A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


3. Chapter 3

A Not Very Pleasant Second Meeting.

InuYasha and Kirara sat on the floor of a small, wooden house. They had gone to the village that they were close to when they all met up after all of them were badly injured. Their more severe injuries had been taken care of, but they were still unconscious. And old woman was taking care of the rest of their injures, the Half-Demon watching what she was doing.

"How did this happen to them?" she spoke up, getting his attention. She turned a bit so she was looking at him with her right eye. Her left eye was covered by an eye patch, so she couldn't really see with it. "Did thou not protect them?" her question made InuYasha growl, looking away from her.

"Listen you old, Sesshomaru showed up so I fought him," he started, leaning back so he was lying down. He closed his eyes before he continued. "I didn't know the new wielder of that stupid sword had chosen him as her master," the last part got her attention, as she turned completely towards him.

"New wielder? Are thee talking about the Blade of Demons?" she asked him. Kirara growled a bit at the mention of the weapon, and InuYasha just hummed yes. He moved his head and opened his eyes again, looking over at Kagome and the others. He noticed some movements in Miroku, sitting up again. The monk groaned as he slowly pushed himself up in a sitting position.

"About time you got up," he said in his usual tone. Miroku didn't react, InuYasha asking a question. "What the hell happened to you guys?" as he finished his question, the monk moved over and held his right arm. InuYasha noticed that he tightened his grip on it, most likely thinking back to the incident.

"We let our guard down," he started, all three of them looking over at him. "She looked so young. I never thought she would be capable of that kind of power. She could've turned my arm to ash if she wanted to," InuYasha looked over at Miroku's arm, the grip from his left arm getting even tighter. "Though, I'd rather lose the arm than have this hole in it," he said it in a joking manner, but the Half-Demon knew how much it upset him.

"How young was she?" the woman asked, Miroku's gaze turning towards her. He seemed surprised to see her, as if he hadn't noticed her before. Then again, he was in his own world when he started explaining the incident.

"She looked the same age as Kagome," the woman seemed shocked, to say the least, Miroku continuing. "According to Myoga, she's the youngest wielder of the blade so far," at the name of the flee, InuYasha's ears twitched.

"Speaking of that flee, where did he go?" he looked around as he asked. He then notices something over by Kagome. Getting up and walking over there, he noticed the small flee on her cheek. "Myoga, get off her," he told him, annoyed to say the least. Myoga moved his head to say something, but a hand smacking him against the cheek cut him off. InuYasha moved back a bit as Kagome sat up. She looked around the room, her gaze falling to the woman.

"Kaede, how did we get here?" she asked, Kaede closing her eye. Kaede was the younger sister of a Pritest named Kikiyo, who was close to InuYasha when she was alive. She had been in this village since then and protecting it.

"InuYasha and Kirara brought thee here," she briefly told her, looking over at the Half-Demon. Who had moved back to his original position. She moved back to Kagome before speaking again. "And I hear thee had a battle with the new wielder of the Blade of Demons," Kagome nodded at her statement.

"Can you tell us more about the blade?" she asked, Myoga still out cold to protest. "How it was made and why something like that was made in the first place," Sango started waking up as well, in time to hear the last part. Kaede breathed in before she started explaining.

"It was long, long ago," she started, getting their attention. "Even before InuYasha's father was born," InuYasha twitched at the mention of his name, but didn't interrupt her."The blade was forged by a young, mortal Human who lived in a small village. No one knew the name of this village, except for those who lived there. The Human was a talented blacksmith and forged great swords in her time," Miroku reacted to the fact that it was a female, though Sango hit him with her elbow before he could say anything. Kaede noticed their little interaction, but continued with her explanation. "Her specialty was forging swords with Spirits of beasts sealed inside of them,"

"One day, at the outskirts of the village, she was attacked by a group of Demons. Unable to defend herself, she thought her end was there. However, another Demon, who did not want to harm her, saved her life and left before she could say a word.. She tried going out to meet him again and again, but they did not meet again. She decided on her own that she would protect this Demon. Like he had protected her. Thus, the Blade of Demons was created," Kagome felt a little happy that this was the origin of the blade and not something worse, but knew Kaede wasn't finished. "That Human did not see all Demons as evil, and after meeting with the Demon once again, allowed it to live in the village. However, after 50 years of serving this Demon, she killed herself with the very blade he had made to protect him," InuYasha laughed a little, thinking the irony was a tad funny. But he didn't say anything, knowing that this was serious.

"The Humans of the village believed that the Demon had something to do with her choosing death. They cast the Demon out and forbid any Demons from ever entering the village," Kirara whimpered a little, InuYasha playing a little with her ear to calm her down. "The stories say that the Demon was both confused and furious over the Human's action. He did not understand why she killed her, and sought to find out," both Sango seemed to doubt that, but they kept it to themselves.

"To the time when InuYasha's father was alive, another wielder picked up the blade. This wielder was also a female, and had also chosen a Demon to protect and serve," Kaede closed her eyes before continuing. "However, it was not for the same reason as the Human before. She challenged the Demon to a fight, promising that she would serve him if he beat her. And the Demon was victorious," Kagome tried to think why she had decided to pick a fight with a Demon, feeling something moving next to her. She turned and saw that Shippo was finally waking up,  moving so he was in her lap. "However, like the first wielder, she ended her life after a while," Shippo had only heard this part, so he was extremely confused. "Since then, it almost became a part of wielding the blade. The wielder would kill herself or himself after some amount of time. Though he do not know of any specific reason, there are some we think are possible. The one most people believe is that they lost their trust in the Demons they served and chose to not live under their control anymore," Myoga bounced up again, continuing where she left off.

"Some of the Demons even went insane from all the power they received from having the Human under their control, which does explain some things," he crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "The last wielder before now was a young woman named Kagure. At her time, she was known as 'the walking beauty'," Miroku's ears twitched at the title, receiving another elbow from Sango. "She found the sword and allowed it to chose the Demons she was to serve. This method, as well as the one the second wielder used, have become the two ways to decide which Demon they are to serve," InuYasha sat up and thought that the girl must've done one of those things with Sesshomaru if that were the case. "She lasted about 20 years, so she was roughly 50 when she killed herself,"

"Most people call it a curse, and try to avoid any contact with either the wielder or the blade itself," Kagome's gaze moved to the ground, thinking about how lonely that might get. "The Demons that have controlled a wielder of the blade are still alive to this day, even the very first one. However, no one knows where they are at the moment. The only ones who can find them are those connected to the blade. In this case, Sesshomaru," InuYasha growled at the mention of his older brother, Myoga continuing. "I don't think there is anything else to say. Do you understand?" he asked at the end. Everyone nodded, Kagome moving Shippo off her lap and getting on her feet.

"Well, I need to get back before it gets too dark," she said InuYasha looking at her. He pointed out that she had been home for three days, wondering why she had to return back already. "Me and some other girls are the ones responsible for welcoming and helping the students coming to our school for a school trip. I have to go whether I like it or not," she explained, walking over to the door. "Later," she waved at hem before leaving the small house. Myoga opened his eyes again before he started speaking once again.

"There is one thing I should add," he said, getting the attention of the rest of them. "Whenever that blade is pulled out of where it's placed, four Demons who have been defeated in the past that thirst for power more than others or has something he or she wants, will be reborn. They will each be given a small, red shard for a necklace that the wielder needs to make herself stronger and stabilize her power," Miroku closed his eyes has he thought on his own at what he just told them. "And from what I've heard, she has already defeated one of these Demons. Meaning there are only three left,"

"That would explain why she' so powerful only after having the blade for four days," InuYasha commented, Kaede looking over at him in disbelief. Her face was in complete shock.

"Four days? Thee got this damaged by this wielder only four days after acquiring the blade?" she asked, InuYasha nodded. She looked away, her face expressing deep worry. As Sango and Miroku got up on their feet, she closed her eyes. Shippo ran up so he was Miroku's shoulder, and Kirara changed into her smaller form and jumped to Sango.

"Come on, we need to go and find her before she does more damage," InuYasha said, his eyes closed. "And figure out which Demons have those shards she needs," they all nodded at his suggestion, the three of them walking out of the house after saying their farewell to Kaede.

Jess slowly opened her eyes, blinking at the bright sunlight. She grew accustomed to it rather fast, and noticed how high up t was. She had overslept, though she still had plenty of time to get back to her own time so she could reach school in time. Although she would prefer to stay in this era and just do whatever Sesshomaru told her to. She didn't feel that she fit in with the rest. Especially after the hard training she had been doing. She got up and looked around. She saw Rin and Jaken sound asleep next to each other, making her smile a little.

"So much for Jaken hating Rin," she clipped off the cape she wore and placed it over them. She got up properly once again and started heading towards the well. But she stopped after a few steps and looked around once more. She found Sesshomaru, who was sitting on the ground and leaning against a tree. She turned to him, trying to get his attention. "Sesshomaru?" he looked in her direction, Jess continuing. "I'll be gone a bit longer than I usually am," he looked confused at her, but nodded. "Are you going to meet with those other Demons while I'm gone?" he closed his eyes and got up, looking over at her.

"Yes, and I most likely will not be back by the time you are anyway," he said, Jess not saying a word. "Wait here as usual and do some of your studies or whatever you called it," she was a bit taken aback by him suddenly mentioning her school work. "Just because you are in this era, it does not mean you can neglect your responsibilities in your own era," he told her, Jess nodding before turning to leave. Once she was out of sight, Sesshomaru walked over to where Jaken and Rin where. "Jaken, " he said, waking the green imp. "If you do not start showing some respect towards that Human girl, I'll have to teach you how," he threatened him, scaring the imp. He turned away from him and walked deeper into the forest.

Jess arrived at the well, walking over to a big tree that was nearby. She unbelted the belt that held her sword and wrapped it around the sheath. She tucked it into a hole that was big enough for it, and dark enough to actually keep it hidden. When she moved her arm, she noticed the injury from the day before hadn't healed completely yet. In fact, there was still some blood on it.

"I must've reopened it while I was getting up," she said, a bit away from the tree. "This is just great," she sighed as she jumped up the tree. She and found that this tree had quite a few holes, and decided to use it to keep come of her equipment. She put her hand into a smaller hole and pulled some bandages out. She started wrapping it around the wound and bit off the main part once she was done. She placed it back into the hole and looked up. Sitting on a thick branch was a bag, which was what she used to school. She pulled it down, nearly losing it when it's weight was on her arm. "I forgot how many books I've got in here," she said to herself, jumping down from the tree. She jumped over the edge of the well and landed on the bottom. She quickly jumped up and walked rather fast to make sure she got there in time.

"I still think Jess should be suspended, or better yet, expelled," the sound of a female voice made her tense, making her hide behind a tree as she scanned for whoever the voice belonged to. She saw a group of girls from her class, making her less tense. "She doesn't belong here," she just smirked at their conversation. She closed her eyes and walked normally out of the woods. When she exited the woods, she heard them call her name. However, she ignored them and walked to the entrance of their school.

Her class was going on a school trip today, hence why she would be back late today. Which she really didn't like. She disliked traveling someplace else during school time, and even more so know that she actually has something to do right after school. Though she knew the reason they were doing this was because the students had requested it. And who knows, maybe she would be lucky and arrive somewhere that has some entrance to the federal era. On the other hand, the only other area she thought would have something like that was wherever that Human the Half-Demon was so intent on protecting. But the chances they would end up where she lived were slim.

"Alright, everyone, ready to go?" the sound of the teacher's voice pulled her out of her thoughts. She let out a sigh and saw Marie, who was talking to one of her friend group. Jess ignored them and got on the buss, sitting close to the back. As they got in, she saw that Marie was looking over at her direction. The other around her noticed it, and seemed a bit annoyed.

"So, who are you sitting with?" one of them asked her, making her turn to face them. Jess narrowed her eyes at them. Even though she didn't care who she sat with, she didn't like when they openly asked her something like that. "Us, or her?" she saw their gaze that was directed towards her, and it was filled with bitter. Marie looked up to the ceiling innocently, Jess not sure what she was doing. But she guessed she was thinking.

"Well, since there's one too many for us all to sit in pairs, I might as well sit with her," she said, her voice beaming with innocents. Jess almost laughed at how good her acting was at some times. "I'll talk to you later," she walked over to where she was sitting, Jess looking at her.

"You can just sit with them if you want," she said, placing her elbow on the edge and leaned her cheek against her palm. "One too many or not, they would've found another person to sit with you," Marie just smiled as she sat next to her.

"I would leave you to sit by yourself though," she said, like a child trying to persuade it's mother to give it a cookie. "And that's not something I plan on doing," Jess just sighed at the way she was saying it, closing her eyes. "You've been acting very weird lately since you stopped having those weird dreams," Marie's statement made her flinch, not sure what to say. "Did something happen?" her voice had changed from action innocent to being worried.

"No, nothing's happened," she told her. She suddenly felt someone pull hard on her left arm. She felt a sting of pain from it and closed one of her eyes as a result. She also tried to not make any sound, biting her teeth together.

"Oh really, it seems like you got into a fight to me," a male voice said, making her turn to the space between the two rows of seats. She met with Tim' gaze, who seemed to be acting really cocky. "How pathetic," she thought back to the fight the two of them had four days ago, not being bothered by him since then. She knew it was only a matter of time before he would bug her again, though she wished he wouldn't do it like this. Marie's view went to the bandage, and she must've noticed the red stain on it since she quickly spoke and completely ignoring Tim.

 "It's still bleeding. Are you sure you're OK?" Jess closed her eyes once again and pulled her arm from his grip.

"Yeah I'm fine," she said, opening her left eye to look at Tim. Shouldn't you go and find a seat before they all get taken?" he clicked his teeth before he walked away to get a seat for himself. As he left, someone else came and sat himself in front of them. "Hey, Johannes," she greeted him, forcing a smile on her face. Johannes was an old friend of hers, and was a real joker. When they were younger, he was good and making her smile when she was upset. Something she was grateful for. However, these days, she had learned it was easier to just keep her emotions to herself.

"Hey, did I miss something?" he asked, both of them shaking their heads as the rest of the students came onto the buss. Marie and Johannes were discussing what they were planning on writing for an upcoming essay assignment. Jess just kept gazing out the window and ignored their conversation. She had her thoughts on the federal era and what her job was for now.

"Hey Jess?" she heard Marie's voice, looking over at her friend. "What are you doing to write about?" Jess thought for a bit. She hadn't been focusing on anything relating to school recently, so she hadn't really thought about it. But she knew Marie would be pestering her about it if she said she didn't say anything. She had always been ahead of the schedule, so it would be out of place if she hadn't thought of anything.

"What I believe our world was 500 years ago I guess," she more so spoke without thinking, trying to think of a reason why she thought of that of all reasons. "I've been reading about it recently," she knew it wasn't a very good excuse, but it was the best she could come up with. She was expecting Marie to get on her case, but what she said next wasn't what she expected.

"Wow, cool necklace!" she looked over at her in confusion, noticing she was pointing at her. "Where did you get it?" she looked down and saw a silver chain with a small shard around her neck. Of course, it didn't seem like a shard. It just seemed like an interesting form. She thought back a bit, recalling that Sesshomaru had told her to practice one day while he was gone for a bit. When he returned, he had the shard. He told her it would help her improve her skill and help her control the power from the blade. He also pointed out that it would be the only shard he would get for her. The rest she had to find herself.

"Someone gave it to me," she said, looking up at her friend after she said that. She had a very mischevious grin on her face, making Jess annoyed. "And get that smile off your face, Marie," her friend just laughed a little, her eyes almost shinning.

"Someone special?" the way she said it made her uncomfortable. And the meaning behind them made it even worse. She hadn't thought of Sesshomaru like that, but she knew he was rather good looking. The though just messed with her train of thinking.

"No, just a…uh," she tried to think of what to exactly call Sesshomaru. She couldn't outright say that it was from her Master. "A guarding, I guess," she said in the end, Johannes laughing at what she said. "What?" she hoped they wouldn’t get too much on her case. Luckily for her, the bus started to slow down to a stop before either of them could say another word. Once the bus stopped, they all got up and started to exit the bus.

Kagome ran towards her school, making sure that she didn't arrive too late. She had overslept, so she was a bit late out. She looked up and noticed her friends a bit ahead of her. They noticed her and waved at her.

"Hey Kagome! Right on time!" one of them said, pointing over to a large bus. "They just arrived!" Kagome let out a sigh, glad that she wasn't late. She looked over at the bus again, seeing a large amount of students come out of it.

"We've got our work cut out for us, don't we?" the others agreed, as they moved towards the bus. When it seemed like they all had come out, they stood in a line in front of them and got their attention.

"Hello, welcome to our school," they all said in unison, bowing in front of them. They moved their heads up again, and noticed some of the looks the boys had. And the annoyance in most of the girls. Kagome looked around to try and remember most of the faces, and saw someone she wasn't expecting. The girl who had fought them in InuYasha's era was standing in the middle of the group, though she hadn't seem to notice her yet. Kagome did her best to make sure she kept calm but it was a little hard. As the group started to break off, she followed the girl with her eyes as she walked into one of the directions.

Kagome was leaning against a wall, keeping an eye on the girl. She had been following her and the people she was with to try and get a chance to talk to her alone. Sure enough, the others went in another direction and she wandered by herself. Kagome followed her and walked in front of her.

"I need a word with you," before the girl could protest, she grabbed her arm and pulled her to a place where it would less likely someone came around and heard what they talked about. The girl pulled her arm from her after they arrived at a more isolated area, Kagome turning to look at her. "Mind explaining what you're doing in this era?" the girl only smirked as she asked her question, already making her annoyed.

"What do you think? This is the era I'm from, just like you," she said, Kagome looking rather surprised, and her annoyance grew with how cocky she sounded. "However, I don't skip school like you do," Kagome wasn't able to keep herself calm. With the already irritation from thinking back to when they first met, it became a bit too much. Without realizing it, she slapped the girl across the cheek, making her lose her balance. But she was able to keep on her feet.

"Don't talk as if this is some ordinary conversation," she told her, her voice making her anger clear. "You tried to kill me and my friends!" the girl moved her head so she was looking at Kagome. She didn't seem cocky anymore, but she was still calm.

"So?" was all she said when she finally spoke. "You 'friend' tried to hurt Sesshomaru, I'd say it would make sense I didn't let it get too hard for him," she stood up properly again, placing a hand on her hip as she contiued. "Besides, this is something you half-demon friend said. He hurt me the same amount I hurt you and the rest of your little gang. And it's still hasn't healed completely," she moved her left arm and showed a bandage that was wrapped around it. There was something red stained on it, Kagome guessing it was blood.

However, Kagome couldn't keep her cool just because of that. She moved again so she could give her another slap. but this time, the girl stopped arm. She held her in place, and her eyes became cold as she glared into Kagome's.

"Listen you," she started, her voice low and dangerous. "If you don't start leaving my life out of yours, I'll kill you on the stop the next time I see you," her threat had definitely reached Kagome, as she began to tremble. The girl let her go and turned to leave. "Now that you know this, leave me alone. I don’t want anything to do with you unless Sesshomaru tells me to," she started walking again, Kagome getting her composer back and called after her.

"What the heck is your problem?" the girl stopped when she heard her voice, turning to face her. "You're acting like a lost dog who can't chose its own path!" Kagome couldn't keep her voice down, but the girl only closed her eyes.

"If that is what I must look like to follow my master, then so be it," she looked to the ground and lowered her voice. "He's the only one who's really cared about me and sees me for who I am. Not like those who are supposed to be my friends," Kagome was barely able to hear her, but she caught every words. And the sadness in her voice. The girl continued to walk away from her, leaving Kagome alone. Kagome was about to turn and walk in another direction before she heard something. She turned to the way that she left and noticed her friends running towards her.

Kagome, we've got trouble," one of them said, leading her to where the sound came from. It looked like there was a fight going on. One of the ones fighting seemed to be from the school that was visiting, though she didn't recognize. "This guy walked past and was talking about on of the girls from the school visiting us. Then that boy got furious and started a fight. The other guy won with one hit, and now the girls won't leave him alone. Nor the guy who's fighting him now," they explained, though Kagome didn't get it. She was also unsure of what he could've said to make him so mad.

"He said what?" a female voice she recognized said, Kagome turning to see the girl she was just talking to standing next to a more innocent looking girl.

"I'm not lying. Can't you show him a thing or two, Jess?" the girl next to her asked, Jess only sighing. This was the first time Kagome had heard her name, but she knew it wasn't a normal name for InuYasha's era. So she was telling the truth after all.

"Why should I? He's not my problem," she said, closing her eyes and about to start walking off. However the girl faked a whimper, which seemed to have caught her attention.

"No, but because I'm one of the girls he was talking about, he's mine," she looked away from Jess, and Kagome swore she saw a smirk on her lips. "And I wouldn't stand a chance against him. Remember what you promised me?" Jess clicked her teeth at what she said in the end, sighing.

"That's called black mailing, Marie," Marie gave a big smile and hugged her arm.

"Great! Good luck!" she said, letting go and standing in an very enthusiastic pose. Jess just let out another sigh and walked towards the boy. He had punched out the other guy he was fighting, and noticed her.

"My, my, what have we here?" he suddenly seemed interested, Kagome guessing he was studying her body. "A sweet, young girl challenges me to a fight. I usually never turn down a challenge, but I would hate to harm a woman as beautiful as yourself," he was trying to make her back down, Kagome turning to look at Jess. She didn’t even seem to care about what he was saying.

"Maybe you shouldn't talk so much trash and get on with it," she said bluntly, closing her eyes. "I've got better things to do then fight someone as stupid as you," her words seemed to have affected him, since he seemed more annoyed now than cocky.

"You would be more beautiful if you didn't have such a big mouth," he took a step towards her, Jess stopping. "Maybe I should teach you a lesson in manners," he jumped at her. Jess kept her eyes closed and easily dodged his attack.

"Too slow," he muttered, opening her eyes and kicked him in the stomach. He gasped and seemed to lose his balance. But he quickly regained it and sent a punch towards her head. Once again, she avoided it without any trouble. She came up behind him and kicked him swiftly in the head. The man was sent towards the school wall and he seemed to have hit it rather hard. Kagome and her friends went over to check on him. Along with the others in the area. He was out cold, though he wasn't bleeding. Which was a relief. Kagome looked back over to where Jess was before, but she and the girl Marie were gone. They must've gone off while everyone was busy with the man.

The rest of the day was just talking between each other and various other things. Jess and Kagome didn't cross paths again, which Jess was pleased about. She had given her quite the big threat, but it was an empty threat. She wouldn't be able to kill a Human. Even if Sesshomaru ordered her to. There had been a few challenges and other things for them planned. But Jess just kept to herself and sat in a tree for the rest of the day. Once the day ended, she kept an eye on Kagome as she left. She jumped down the tree and told the teacher she had some relatives here so she would be staying with them. Luckily, the teacher was pretty stupid. She believed her and Jess walked in the direction Kagome walked.

She made sure she was far enough behind so she didn't notice her. She saw her turn to a long row of steps and ran up them. Jess ran as well, but made sure she was running at the exact same pace as her so she didn't hear her behind her. When Kagome came to the top, she slowed down and looked to where she was running. She went into a small building that seemed kind of worn down. Jess followed her and saw that Kagome was nowhere inside. She noticed the well, and thought it looked really similar to the one she used. Not hesitating, she jumped down. And just like with the other one, it took longer for her to reach the ground. Once she landed, she quickly climbed up to the top. She looked over the edge and saw Kagome, going down a bit so she wouldn't see her. She looked up again and saw she was gone. She climbed over the edge and ran in the opposite direction.

She quickly found her way over to where she was this morning. When she arrived, she saw Rin running around laughing and Jaken running after her. He seemed annoyed over something, but Rin was just enjoying herself. Jess jut sighed as she walked towards them.

"Is Sesshomaru back yet?" she asked, getting their attention. She was a bit worried she took too long and he had already left again. Rin said hello to her, while Jaken shook his head.

"Not yet. Lord Sesshomaru left to talk to the others," Jaken answered, Jess' gaze moving to the ground. She had more so hoped he was done talking to them, but it seems she had her hopes too high.

"I see," was all she said before putting her bag that was on her shoulder down. She sat down herself and pulled out some of the books inside of it. She still had an essay she had to write. Although she didn't really have the concentration for it. Maybe she should just write about what she told Marie on the bus. It would make it easier. She put the text book back into the bag and just pulled her notebook out instead and started writing roughly what she needed in it.

"Now what?" Jaken's voice made her look up, meeting with the annoyed look of the imp. She asked him what he was talking about. He huffed before answering her. "Whenever you try to hide something or upset over something, you always start reading one of those books you've got with you," he told her, Jess looking a bit surprised. She hadn't noticed it herself. But when she thought about it, what he said was true. "So, what is it this time?" Jess sighed, ignoring him and kept writing. Which made him annoyed to say the least.

"I'm telling you, she's from my era!" Kagome had met up with her friends and didn't waste any time telling them about the incident with Jess at her school. InuYasha and the others were surprised to say the least. Kagome made sure to tell them about every detail, especially about her threat towards her. "I talked to her, and gave her a smack on the face," Sango and Miroku seemed surprised by her violent act, but InuYasha acted like it was normal. "She didn't say much, but told me if I didn't stop getting involved in her life, she'd kill me on the spot," she was in quite the fit, but then she remembered how she looked before she left. "Then, for some odd reason, she got sad," Miroku crossed his arm in the end, thinking.

"We might have seen this girl form the wrong angle," he suggested, both of the girls agreeing with him. Though Shippo and InuYasha still seemed a bit skeptical. "Maybe if we tried to talk to her or Sesshomaru," he wasn't able to finish before getting hit in the back of the head. He turned around and saw InuYasha standing behind him.

"Not a chance. The only way to get Sesshomaru to talk is to fight him," he said, sitting down again across from them. "And I bet the girl won't talk if he tells her not to," he placed his hands in the sleeves of his kimono. Both Shippo and Kirara agreed with him, though Kirara seemed a bit upset over it. Sango petted her head, trying to calm her down a little.

"We can at least try, can't we?" she suggested, Kagome agreeing with her. InuYasha just clicked his teeth and looked away from them.

"Well, count me out," he said, Kagome looking at him. "I'm not going to try and talk to Sesshomaru until I know this mess is dealt with," she let out a sigh as she stood up. She turned around and slowly ran from where they were. Sango got up and followed her, Kirara jumping on her shoulder. Miroku got up as well, turning over to the Half-Demon.

"We'll come back when we're done," he told him before running after the ladies. InuYasha just stared after them. Shippo jumped on his shoulder, grabbing his attention.

"Are you sure you're not going to go and help?" he asked him, InuYasha  looking away from him again. "I mean, she's Human. Maybe there's something bothering her," he looked back to where the four of them ran and thought about what Shippo just said.

"Maybe there is something different about her," he said, though he said it more to himself than to Shippo. "If what Kagome said is true, why would she want to feel safe around a Demon like him? Maybe she sees him differently than others and us do," Shippo just tilted his head in confusion, not knowing what he was talking about.

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