delays after this one," She jumped up into the trees and was quickly out of their sight. Jess turned her gaze to Sesshomaru, who seemed a bit annoyed himself.

"Is something the matter?" she asked, meeting his eyes. He wasn't directing the look at her, in one sense, but his eyes showed clear sign of anger in his eyes. He certainly wasn't happy, that much she knew. "Did I do something wrong?" He closed his eyes and turned his back to her.

"No," he said, and nothing else. Jess stayed quiet, not wanting to interrupt him if he was going to continue. "Did she say anything else to you?"

"Something about how you were lucky to have such a loyal puppet that doesn't go against your orders. And mentioning that Demon wanted to meet me," she explained, not  sure how he was reacting to it. "Why are they trying to keep it a secret, anyway? The punishment, I mean. It's not like I don't know about it,"

"It is true that you knew that you would be punished, though I am not entirely certain if they are aware that you know the reason. However, that was not what she attempted this time," he told her, Jess not getting what he meant. "Do not think more about it. It is not necessary. You have five days before the event," he said as he walked towards the cave again. "You are aware of why I asked for five days, correct?" He stopped and turned to her, Jess giving him a nod.

"Yeah, I know," She walked up behind him and followed close behind him.

"Then concentrate on that and that alone until the time comes," he ordered, Jess giving him a firm nod as they walked to the cave.  She felt her body growing heavy as they walked up it, not realizing how tired she was. They arrived at the cave and she slumped down against the wall, quickly falling asleep.

She was awoken by the sunlight hitting her eyes. She let out an annoyed moan before rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She stretched her arms while looking out the entrance, the area rather peaceful for what she was used to.

"No Demons to kill in the morning, early bird," Flarenix commented, a loud yawn following it. Jess just shook her head as she got ready to leave. She looked over at Jaken and Rin, who was sleeping next to the Demon she met before. Sesshomaru, however, was nowhere to be seen. She assumed he had something to do today and left early. She didn't bother more about it and picked up her bag and grabbed her weapon, walking over to the wolf and tapped him on the nose. He slowly opened his eyes, a bit annoyed that she had woken him.

"Take care of this until I get back, OK?" she asked, the beast nodding and lifted his head a bit. She put it under it and he moved his head down again. She was about to get up and leave, stopping when he asked her a question.

"Could you come up with a name for me? The child seems to have taken a liking to calling me Nameless Pup, which I disapprove of," Jess couldn't help but smirk. She was aware that Rin had been attached to him since he got here, but she wasn't expecting him to come up with a nickname for him.

"How does Black Fang sound?" she suggested after some thinking, the wolf closing his eyes.

"It suits me better than being named Nameless Pup but a Human child," he yawned as he was getting ready to take another nap. His head was neatly on the sheath of the blade, making it difficult to move it without waking him up. Jess let a small smile out as she turned to leave the cave. She made her way down and moved rather fast towards the well. She thought about the situation from yesterday, her mind going to the punishment she was supposed to receive.

"Five days until I experience Hell on Earth," she sighed, arriving at the well. She jumped down reluctantly, not really wanting to go to school. Then again, she had little choice. Her feet finally met the bottom of the well, making her way up. She got out of the forest area and saw the school building ahead of her. She saw a couple of people walking into the building, rather surprised by how many there were. Not many came to school this early, they usually arrived about five minutes before class started. She ignored it and just walked into the building and headed to her classroom. She walked into the empty classroom, walking over to her desk in the back and looked out the window. She was thinking about what she could do in order to make it easier for her to follow Sesshomaru's orders. So far, she had been able to do it, but what happens when it's something she won't be able to handle? A pair of heavy footsteps brought her from her thoughts, meeting the gaze of a tired Johannes.

 "Morning, lazy bug," she teased him, making him jump. She let out a sigh, amazed how easily he was scared. "I just said 'morning, nothing else," He frowned at her comment, walking further into the room.

"Well, excuse me prince-" Jess knew what he was going to say, picking up an eraser and threw it at him. Hitting him near his left eye.

"Unless you want to get really hurt, don't finish that sentence," she warned him, Johannes laughing nervously.

"Sorry, and I'd like to see with both of my eyes, thank you very much," he snapped back, Jess only giving him a smirk. He could get annoyed, but he wouldn't fight seriously against her. She looked back at the window, something catching her attention from the corner of her eye. She grabbed whatever was coming towards her, her eraser sitting neatly in her hand again. She assumed Johannes had thrown in back in an attempt to get back at her. He had moved over to his desk by this point, so she wasn't going to bother picking on him anymore.

Not long after, the rest of the students come into the classroom. They were all talking very loudly, Jess feeling her head pounding. She had been so used to always keeping her guard up and listen to the faintest noise that she did it automatically. She noticed Marie making her way towards her in the crowd, a loud yell making her ears ring. She turned to look at her, noticing her gaze was not looking at her, but down at her arm.

"What the hell happened to your arm?" Jess looked down at it once she asked, noticing the bite marks from before. She had taken off the bandage after their encounter to clean the wound properly and give it some air. And she had completely forgotten to put the bandage back on. "Well, what the hell happened?" she asked again, not even bothering to lower her voice.

"I got bitten, obviously. What else do you think happened?" she answered, not wanting to say more about it. She noticed more people started to surround her, probably interested in what was going on. She moved her arm under her desk, hiding it. She didn't want any unnecessary attention.

"Yeah, I could tell. But what the hell bit you? That's a huge mark!" She seemed more annoyed at her than worried. The others around her started asking the same question, waiting for her to answer. Jess just closed her eyes and ignored them, this was exactly what she didn't want.

"Look, it's just a bite. It's healed and it's not causing me any trouble. Now stop acting like I've started World War 3 because of something like this," she cut everyone off. The bell rang just as she did, everyone moving to sit at their respective desks. She looked over at Marie from the corner of her eyes, the girl smirking to herself. Making Jess feel uneasy.

Once the day was over, Jess quickly left the building and made her way over to well so she could get back to Sesshomaru's era. She assumed he wanted to prepare her for the 'punishment' however he could. Most likely some more endurance training with the poison again. She felt a chill when she thought about it, but had no intention of going against it.

What she was unable to notice, due to her thinking, was Marie following carefully behind her. She was hiding behind the tree, making sure she was out of sight. She was curious about Jess' injury from before, and why she seemed to be colder nowadays.

"What are you doing?" a voice said behind her, making her jump. A quick second later, she punched whoever was behind her without seeing who it was first. It was only after the punch she realized who it was. "Ow! That's some greeting," Johannes groaned.

"Well, don't sneak up on me like that! I wouldn't have done it otherwise!" she protested, her face beat red of embarrassment. She should have been able to recognize his voice when he talked before.

"You're the one who's sneaking!" he snapped back, Marie having nothing to say back. "Why are you sneaking around like this anyway?" Marie looked over to where she saw Jess before, her friend just barely within her sigh. She seemed to be staying in one place, most likely because she heard them.

"I want to know what's really going on with Jess. She's been injured a lot as of late, and I'm going to find out why," she told him, Johannes seeming a bit skeptical about it.

"That's all well and good, but are you seriously planning on just following her to wherever she goes? The places she get's injured and might be very dangerous? You may be strong, but you're nothing compare to Jess," he tried to talk sense into her, but Marie had her eyes firmly placed on her friend, who was moving again. She heard a sigh from her friend behind her, ignoring him completely. "I'll come with you. The last thing I want is for you to do something reckless," Marie finally turned her attention back to him, a smirk plastered on his face.

"Sure, the more the merrier!" she smiled, going off to follow Jess to make sure she didn’t lose her. She heard Johannes behind her, but didn't really talk to him. There was a lot of sound around the forest, Marie a bit grateful for that. Jess seemed to be skeptical about everything that happened around her nowadays, so she was probably unable to notice them. The last they saw was Jess jumping into a well. They both ran over to it and looked into it, the well empty. "Wait, what?"

"Where did she go?" Johannes asked, Marie leaning over the edge to look down. It was pitch black, and there were plants growing along the wall on the inside. She leaned further into the well, but she leaned in too far and fell into the well. Johannes tried to pull her up, but it ended up with her pulling him. She landed onto his back, softening her landing. She could hear him groan underneath her, though she didn't really care too much. She noticed that there were vines growing on the wall in front of her. Not wasting any time, she started to climb up it to. Once she reached the end, she stopped. The area around her was completely unknown, and she had no idea what happened to the forest they were just in either. She walked over the edge and tried to figure out what was going on. "Where the hell are we?"

"No clue, doesn't seem familiar," Johannes noted, Marie turning to face him. He seemed like he was in pain, though she couldn't understand why. "Is this where Jess goes every day?"

"Maybe," She was more so talking to herself, she still answered her question. "Anyway, let's look around!" she exclaimed, hyping herself up. Johannes just let out a sigh as he scratched the back of his head. She began running to explore the area, Johannes doing his best to keep up with her.

Kagome, Sango and Kirara were wandering around, trying to get some clues about the Jewel Shards. Kagome had felt an odd presence a moment ago, and wanted to make sure whether or not it was a Shard. InuYasha and Miroku stayed behind, leaving the girls to their own devices. Shippo had stayed behind as well, much to his dismay. Kirara had already changed to her larger form, prepared to defend against any attacks that might come at them. They kept wandering, Kagome trying to sense whatever caught her attention before. A loud, Demon roar disrupted her concentration, and two screams followed. And they sounded Human. They didn't waste any time and ran in the direction of the sound. They arrived in a very open area, a large Demon snake standing in the center. They saw one person on the ground behind it, and one it was holding with its tail. Kagome ran over to the one on the ground while Kirara ran towards the snake.

"Hey, are you OK?" Kagome crouched by the boy on the ground, trying to wake him. Sango followed Kirara, who just jumped from the ground. She sank her fangs into the snakes tail, making it howl in pain. He weakened his grip on the Human, who fell towards the ground. Sango ran over and grabbed the girl before she hit the ground, quickly getting her out of harm's way by Kagome. Kirara finished off the Demon during this time, walking over to Kagome and Sango afterwards. The boy Kagome was by before sat up after a while.

"Are you alright?" she asked, a soft smile on her face. The boy gave her a small nod, still a bit shaken from the experience. "What's your name, and how did you get here?"

"Johannes. And she's Marie," he said as he gestured to the girl, who Sango had placed on the ground. "We were following our friend and ended up here," he explained, Sango making herself comfortable on the ground. Kirara doing the same next to her.

"What's your friend's name? We might know where he or she is," Sango asked, trying to get more information from him. Kagome looked over at her, noticing something on her right shoulder. She moved closer to her and took it into her hand, her face turning pale. It was a strand of black hair, and it was getting tighter in her palm. "What's the matter, Kagome?" She heard Sango, but she didn't really answer her. She looked into her palm, where her eyes were, but there was nothing there.

"No way, that's impossible," she mumbled to herself, her voice and body trembling. Sango didn't understand any of it, placing her hand on Kagome's shoulder to try and snap her out of it.

"What's impossible Kagome?" She kept trying to get an answer out of her, but she was too deep in her own thoughts.

"She just can't believe that little, old me is alive," a voice said above them, all four of them turning their gaze to the sky. A woman, about their age from the looks of it, was standing in mid air above them. At least, for Sango and Johannes. Kagome, however, saw the hair that was holding her up.

"How are you still alive?" Kagome asked, getting on her feet. "We killed you! I know we did!" The woman just giggled at her reaction, smiling.

"My, my, how rude. You seem to have forgotten something," she stated, neither of them understanding what she meant. "The Blade of Demons has a new Master. As such, I've been brought back in order to get rid of the girl. And she will come after me, as I have something she wants,"

"Are you referring to the shards of a necklace?" Sango asked, recalling that Myoga mentioned something about it before. And it was the only thing that came to mind that could be relevant.

"Oh, so you do know something about it," she said, seeming rather amused. "Mind telling me who the wielder is?" Kagome narrowed her eyes at her, getting her bow out and holding an arrow ready. The woman laughed, using the hair she was standing on as a spring to get away.

"Who exactly was that? You seemed to know her," Sango asked, Kagome putting her bow away.

Her name's Yura, Yura of the Hair. InuYasha and I encountered her before, when it was just the two of us," she told her, turning her attention to the boy again. "So, what was your friends name?" Johannes was about to answer her, but a deafening scream cut him off. They all looked over at Marie, who had just woken up. Kirara had covered her ears, as well as everyone else. Waiting for her to stop. The only thing Kagome could think was how loud she was when she wasn't scared or unconscious.

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