A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


4. Chapter 4

Never Friends, Always Enemies

Jess was still writing her notes for the essay she was preparing. Jaken's kept whining and complaining about something or other Rin was doing. She tried to ignore it to the best of her abilities, but it was really distracting. Rin was also trying to get her attention, Jess sometimes looking up to face her. She let out a sigh now and then as she wrote. About 10 minutes has passed, and she had more or less everything planned. When she heard footsteps walking towards the area they were in, she closed the notebook and placed it back in her bag. She was expecting Sesshomaru, but she soon sensed that it wasn't him. She got up and grabbed the sheath of her sword and grabbed the hilt, which she had gone to get as a small break in her studies. Once she saw the ones walking towards them, she only let out a sigh and let go of the hilt.

"What do you want, Kagome?" she asked. The black haired girl came out from the shadow of the trees, as well as two others behind her. But she could just see their silhouettes, so she didn't know who they were.

"I want to talk to you, nothing else," she said, Jess narrowing her eyes at her. She didn't know if she was just stupid or persistent, considering how their conversation went before. She saw the two other figures coming out, recognizing them. It was the Demon Slayer and the monk she was with when the two of them first crossed paths. She also noticed the cat Demon on her shoulder, thinking it was the same one as before. But it was much smaller this time.

"Well, I don't have anything to say to you after the little 'show' you put on in our era," she pointed out, turning her back to them and was about to walk away. She heard Kagome huff behind her, Jess guessing that her comment pulled a nerve.

"OK, sorry for hitting you," she said, though she really didn't seem to mean it. "Will you listen now?" she decided to at least hear her out. She didn't see any harm in repeating the same sequence that transpired back in their own era. Besides, Jaken had been nagging about her loyalty and whether they could trust her or not. Kagome seemed to get that she would hear what she had to say. "I know I've already asked this before," Jess already knew where this was going, almost not bothering to hear what she was saying. But maybe she said something else this time. "But why did you chose to serve Sesshomaru? Did the blade chose him for you, or did he fight you and win?" the last part Jess wasn't expecting. She didn't think she was aware of how they were chosen. She sighed and turned around towards them completely.

"I've already answered the first question if I remember correctly," she said, closing her eyes. "Though the last question I haven't explained," she opened them again and looked at her directly in her eyes. "I didn't let the sword chose my master, though did I fight him. I was aquatinted with him before I got the blade. And when I got it, I decided on my own to let him be the Demon I serve," the monk reacted to what she said, and spoke up.

"So even though you're being treated like a slave, you don't care?" he asked, Jess glaring at him. But she quickly closed them to calm down.

"It's the truth. I don't care if I look like a dog or a bird in a cage," she said, hearing gasping from one of them. Though she didn't know who gasped since her eyes were closed. "I will follow his every command. Even if it kills me," she turned around, grabbed her bag and walked away.

"You can't be serious," she heard the monk behind her, slowing down. but she didn't turn to look at him. "You seriously trust someone like that so much?" she just gave him a nod and walked a bit faster. However, the sound of birds taking to the sky made her stop, opening her eyes and looked in the direction they were flying from. "I wonder what that was," she just sighed and ignored them. She began to run in the opposite direction they were flying. She heard them behind her, but didn't bother giving them her attention. She was more curious about what was going on ahead of her.

"Out of all the wilders of this blade, you're the first one who ever dared to go against the very rule of it," a voice echoed in her head. "Then again, it's a stupid rule to being with," Jess just ignored it and kept her speed as she was running. "No point in talking to you now, it seems," it laughed, Jess jumping up into the trees. She swiftly jumped from branch to branch. She stopped once she got to a clearer area. She saw InuYasha once again attacking Sesshomaru. However, it wasn't as much blood thirst as there was before. She heard a small voice bellow her, seeing a small Demon fox cheering the Half-Demon on. She didn't quite understand why Sesshomaru was here though. She guessed that when he was on his way back from talking to the Demons, he met InuYasha. She jumped from the tree and ended up behind her Master.

"Stay put, Jess," he suddenly spoke, making her hesitate a bit. "You do not need to get involved in this fight," she looked over at his brother, who had moved his gaze to her as well. She didn't question his orders and found a small rock she could sit on. Jaken and Rin were running up to her, Jess seeing Kagome and her friends going up to the fox. She also saw her preparing her bow and an arrow. Instinctively, she placed her hand on the hilt of her blade, in case Kagome decided to interfere. She looked at the others, and noticed the Demon Slayer was holding the large boomerang on her back and the monk holding the beads around his right arm. She remembered what happened when they were off before, and grew a bit tense.

"Sesshomaru," InuYasha's voice made her focus on him, listening to what he was saying. "Just what are you trying to pull by using that Human behind you? Other than her being able to use the Blade of Demons, I don't see or smell anything special about her," she couldn't see Sesshomaru's expression from where she was sitting, so she couldn't tell how he reacted to his younger brother's words.

"That does not concern you," he said coldly, Jess noticing the imp moving his head up and down in agreement. "A Half-breed like you has no business with something that involves Demons. And the Human girl is none of your concern, either," she noticed that InuYasha didn't really react to his words. And if he did, it was more annoyance than anything. "She chose this on her own, no one forced her into it,"

"Well, since Kagome and the rest won't stop nagging until they've talked to her long enough to understand why she chose this," as he mentioned his friends, he moved his spare hand backwards and pointed at them. "it is my concern because I'll be annoyed by it. So you're not getting away that easily," Jess narrowed her eyes. She almost regretted telling them anything now, since it would end up causing Sesshomaru trouble. Or waste his time.

"I have nothing to say to a Human who can't stand on her own two feet without getting into trouble," she was more so speaking subconsciously, though she really didn't regret her words. She could almost hear Kagome's anger, and clearly see it.

"What did you say?" she yelled, Jess looking over at her. The Demon Slayer had taken her hand off her weapon and was trying to calm her friend down. As well as being prepared to hold her back if needed.

"You heard me," she said, smirking. "And if you want, I can say it again," she taunted, though regretted it when Sesshomaru spoke.

"I think that's enough," she quickly looked back at him and noticed he had turned to her. "You've already said what she is. No need for more unnecessary fights," she nodded at him, looking down to the ground. If there was something she didn't want to do, it was to make her master annoyed. Which she seemed to have done with her last comment. She stood up from the rock, hearing Rin and Jaken run towards it behind her. She turned her gaze towards InuYasha again, and saw that he was ready to strike again. She narrowed her eyes and stood in a stance so she would be ready to help, or stop anyone from getting in the way of his fight.

Kagome, on the other hand, had nearly shot the arrow she had prepared earlier. Jess wasn't sure who she was aiming for, her or Sesshomaru. In any case, the Demon Slayer's pet and the fox Demon had stopped her. She moved her gaze back to the two and saw their blades clashing. She wanted to sit down again, but she knew that the persistent girl would interfere at some point. She heard a loud thud, and saw InuYasha lying in front of his friends. She guessed that their blades had been locked in a duel and Sesshomaru had thrown him backwards.

"You don't understand anything, do you?" Sesshomaru asked, relaxing his stance a bit. InuYasha sat up and growled, glaring at him.

"What the hell are you babbling about now?" Jess just sighed at his yelling. Sesshomaru turned his back to him, and had his eyes closed. She supposed that he was getting annoyed at this as well.

"Maybe if you opened those blind eyes of yours, you might be able to see what I mean," he said as he walked towards where they were. Jess was confused by what he meant as well, but decided to not question it. She noticed some motion behind him, and saw InuYasha holding his Tessaiga over his head. Making her tense, since she knew what he was doing.

"Wind Scar!" he yelled as he swung the blade into the ground. A huge wave of energy was sent towards Sesshomaru, and she thought he noticed too late. She jumped in front of him and unsheathed her blade. She sent flames to weaken the attack, and it made it explode not too far from them. She covered her eyes to make sure she didn't get any smoke or stones in them, since there was large rock in the explosion. Once it cleared, she saw InuYasha was in the same position as last time. She narrowed her eyes at him, standing in a defensive position. She knew he wouldn't have trouble with him, but she wanted to help however she could.

InuYasha didn't understand how she was able to stop the attack. She was stronger than he had expected. He tightened his grip on Tessaiga as he felt something on his shoulder. He looked over and saw Myoga, who seemed to be looking at Jess. As if trying to find something.

"As I thought, I knew there was something familiar with her," he suddenly said, though the Half-Demon knew he was more so talking to himself. He looked over at InuYasha as he kept talking. "Lord InuYasha, doesn't that girl remind you of anyone?" he asked, making him confused. "Take a good look at her," he did as he said, and did get a familiar feeling from looking at her. Her face and body form reminded him of someone, but he couldn't say who. "You see? But I can't put my finger on who it is," he jumped towards the girl. Trying to get closer to her, he swung his blade at her. As he hoped, she blocked it with her own. Without waiting, he moved one of his hands of the hilt of Tessaiga and slashed behind her head. Specifically, at the hair band keeping her hair up. She seemed shocked at first, but quickly regained focus and jumped backwards to make sure he didn’t try anything. Or that's what he thought. Kagome and the rest just looked at them, unsure about the reason behind it.

"Why did InuYasha do that?" spoke the thought they were all thinking. "I don't get it," Kagome nodding. She moved closer to them, InuYasha backing off a bit.

"Think of her like yourself, Kagome," he suddenly said, which only made them more confused. "Just, replace the priestess part with a former wielder of the very blade she's using," he smirked a little, the others a still a bit confused. As was Jess. "Seems like Sesshomaru never told you. And I bet he knew," he looked over at his brother, and noticed the annoyed expression on his face.

"What are you talking about, InuYasha?" Kagome asked him, Myoga jumping over to her in response.

"You see, Kagome," he started, getting her attention. "Since you are both the incarnation of a person of this era, the two of you might not be so different," the last but did make Kagome slightly hopeful that they could get along. Though Jess still annoyed her. "Although, it was harder to notice she resembled the person she's incarnated of," InuYasha noticed Sesshomaru walking over to Jess and whispering something into her ear. Though he couldn't hear what he said. He noticed Jess nodding at him, making him narrow his eyes.

"What are you saying now, Sesshomaru? Not to listen to a word I'm saying?" he asked, making his brother look at him. "You just want to keep her in the dark about the other wielders!" Jess seemed to relax, which he wasn't expecting.

"We have nothing more to do with you, so do yourself and us a favor and leave," he said, walking away with Jess close behind her. She sheathed her blade as she walked, InuYasha growling at him. But he didn't bother chasing after him.

Jess was close behind Sesshomaru, thinking about what InuYasha said before. About her being the incarnation of a previous wielder. Sesshomaru said that he was going to explain a bit more, as well as the reason why he didn't say anything about it to her. Jaken and Rin was right behind her, Jaken speaking as soon as they caught up.

"Lord Sesshomaru," he started, Sesshomaru turning to look at him. "What did InuYasha mean by Jess being the incarnation of someone?" he stopped at a isolated area where they could rest for a bit. Jess decided to sit down, and leaned her back against a tree. She was curious about the same thing as Jaken, though she wasn't planning on asking directly like the imp had.

"Jess looks like and sounds like a former wielder of the Blade of Demons. The wielder before her, in fact," he told them, Jess' eyes widening. She wasn't aware that she was related to the blade before she even got it. Rin was surprised as well, though Jaken seemed more pained than he seemed surprised.

"And you never told us? Why?" he cried, Jess looking at him. He was more worried about the fact that Sesshomaru had kept it hidden from them? She couldn't understand that. Maybe because she didn't really know how long the two of them have known each other. Though to be honest, Jess wanted to know just as much as he did. But she knew she had a better reason. Considering this had to do with her to begin with.

"That is not your concern," he said strictly. Jess tensed at the way he said it, and Jaken seemed terrified. She was a bit hesitant to ask him now, since he seemed to not want to talk about it. "Go and find someplace we can stay. I'm guessing they found out where we were staying," Jaken and Rin nodded, while Jess stayed quiet. As the two of them walked off, she got up and was about to go after them, her bag on her shoulder. "Wait one minute, Jess" she stopped once he said that, turning towards him. Not really sure why he had told her to wait. "Did you really think I just sent them away so we wouldn't be found?" she wasn't sure what he meant, though she did feel a bit bad for thinking that. "They've got nothing to do with what InuYasha said, but you do. I told you I was going to explain to you what he meant," he told her, Jess putting her bag down.

"OK, I understand," she said, moving towards one of the trees. She did feel a bit stupid, thinking that he wasn't planning on telling her anything after he had said he would. She sat down with her back against a tree. She expected that this would take a while, so she wanted to make herself comfortable. She placed her bag next to her, looking at Sesshomaru.

"First off," he started, looking at her. "The wielder InuYasha spoke of was a female named Kagure. She was the wielder before you, and died roughly 30 years ago," he explained, Jess looking at him with curious eyes. "When you're hair is lose, you look identical to her. Not to mention you voice sounds the same," he said, making her a bit uneasy. "However, there is one big difference between you two. You act the opposite of her. She was kind, always there to help the ones in need. Even if it meant going against her masters orders," the last statement shocked Jess, not sure what to think of that. "Which I believe was the reason she ended her life in the end. Some Humans think it was because of the feelings she kept inside," she looked confused at him at the last part, not sure what he meant. "They believe that the way she truly wanted to act is how you're acting,"

"That doesn't make much sense, but alright," she said, not really understanding. She tried to figure out if there was a reason for her to act any different if she was like her, but she couldn't think of one. Sesshomaru had said that this Kagure helped anyone in need whenever she could. While she would hesitate if helping them meant that it would get in the way of what Sesshomaru wanted. If she really was just like her in reality, then why act so out of character? She couldn't think of anything. Then something else came to mind. "Wait, if she died 30 years ago, then how does InuYasha know about her?" Sesshomaru looked at her, not understanding why she asked that question. "I heard that he had been imprisoned in a way for 50 years. Wouldn't he still be like that when she died,"

"She became the wielder before that happened. So I assume he met her then," he explained, Jess not thinking of that. "In any case, every Human around the age of 30 and up will know her, and Demons that lived at that time tried to attack her. Just like some attack you now," he said, making her wonder about something.

"What about you?" she asked, Sesshomaru looking at her. He closed his eyes after a few seconds and spoke.

"I didn't care much for the blade at the time," he said, opening his eyes slightly. "So I didn't bother trying to hurt her," he opened them completely again and turned to look at her. "But since you came here and you couldn’t protect yourself in the state you were in," Jess looked down to the ground, not liking that he was saying that she looked weak without the sword. "I decided to see who you would become your master," she looked to the ground at the last part. She knew about the ways to get a master with the Blade of Demons, but she didn't want to follow that. She wanted to follow the one who saved her life so she could return the favor. "In any case, some Humans might start telling you to start acting like her. She was an inspiration to many Humans,"

"As if I'm going to follow someone else's footsteps just because of something like that," she said bitterly, though she was more so talking to herself than to him. "I'm not this Kagure, and I won't become her. it's as simple as that," Sesshomaru looked at her, and he noticed the annoyance in her expression.

"Then I will not mention it again," he said as he turned his back to her. She pushed herself off the tree and moved closer to him. He suddenly turned to face her again, which she didn't expect. "There was something bothering you before," he said, making her tense. She didn't think this was the time to talk about it, and she didn't even know how to put it. "Make sure you remember all of you things, and meet with me later," he told her before walking away. She guessed he had read her body language and decided to leave it for now. She let out a sigh, went to pick up her bag and followed him.

"So you're saying she's the descendant of a previous Master of the same blade she has now?" Kagome asked, InuYasha and Myoga explaining to her, Shippo Miroku and Sango about Jess. Kirara was playing with some of the insects that were in the area.

"But if she is her descendant," Shippo said to himself, Sango looking at him. "Why is she acting so different compared to her?" Myoga crossed his arms and closed his eyes once Shippo finished.

"From what I can tell," he started, getting their attention. "She's acting the way Kagure tried not to. And I do not know if she's doing it subconsciously or not, be she acts as little as her predecessor as possible," he concluded, though the others couldn't think of a reason as to why she would do that.

"Despite that," Kagome spoke up, InuYasha looking at her. "I still don't understand why she won't let us be her friends," the Half-Demon let out a sigh once she finished, laying down on his back.

"Maybe because she doesn't want to risk going against her Master by having friends," he suggested, not even looking at her while he was talking. "The only one she needs is Sesshomaru from the looks of it," he growled a bit in the end, Kagome moving  so she was standing.

"I'll be back in a bit," she said suddenly, InuYasha opening his eyes and looked at her. "So stay put and wait," she added, InuYasha sitting up and looking at her.

"Not a chance!" he yelled, making her look at him. "You'll only get yourself killed if you just run off on your own," he finished, Kagome closing her eyes and turning her back to him.

"Sit boy," she said, InuYasha unwillingly hitting the ground again. Although this time it was face first. She walked away after that, the others more concerned with whether or not InuYasha was alright.

"That's going to kill him one of these days," Shippo commented, Sango and Miroku  agreeing with him. Kirara stopped playing with the bugs and jumped on Sango's shoulder, who scratched her chin.

Kagome was walking towards where she first found Jess, wanting to talk to her. She knew she would get the cold shoulder from her, but at this point, she didn't care. She wanted her to trust her so she could help. She arrived at the place, but didn't see anyone nearby. There were signs that there had been someone there for a bit, but there wasn't people here anymore. She looked over at a tree, noticing a piece of paper held to it by a small knife. She walked over and read the note.

'You're really persistent. To the point where it's just annoying. Stop trying to figure me out and keep living your fantasy. I won't become friends with you or the rest unless it helps Sesshomaru. And if he tells me to ally myself with you, I will. But don't bother me unless that's the case.'

"That girl's got some nerve!" she yelled to herself, obviously frustrated. "I'm trying to help her and this is how she treats me? When I see her again, I'm going to," she kept on muttering to herself as she made her way back to where her friends were.

Jess put her bag down and leaned against a tree. She was going to meet up with Sesshomaru again, though she wasn't really sure where he was at the moment. So finding him would be a bit of a problem. She thought it would be best to just wait for him, since it was easier for him to find her than it was for her to find him. She  slid down into a sitting position and pulled out one of her text books and started reading. Though she was having some trouble concentrating on her work. Like Sesshomaru pointed out, there was something that she kept thinking about. She tried to concentrate again and read through some of the pages

"Trying to get something off your mind again?" someone spoke above her head, making her turn her gaze upward. She was met with Sesshomaru's glaring eyes and seemingly emotionless expression. Her voice caught up in her throat, making her swallow hard. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she stuttered, looking down at her book again. "You just startled me a little. I didn't notice you coming," she explained herself. She closed her book and placed it back in her bag, getting up from the ground. Sesshomaru kept quiet until she looked back at him.

"Perhaps because you were distracted, you were unable to pay attention to your surroundings," he pointed out, Jess just looking to the ground. She knew that he was right, but couldn't bring herself to admit it. "Follow me, I'll show you where we'll be staying," he said, Jess looking at him before picking up her bag and followed him. He lead her to a mountain, Sesshomaru walking towards it to climb up. She looked up, noticing a small entrance or some sorts a bit further up.

"So we're staying up there?" she asked, gesturing towards it. Sesshomaru didn't say anything, though he did give her a small nod. He started going up it, Jess hurrying to follow him. He was quite a bit ahead of her, and she knew she wouldn't be able to catch up to him either. When she reached the entrance, she saw Rin and Jaken sitting there already. She had lost track of Sesshomaru, though she was more so focusing on investigating the area. It was larger than she expected, and seemed quite homey. How did find this place? She thought to herself. She walked a bit further inside, before feeling something hard hit her in the back of her head. She turned and saw Jaken sitting hit his hand on his staff.

"What took you so long?" he complained, Jess glaring at him. "Lord Sesshomaru had to wait a long time for you!" he moved to hit her again, but Jess jumped backwards and dodged it. Although she didn't realize how close she was to the edge. Her right heel didn't land on anything, making her lose her balance and fall backwards. Something caught her around the waist and pulled her back into the cave. Her eyes were closed tight so she didn't see who it was who pulled her in. Though she was pretty sure, since there was only one who was taller than her. And the claws against her waist were a big hint as well.

"Jaken, recall what I told you this morning?" Sesshomaru said in a tone that made every hair on her body stand on end. She was also slightly blushing from being so close to his chest. He hadn't helped her like this before, so she wasn't too sure what to make of it.

"My apologize, Lord Sesshomaru!" he quickly said before running over to hide behind a rock. She assumed that he got angry, since the grip around her got tighter and the claws dug through her clothing and touched her skin. She was also being pressed harder against his chest, making it hard for her to breathe. She tried to push herself off him, and it seems he understood it since he let her go after a while.

"What did the Demons have to say this time?" she asked after a minute, remembering what he was said he was going to do before. He looked over at her, his gaze a bit intimidating.

"That is what I was going to explain to you," he told her, gesturing her to sit down. She did as he asked, a bit confused about the whole thing.

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