A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


2. Chapter 2

Wielder of the Blade of Demons.

"Bye mom. I'm leaving now!" a young, 15 year old, black haired girl said while she ran out of the house. A female voice called after her, telling her to be careful. She was heading in the direction of a smaller building nearby. It looked old and worn, only a well in the center. Without any hesitation, he jumped over the edge and went down.

Kagome Higurashi, a normal High School student, had found a way to visit the federal era, 500 years back in time from what time she lived now. She found out that she was the reincarnation of a powerful Priests named Kikyo, and had a powerful jewel, named the Jewel of Four Souls, inside her body. Which resulted in her entering this era. She wore her school uniform as she went down, landing neatly on the ground.

She slowly started climbing up. She looked around, greeted with the fresh breeze blowing through her hair in front of her. She had been in her own time for about three days, so it had been a while since she's seen her friends of the federal era. She climbed over the edge and ran towards a small village that was nearby. When she got close, she noticed two figures talking to each other. One of them was very small, and had a furry tail. The other seemed about her age, with long silver hair and dog ears. She slowed her pace and walked up to them, seeing two other figures. One was a female, and the other a male. They both wore kimono's, the female having a big boomerang over her shoulder and the male holding a staff.

"Hey, Kagome!" the female, Kagome smiling at her. She noticed a small cat like animal on her shoulder, going over to scratch behind its ear. She greeted her as Sango, and called the cat Kirara. The young boy she saw earlier jumped and hugged her, welcoming her back.

Sango was a Demon Slayer, while Kirara was her companion. While she wears a kimono normally, it is not the attire she wears when she fights Demons. She wears a black skin tight suit while fighting the Demons she faces. The large boomerang on her back is called Hiraikotsu, which is her most preferred weapon for dealing with Demons. She also has a small blade called wakizashi. Her companion, Kirara, isn't as small as she seems either. The small cat can change into a larger form. When she is her lager form, she resembles a saber-tooth tiger and emits fire from her feet and tail. As well as the ability to fly through the air.

And the male next to Sango was Miroku. Miroku was a monk who constantly tried to flirt with every woman he ever saw. He wore an attire that seemed expensive, thanks to him helping wealthy merchants when their homes were haunted by ghosts and demons. However, there was one thing that stuck out. Around his right arm, he wore bead-like things he called a Tekko. This was to seal his Wind Tunnel, which was a large, black hole in the palm of his hand that would one day take his life. And the more he used it, the more dangerous it became.

"About time you got back!" the silver haired main said, sounding rather impatient. "What took you so long? We can't find the Jewel Shards without you, you know," he crossed his arms, Kagome huffed, placing her hands on her hip and narrowed her eyes at the man.

This was InuYasha. InuYasha was one of the first person she saw in this era. He was a half-demon that had close relationship with Kikyo when she was alive. He got on her nerves constantly, but she knew he cared for her and protected her nonetheless. The most notable about his appearance were his golden eyes, long, silver hair and his ears on the top of his head. He wore a red Kimono, which he had once said was made out of the fur of the Fire-Rat, which made it pretty strong. Especially against fire. He had a rusty and old looking sword on his left side, though she knew better than to think nothing of it. The sword, named Tessaiga, was a powerful sword made from the fang of his father, who was a powerful Demon when he was still alive. Although it might not seem like much, she knew how powerful the thing could be.

"Sit boy," she said, a loud thud echoing as InuYasha hitting the ground. He had beads around his neck, which allowed Kagome to make him 'sit' by commanding it. Which made him annoyed every time. Especially since it hurt as well. The little fox sighed, shaking his head.

The young Demon was Shippo. The little fox was named Shippo, and he was a full fledged Demon. Even if he was very young. Then again, he was still a kid. He had played a trick on InuYasha when they first met, trying to get his hands on the Sacred Jewel Shards so he could avenge his father. Who had been killed by other Demons.

Just as the five of them were about to talk about what has happened the past few days, something came jumping near Shippo, catching to young Demon's attention.

"Myoga, what's up?" he asked him, getting everyone's attention. Myoga was a flee that followed InuYasha around all of the time. He was a coward, running away at the first sight of danger, and had a habit of drinking their blood before they noticed them. He jumped from Shippo and onto InuYasha, seeming a bit worried.

"Yes, there's some information I must tell you all. And it's not the good kind," he crossed his arms and closed his eyes as he was talking. Both Kagome and Shippo exchanged worried looks, Miroku asking what it was he had to tell them. "Have you all heard of the Blade of Demons?" all of the Humans looked confused, Myoga sighing. "I'll take that as a no. I shouldn't be surprised really. Even Demon slayers have never had the unfortunates of ending up fighting against the wielder of that sword," Kagome lost track of what he was saying at one point and looked over at InuYasha. His expression was dark, his eyes narrowed.

"So, what is it?" Sango asked, Myoga opening his eyes. He seemed a bit uneasy, which only made them more curious.

"It's a blade that can only be used by Humans, despite the name," he started, everyone staying silent. "Demons can't touch the blade. And the only Humans who can wield the blade are those who are completely Human and have no Spiritual Power at all," the last part, no one seemed to understand. Why did the Human have to be so normal. "Because of the power that they are given once they start using the blade, it'll be too much if they already had any Spiritual Power," after his explanation, Sango spoke up.

"But why is it called 'the Blade of Demons' if Demons can't touch it?" Miroku nodded at her question as she was talking. "There must be some reason," before Myoga had a chance to open his mouth, InuYasha answered her question.

"When a Human is chosen to wield that sword, he or she has to chose a Demon which is the opposite gender of him or her," his eyes were still narrowed, almost seeming angry. "Meaning if a girl was the wielder, she would have to find a male Demon," Miroku placed his hand on his chin, thinking as InuYasha continued his explanation. "Then it's the Human's duty to protect and serve that Demon until he or she dies. And how long the Human last is dependent on the Demon they choose. Which is why it's trouble for us," Miroku opened his eyes again and glared.

"If this Human has chosen Naraku, we're in trouble," he said, the others nodding in agreement. Naraku was dangerous enough with the allies he already had. He certainly didn't need a Human to be at his beck and call.

"We should try and figure out who the Human is and which Demons she has chosen," Myoga suggested, jumping off InuYasha and going into the center so all of them could see him clearly. Or as clearly as you could see a flee. "The faster we do that, the better off we'll be I believe," everyone nodded and got up.

"Then let's stop wasting time and get moving," InuYasha said, rather impatiently. "Who knows how long the sword's been gone," at his last statement, Myoga shook his head and spoke up.

"I already know that," he said, making the Half-Demon look at him in confusion. "About 4 days ago, a swarm of Demons headed towards the cave where the blade has been. They were flying, running, jumping and even digging their way towards it," he said, none of them really getting what that meant. "When the sword is pulled out, it emits a large energy that pulls Demons towards it," he briefly explained, continuing with his information. "In the blink of an eye, they all turned to ash. There was the presence of a Human and a Demon, so it's safe to say they've been traveling together for a while," InuYasha let a growl escape his mouth as the gang got ready to leave.

They had been traveling for a while, finding no trace of the Human who has the Blade of Demons, nor the Demon she was supposedly with. All they really had to go on was what Myoga had told them, and InuYasha was getting annoyed from all the walking.

"We've been looking all day and no sign of either of them," he complained, turning his head to look at the flee on Kirara's head. "Are you sure it's been taken already. It's only been about 50 years since the last wielder, hasn't it? Usually it takes a lot longer than that for a new wielder to come around," he pointed out, offending Myoga.

"Of course! Why would you doubt me?" he yelled at him, the Half-Demon not even answering his question. There were more than one reason to doubt his little helper. Just then, the howl of a Demon could be heard in front of them. Not wasting any time, InuYasha jumped ahead in the direction of the noise, coming to a clearing. There he saw a large Demon lying in a pool of its own blood, and a silver haired man standing next to it with a blood coated blade.

Without any hesitation, InuYasha pulled out his Tessaiga and jumped at the man, pure anger visible in his eyes. The man noticed him and pulled the blade up to block his attack, InuYasha trying to push him down.

"Sesshomaru," he growled, Sesshomaru keeping a neutral face. Like he had expected him to do something like this.

"It's been a while, little brother," he spoke as he pushed InuYasha off his blade and backed off a bit. He landed not too far from his older brother, and didn't waste any time jumping at him again. Sesshomaru kept blocking his attacks, slowly walking backwards without the Half-Demon noticing. At this time, Kagome and the others came to the clearing, and saw the fight.

"This isn't good," Miroku said, sighing. "We try to find this Human, and who do we end up running into? Someone InuYasha will do whatever it takes to beat," Kagome just looked at her red clad friend with a worried gaze. She muttered his name quietly, holding her hands close to her chest. Sesshomaru made a large leap backwards and ran in the direction opposite from his friends, InuYasha instantly following him.

"Wait, InuYasha! Don't go-" Kagome's cry was cut short by a large sound and smoke blocking their vision. Kirara went in front of them, surrounded by flames as she transformed into her bigger form. She roared at the smoke, as if provoking someone to come out of hiding.

"Don't get in his way," a female voice said, catching them off guard. "Your friend is too naïve to understand what Sesshomaru is trying to do," the smoke started clearing, and the girls silhouette could be seen.

"Who are you?" she asked, getting her bow and an arrow ready. Sango had placed one of her hands on her Hiraikotsu and Miroku had also gone into a defensive position. The smoke cleared completely, the girl they heard clad in a black cloak with the hood covering her face. However, Kagome swore she saw a smirk on the girl's face.

"Wouldn't you like to know," she said, testing their patience. And Kagome was already getting annoyed. "Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to tell you who I am," she drew a blade from under her cloak and held it in front of her. Myoga perked up and seemed terrified.

"That's it," he said, making them confused. "The Blade of Demons. She's the new wielder," both Sango and Kagome became more tense, ready to attack at any given time. Miroku stood quietly along with Shippo and heard what Myoga said. "That must mean that Sesshomaru is the Demon she was chosen to serve,"

"Why would she chose a Demon like Sesshomaru?" the young fox asked, more to himself than anyone. However, his question did earn him a growl from the Human girl. Which made him jump.

"Careful about what you say, Shippo," Myoga said, jumping on his head. "Since she was chosen him, she has to obey his every command and will do anything to protect him and his pride," Shippo covered his mouth afterwards. However, Myoga's last words had not reached Kagome as she spoke.

"Why did you chose him?" she was almost yelling, getting closer to her. "Don't you know what kind of things he's done?" Sango and Miroku got into an offensive stance, as did Kirara and Shippo.

"Why, you ask?" she said, her voice low. She put her hand on her hood and slowly pulled it off. "Well, defeat me and I might tell you," once the hood as down, they could see her more clearly. She looked around the same age as Kagome, her long, curly brown hair tied in up in a pony tail. "That is, if you can even attack me," the moon reflected off her blue and green eyes, showing the confidence in them.

"That's the tricky thing about the wielder being Human," Myoga said, suddenly behind all of them. "It's difficult to attack her. But she's the youngest wielder I've ever seen or heard of. The others before her were at least around 30 years," Kagome stepped back a bit, and Sango bit her lower lip. They had fight Humans before, but not to the death like this. Miroku started to undo the beads around his arm, going in front of the others. He completely took them off and directed his hand towards the girl.

"Wind Tunnel!" he yelled, the hole in his hand starting to pull in everything in front of it in a strong wind. The girl  lowered herself to make herself heavier as she was slowly pulled in. Kagome and Sango moved a bit more back, Kirara following them. Kagome looked at the girl, a smirk on her face. She moved her arm with the blade up a bit.

"Alright, let's see if you can take the heat monk," she said, swinging her sword in a horizontal line in front of her. A flame  came from it and headed straight for Miroku. Kagome gasped and yelled to her friend.

"Miroku, watch out!" the large noise from the wind seems so have weaken her yelling, but Miroku still heard her. He had his eyes closed before, and he opened them to see the flame coming towards him. He stood his ground and allowed the Wind Tunnel to pull it in. It worked, but he felt a tinge of pain from it.

"So, you think it's going to be that easy," he heard the girl say, seeing her getting up and running towards him. Subconsciously, he closed his hand and wrapped the beads around his arm once again. "You can think again," she finished, swinging her blade once again and sent another wave of flames, hitting the monk directly and sending him backwards. He slumped against the tree, Shippo running towards him. Kagome and Sango stood in front of him, Sango having taken off her kimono and in her Demon Slayer attire. They were both ready to attack her, the girl also ready to strike once again.

InuYasha kept attacking Sesshomaru, who effectively blocked his attacks. After taking many of the Half-Demons attack, he attacked himself and sent him flying back first into a tree. He quickly got back on his feet and attacked him once more. This time, Sesshomaru locked their blades so they were close to each other.

"It's useless," he said, InuYasha growling at him. "You cannot hurt me, little brother," his voice didn't show any overwhelming confidence, but he knew that his brother was more than sure of himself.

"Oh yeah?" he pushed harder towards his brother's blade, his words offending the Half-Demon. "We'll see about that!" he roared the last part, pushing him back and swinging his blade. He was able to hit him, though only his cheek. Sesshomaru jumped back a bit, touching the scratch that he had made on his cheek as he felt the blood slowly move down his face.

"You think this will change anything?" he asked, his expression the same as ever. "In case you really haven't figure it out, I've been luring you away from your friends," InuYasha looked at him in confusion.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, Sesshomaru closing his eyes and sighing. He really had hoped he would've caught on by now and not been so blinded by anger.

"Since you're not around your Human friends, they are an open target to other enemies," he started, taking his hand off his wound. "Which is exactly why I lured you here," InuYasha's eyes widen. He was about to say that he was lying, but as to prove his point, a large explosion was heard from where he was before. He turned in that direction and saw rising smoke. Without hesitation, he left Sesshomaru behind and ran to help his friends. Sesshomaru didn't make any attempt to follow him, hearing someone behind him as he watched the Half-Demon run off. He turned and saw the green imp Jaken and a young Human child next to him walking towards him.

"Aren't you going to help her?" the young child asked, looking up at Sesshomaru. "She might get hurt if she fights him," Sesshomaru didn't stay too long as he slowly made his way towards the smoke.

InuYasha jumped through the few branches that were on the way, trying to get to where Kagome and the rest as quickly as possible. When he arrived, there was smoke around the entire place. He couldn't see anything in it and he covered his eyes to try and shield them from the smoke. Once it cleared up a bit, he saw his friends and gasped.

Kagome was nearly unconscious on the ground near him, Shippo out cold on her back. Both of them had burn marks on their body. He looked around a bit more, seeing Kirara in her big form with blood on her throat. It almost seemed like something had bitten her. Her fur was also stained black. Sango was right next to Kirara, cuts on her body and was also burned. Miroku was against a tree, breathing heavily and a hand over his chest. InuYasha looked around to see who had done this, and his eyes caught a girl that seemed the same age as Kagome. He didn't waste any time, jumping at her with Tessaiga ready.

"Get out of the way!" a voice yelled from somewhere, catching the girls attention. She noticed InuYasha and ducked out of the way in time to avoid his attack. They eyes locked as she moved back a bit to get some distance between them.

"So, you're the one who's become a slave. Not to mention to Sesshomaru," she stopped when InuYasha spoke up, irritated by his words. But the tone behind them was not provoking, but filled with anger and hatred. So she didn't act upon them. "You do know that when trouble comes he'll just abandon you and save his own skin," the last words made her furious, maybe more so than he was.

"Like you know anything about him," she spat, catching him off guard. "You may be his brother, but when it comes to knowing who he is, I'd say I know him better than his own brother," She moved her sword so it was in front of her in an offensive position. InuYasha growled at her, lifting Tessaiga up above him. She kept his eyes on him, not realizing what he was doing. Thus, unable to react quick enough when he swung his blade downwards.

"Wind Scar!" he yelled, the blade hitting the ground. It resulted in a huge wave of wind flying straight at her, the girl just barely able to move her blade to block it. But it still hit her with full force. He looked in the direction she saw, and saw her stuck on a large rock with blood dripping from her mouth. She coughed and more came out, and there was wounds all over her body. He almost felt guilty for it, but when she started getting up, he got ready for another attack.

"You think that's all it takes," she lost her balance for a bit, as well as her train of thought before finishing her sentence. "To keep me down," her vision was blurry, so she couldn't clearly see him. But she could see his figure.

"Listen, I don't want to kill a Human, especially as young as you are," he said, trying to reason with her. "So just leave and I won't kill you for hurting my friends. I've already hurt you about the same amount that you hurt them," he swung Tessaiga upwards and rested it on his shoulder. His attempt at reasoning only earned him a growl, as she moved into a fighting stance once again. He just sighed and swung his blade to the ground. "Don't say I didn't try and stop you," he knocked up a large rock and sent it towards her with fast speed. She stood her ground and moved to a defensive position and closed her eyes, waiting for the rock to hit her. However, when she heard the crack of the stone, yet felt no pain, she opened them and thought she saw silver hair in front of her.

"I thought you said you didn't want to kill her, little brother," the figure in front of her said, making her relax. She quietly muttered his name, Sesshomaru turning to her. "You've fought enough. Sheath your blade and get ready to leave," he ordered, the girl nodding as she did what he said. She took a quick glance at InuYasha, but her vision was too blurry for her to really see. She guessed he was annoyed by his brother sudden appearance. Before she could say anything else, she felt his grip around her waist and felt her feet of the ground. InuYasha contemplated about going after them, but he had to make sure the others were OK. He went over to Kagome and carefully lifted her up.

"Hey, you OK?" he asked her, Kagome slowly opening her eyes. He could tell she was in pain, but she was still alive at least. Her mouth moved, but he couldn't really catch what she said. She coughed right afterwards, InuYasha holding her closer. "Don't talk, save your strength. I'll get you someplace safe," he told her, as she slipped back into unconsciousness. He sighed as he heard movement in front of him, seeing Kirara on her feet. She stared at him, as if trying to tell him something. "You sure you can handle it? You're pretty hurt yourself," he asked her, the cat nodding. He nodded back, putting Kagome, Sango and Shippo on her back while carrying Miroku on his own back to the village so they could heal.

Jess was leaning against a tree, gasping for breath. Her wounds were really taking their toll on her, and her body felt like it could break down at any given moment. She was about to start walking again, when something hit her head and made her dizzy. She almost slipped into unconsciousness if it wasn't for the voice that came afterwards.

"You were reckless and careless! If you hadn't gotten attacked by Lord InuYasha, we wouldn't have to flee as quickly as we did" he scolded her, her head pounding from the hit he gave her. "You should be more careful you-" he let out a yelp instead of finishing whatever he was going to say. Her vision was worse than before, but she could see him behind her know. She guessed that Sesshomaru had kicked the imp to shut him up. She could feel his gaze on him, and moved her head to look at him.

"You did a good, considering that was your first time fighting like that," he complimented her, which seemed to ease her anxiousness a little. "You should rest and let your wounds heal," she nodded, sliding against the tree and made herself comfortable. She felt the calm breeze on her face and closed her eyes, almost falling asleep right away. But there was something that was bugging her.

"Sesshomaru?" she asked, opening her eyes. She couldn't see clearly at all, but she hoped he was looking at her. "What that Human girl and the Half-Demon said about you, is it true?" the fact that they had said that he had done things in the past, and that he would abandon her made her uneasy. Especially since she refused to believe it. She heard something move next to her, guessing it was Sesshomaru.

"I'm a Demon, you know this," he started, Jess nodding. "All Demons have done something to make enemies," his voice was calm, like he was just making small talk. And it made her feel somewhat safe and tired. "But even I have Humans and other beings that I wouldn't want to see hurt. And since you're my Human now, it's my job and duty to make sure you're treated when injured and trained to defend yourself. Whether others like the way I do things or not," Jess couldn't help but smile a little, Sesshomaru asking a question afterwards. "When do you plan on going back to your own time tomorrow?"

"The same time as always," she said, her voice horse and weak at this point, she was also completely exhausted. But she forced herself to stay awake for just a bit longer. "After that, I've got two days off before school starts again in a new week. So I'll have more time to train with you," she was barely able to keep herself awake anymore, hearing movements that she thought was Sesshomaru getting up.

"Then get some rest so you are ready for the coming day," Jess nodded once before drifting into sleep. Sesshomaru looked at her before turning to the young girl behind him. "Rin, go and get some water for her wounds. It would be best if she wasn't asked why she's so injured.

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru," she said, running off. Rin was a young girl that Sesshomaru had saved from a pack of wolves. Since then, she had been following him. The demon returned his gaze back to Jess, who was in a terrible state. He looked up at the moon, and thought about the couple of days since he became her Master. He reminded himself of other Demons that would most likely get in his way tomorrow. He noted to himself to go and talk to them while she was gone before settling himself in front of the sleeping girl.

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