A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


5. Chapter 5

The Two Demon Pets

Sesshomaru stood at the base of a large mountain, the top almost looking like a Demon. He narrowed his eyes at it before quickly making his way towards an opening. The cave was dark, almost impossible to tell if there was anything inside. However, he could smell and hear others inside, so he knew very well that he was not alone. As he made his way inside, low growls made themselves apparent.

"You're late, Sesshomaru. I thought we told you to be here two days ago," a dark, deep voice echoed throughout the cave. "Hmph, you are as foolish as your new pet, defying orders," Sesshomaru kept silent, though he narrowed his eyes and glared into the darkness.

"You shouldn't talk about the Human like that," another voice spoke up, Sesshomaru not saying a word. "She was brave enough, or dumb enough, to go against the rules of the Blade and choose a Master of her liking," the tone almost sounded like he held Jess in high respect. But Sesshomaru knew better than to trust any of them.

"The fact that the little darling went against the rules means the sweetheart has to face punishment," a female voice pointed out, Sesshomaru feeling a growl in his throat. Though he knew nothing would come of voicing his disapproval. "No matter how young she is," she finished, a giggle coming afterwards from her.

"And it will not be you who delivers it, Leopara," Sesshomaru spoke up finally, the giggling stopping. He noticed movements from his right and looked in that direction, seeing a leopard like woman coming into view. She had very little, if no, clothing on. All she really had was some piece of cloth that covered her chest area and from her waist down to the middle of her thigh. Her piercing, glowing green eyes were what caught his attention in the dark.

"I'm well aware of that, Lord Sesshomaru," she started, smirking at him. "However, I could just as easily be told to do it," she warned him, only making him growl. However, a louder growl made his not notable. "Easy, Sajime," Leopara said in a very teasing manner, only getting a annoyed grunt in response. A figure walked out of the shadow behind the leopard Demon and walked around. He looked more human than her, and seemed a little familiar to Sesshomaru. Though he had shorter, brown hair and a black kimono along with a black scarf. He had a very noticable scar across his right eye, making him seem a bit threatening.

"The girl hasn't done anything that could destroy us or the world," Sajime said after a while, going to the opposite side of where Leopara was standing. "I don't see why you have to make such a big deal out of it," he finished, slow but heavy footsteps echoing from higher up. Sesshomaru moved his gaze up a bit and saw a shadow of someone moving. Though he couldn't see clearly who it was.

"That is enough, all of you," the voice sounded old, though not any less intimidating. "Even though the girl as indeed made a wise choice and has found a better way of choosing a Master, she will have to be prepared for breaking the rules," he said, Sesshomaru keeping silent.

"Go easy on her, though," a child voice spoke up, sounding more playful than worried. "I wanna see her in action!" he let out a laugh afterwards, the older man sighing. Sesshomaru just closed his eyes and ignored him.

"If she can survive the punishment and the test in succession, I will allow her method of deciding a Master," the older voice explained, Sesshomaru opening his eyes and looked upwards. He knew he wouldn't kill Jess over something so trivial. But he still didn't like the way he put it.

"If there's nothing else you need of me, I'll be taking my leave," he said as she turned to the entrance, a loud and angry roar stopping from continuing out of the cave. He turned to face the inside of the cave again while he waited for someone to talk.

"Do you think we are not aware of your encounter with the Half-Demon?" the old Demon mentioned, Sesshomaru narrowing his eyes. "He is not worthy of knowing about the Blade of Demons," Sesshomaru just turned his back to him and ignored whatever he said after that.

"Neither I nor Jess have said a word to the Half-Breed," he told them, a purr catching his attention.

"So her name is Jess, huh?" Leopara said to herself. "What a sweet and unusual name," Sesshomaru started to walk out of the cave again before being interrupted once more.

"Are you sure the girl can even be trusted?" Sajime asked him, Sesshomaru letting out a small sigh. "You may have saved her life twice, but she could easily repay you for that now that you're her master,"

"The girl is like a puppet, and I control her," he started, not bothering to check if they heard him or not. "She wouldn't dare go against my orders or make me upset or irritated," he said, his tone more irritated than he expected.

"That is not what I'm concerned with," he informed him, Sesshomaru not sure what he meant. "She's not from our time, and is the decedent of a former wielder of the blade. How do you know whether someone is after her in her own time? Or know about the blade?" Sesshomaru let out a small growl, a sigh echoing in the cave. "Fine, if you believe she's trustworthy, have it your way. If she causes any trouble, it will be your responsibility," Sesshomaru didn't bother waiting for them to say anything else. He left the cave and made his way downwards.

"Honestly, do they believe I informed her of the blade just so she could disobey me?" he said to himself as he reached the bottom of the mountain. "I am well aware of what I'm doing," He walked into the forest, towards where he was earlier this morning.

"So they wanted to talk about this 'punishment' of mine?" Jess asked after Sesshomaru finished talking. He gave her a short nod, Jess a bit unsure what to feel. "So when exactly are they planning this?"

"I do not know," he answered. "They might do it whenever they believe it is needed. As such, I cannot prepare you ahead of time," he was more so talking to himself, Jess just listening to him. "In any case, we should start your training so you can use your weapon effectively," He turned to look her in the eye, Jess giving him a firm nod.

"What kind of training are you thinking?" she asked afterwards. Sesshomaru didn't answer her directly. Instead, he walked behind her, Jess doing everything she could to not turn to look at him. In case this was the training he was thinking about.

"Turn around," he said firmly, Jess doing as she was told. Before she had the time to react, however, she felt something wrap around her and making its way into her skin. She growled a little, noticing that it was Sesshomaru's poison whip. She tried to keep her voice down, but it was hurting a lot more than she was expecting. She wasn't sure what he was planning, but didn't think it was worth it to question it.

"Lord Sesshomaru, what are you doing?" She heard Jaken behind her, sounding rather horrified if anything. She didn't waste any energy to see if Rin was with him, as she felt her eyesight getting blurry already. "I'm not objecting to what you're doing, of course," She couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the added statement from the imp.

"Endurance training," he said, Jess understanding why he was using the poison whip now. "Having increased endurance might save her life during their little test," he explained more thoroughly as he released the whip. But she could still feel the poison in her body, her vision almost too blurry to even see properly. She tried to use the flames inside of her to burn the poison away, but it took a lot longer than she had expected. Her legs were getting weak and unable to hold her own weight. Her consciousness was slowly fading. However, she kept working on burning the poison. When she was done, her knees gave away and she fell to the ground in a sitting position. Her consciousness was as good as gone, but she tried to stay awake.

"You stupid girl!" Jaken's voice echoed in her right ear, making her shiver a bit. "If your push yourself like this, you're going to die!" it sounded like he was scolding her, although she wasn't sure. She couldn't properly hear the tone he was talking in.

"It won't kill me," she gasped out, her voice rather horse. "I've already gotten rid of it," Her breathing was getting heavier, and it was painful in her chest. She felt some movement in front of her, but didn't bother to see who it was. She just wanted to sleep at this point.

"Don't force yourself," she heard Sesshomaru's voice, making her a bit tense. "Even though the poison is no longer in your bloodstream, you could still die from being reckless," Jess tried to get up again, but her body refused to move. "Once you've rested, there is someone I need you to locate,"

"Who? A Demon?" she asked, her voice still sounding hoarse.

"In essence, yes," he answered, Jess a bit confused. "He's a large wolf with wings. That is all I know of his appearance. He has a reputation of both protecting Humans and serving other Demons. You're to try and make him follow you," he said before walking off again.

"Hmph, someone's rather demanding today," the voice in her head complained, Jess ignoring it. "Well, get some rest so we can get it over with," Jess didn't say another word before she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

"Damn it, where the hell is Kagome?" InuYasha complained, frustrated with the Human girl to say the least. He still had some dirt in his face after she made him 'sit'. He and Miroku were walking around to look for her, Myoga sitting on his shoulder.

"She's most likely looking for the girl. Jess, was it? I still do not understand why she's desperately trying to befriend her," Myoga said to himself, InuYasha responding with a huff.

"Because she's an idiot," he complained. "She should know when to give up," He sniffed the air in an attempt to catch her scent. Being from another world, her scent was nearly impossible to mistake. "Found her," he said before  running towards his left, leaving Miroku behind. He met with her rather quickly, her expression seeming rather annoyed. "What's wrong with you?" She didn't even respond to his question, walking right past both of them.

"Kagome?" he asked carefully, not wanting to irritate her most likely. She just ignored him and walked towards the village. "Maybe she wants to talk to Kaede about something," Miroku suggested, InuYasha letting out a defeated sigh. The two started following her, though neither of them said a word to Kagome as she walked. "Something has definitely irritated her," he whispered, InuYasha seeming a bit irritated himself now.

"She's always annoyed at something or other. So what's new?" he pointed out, Miroku letting out a sigh.

"And this is why you keep getting hurt by her," he added, InuYasha just clicking his teeth. As they kept following Kagome, Sango, Kirara and Shippo came into view. They seemed to be talking with Kaede by her house. The old woman noticed them and greeted them with a smile.

"Ah, there thee are. I was wondering where thee disappeared to," she said, sounding a bit more serious this time. "Thee must listen to me, Kagome. Thee need to leave the wielder of the Blade of Demons alone," Her words definitely surprised Kagome, who finally showed a different expression. "She has her own role to play in all of this, and thee have yours. Thee must follow yours. Thee must find Naraku, and find the Shikon Jewel Before it's too late," she reminded her, the Half-Demon narrowing his eyes.

"So we just let Sesshomaru do whatever he wants with the girl. It has nothing to do with us, anyway," InuYasha said, Kagome feeling a vein pop on her forehead.

"Sit boy," she said harshly, InuYasha once again hitting the ground with incredible force. "That may be true, but she's still Human. I can't help but feel that there's something we should be able to do to help," she explained herself, Sango agreeing with her.

"As I just said, thee have a different path than her," Kaede reminded her, Kagome not sure what to think anymore. "However, thee path will cross in time. Thee jut have to be patient," she added, Kagome feeling a bit relived.

"Well, we should get going," Miroku spoke up. "We need to get a lead on Naraku, or we won't be able to find him," The others agreed with him, Myoga jumping from InuYasha's shoulder to Kaede's. He seemed to be whispering something to her, although neither of them caught what he said. The group just started walking without him to find some clues to Naraku's whereabouts.

Jess was jumping from tree to tree in an attempt to find the Demon Sesshomaru mentioned to her before. Despite having rested before heading out, her body still felt a bit heavy. She didn't think it would hinder her in any way. She was going through a rather empty area, she couldn't sense anyone near her either. However, there were claw marks on the ground and the trees, so she assumed it was around here somewhere.

She eventually stopped at a river, her throat a bit dry. She cupped a handful of water and drank it, a wind gust blowing from behind her. It carried the scent of blood with it, making her tense. She looked behind her and noticed that it wasn't too old. She sat there and waited, hearing something crushing leaves moving towards her. In a split second, a shadow figure jumped towards her, Jess unable to move away fast enough to dodge it. She instead moved her right arm up to take the blow, it's fangs sinking deep into her skin. She let out a yelp in pain, trying to keep it in. She punched it in the throat to make it let go, and it was successful. Once it had let go of her, she moved back to get a better view at what had attacked her. Just as Sesshomaru had described it, it was a large wolf with wings. Dragon wings to be exact.

"You have no business here, Demon pet," it growled at her, his voice deep than she expected.

"That's funny, coming from you," she said in response, earning a growl from him. She grabbed the hilt of her sword and drew it as he pounced at her. He grabbed the steel in his mouth and bit on it hard. As if he was trying to break it. "Sorry, but this weapon isn't going to break that easily," she taunted him, tightening the grip on the hilt and ignited the steel the Demon had in its mouth. He moved away fast enough to avoid 'eating' the flame, but it burned its snout. A small growl of pain escaped his mouth, Jess not hesitating as she charged her hilt into its head before kicking in the side and sent it flying to the edge of the river. He didn't stay lying down for long though, smirking at Jess.

"Not bad, for a Human," he stated, Jess assuming he was trying to taunt her.  "And considering the fact that you're younger than the ones before you," She was confused a about the last part, walking a bit towards him.

"How would you know how strong they were?" she asked him, the wolf snickering.

"All of them came and asked me for assistance in the past, but I defeated all of them," he explained briefly, Jess narrowing her eyes at him. "So, do you believe you'll do any better?" His words didn't sound as much as a question as it did as a taunt. She closed her eyes for a second before she answered him.

"Doesn't matter what I believe," she started. "I've been given an order and I intend to follow it no matter what," she told him, a small growl escaping from his throat. She stood her ground, waiting for him to jump at her.

"You're more of a 'pet' than me, and the others before you," he commented, moving closer towards her. "How can you follow a demon so blindly and loyalty?" She let out a small sigh before she spoke up.

"It shouldn't matter to you, should it," she said before standing in a more offensive position. She leaped towards him and slashed her swords at him. She slightly moved her hand downwards to trick him into thinking she was going to attack from below. He slightly moved so he could jump upwards and back, making her smirk. She quickly changed her position of her wrist so she attacked from above, striking at his face. She hit his left eye, knowing it would leave a scar. He let out a loud roar in pain, although Jess didn't hesitate. She turned her wrist once again and swung the blade upwards. The wolf just barely moved away so she didn't hit his throat, but she was still able to make a deep cut in his side. Some of the blood hit her face, making her flinch a little. But not enough to show it. The wolf turned limp on the ground, but he was still breathing. "Do you still think I can't take you?" she taunted as she prepared for the final strike. She wasn’t going to kill him, but a bluff couldn't hurt any.

"I have to admit, you're a good actress," he said after he coughed, slowly getting on his feet again. She was a bit unsure what he meant, though didn't change her stance. "You really look like you're going to kill me. But if you did that, you would be going against your Masters orders," he pointed out, Jess sighing before lowering her blade.

"So you remembered my reason for being here," she said as she sheathed her weapon. He gave her a short nod. She checked her arm that he had bitten already, feeling his eyes staring at her. She caught his gaze and saw that he was studying her. "Is something wrong?" she asked, but didn't get a direct answer. She walked behind her and she felt the claw at the top of his wing cutting the hair band. As her hair fell against her back, she let out a sigh. "Does everyone need to see me with my hair down just to confirm if I look like this Kagure?"

"You may look similar to her," he started before walking in front of her again. "By you are far superior compared to her in ability. She was weak," Jess looked at him and waited for him to continue. "She was too scared to follow orders from her Master, and her pride as a Human did not help either. She ignored every order he gave her. She did protect him to a degree, but that was about it. And it did not help that she refused to leave Humans uninjured,"

"And yet I'm the one being punished," she whispered to herself, the wolf looking questionably at her. "I decided to choose my Master a bit differently from what is allowed. Because of that, I need to go through a punishment and a test or whatever," she explained, making him growl. However, he stopped abruptly.

"In any case, since you have defeated me, you have my assistance. You are now my Master," he said, Jess not expecting him to go back to that topic. She noticed some of his blood still dripping from the wound she gave him, both from his eye and side. She ripped a piece of her cloth and dipped in the river, cleaning off her face before walking over to him.

"Roll over," she said suddenly, catching him off guard. "I can't clean your wound it I can't get to it," she told him, a sigh escaping him before he laid down on the opposite side from the wound. She gently wiped away the blood around the wound that the blood that was stuck on his fur. "The wound is pretty deep, so it'll take a while to heal. Even for a Demon,"

"It will still heal, so you do not have to do anything else," he said as he moved to stand up again. She gave him a quick nod as she got up herself.

"By the way, what's your name exactly?" she asked him, using the cloth to clean her own wound as she waited for his response. She had completely forgotten to ask him for a name.

"I do not have one. I have only been named Human Protector or Demon Pet," he explained, Jess thinking that was a bit awkward to call him that. She sat quietly for herself before she finally spoke up.

"Then I'll give you a name. Just need to think of one first," she stated, making him chuckle a bit. He stopped and seemed to be smelling the air.

"Before anything, we should leave. There are Humans heading towards us, and this is not the best situation to meet them," She finished cleaning her wound and nodded, looking at the bite mark. It was cleaned, but would most definitely leave a scar.  She then felt her feet being lifted from the ground, surprising her to say the least. She then landed on his back, his fur feeling softer than she expected. He didn't waste any time and took to the air, flying gracefully through the air. The view bellow her was breathtaking, something she had never been able to experience before. "I could get used to this," she commented, making herself comfortable on his back.

"And what is your name? Or are you nameless as well?" he asked after a while, Jess smiling a little.

"Jess. And my Master's Sesshomaru. Though I think you know him," she answered him.

"Yes, but I have not been fortunate, or unfortunate enough to meet him," She knew he was smiling, making her laugh a little. She looked up towards the sky, never thinking of it as peaceful as it seemed now. She had been so immersed in fights lately, she hadn't had a time to relax. "What exactly is the special about The Blade of Demons? I have only heard rumors and stories," he asked suddenly, Jess a bit unsure what to answer.

"Well, most of the stories I've heard up to know are pretty accurate. So I think you should have a good picture of what it does," she said, contemplating whether she should tell him the last thing or not. "But there is one more thing that usually gets left out. Mostly because the wielders tend to shut up about it. It's not something that's easily to understand, either," she added in the end.

"And that is?" the wolf asked, Jess looking at a large mountain to her right as she told him the last part.

"The sword isn't a dead thing. The opposite, actually," she started, not sure if she's explaining it well enough. "There's a soul of a Demon dragon inside of it, which was sealed away to protect the world,"

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