A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


10. Chapter 10

The Thunder Returns

Jess sat in a tree near the cave they had sat up camp in as she went through the book she was given to by Sesshomaru. She had taken the liberty of deciphering the scroll while at school so she would have at least some idea of what she was reading. Although she still understood very little of it. The scroll itself only mentioned the village, while the book described the life the previous wielders lived. Which was what she needed to know, since the first wielder lived in the village.

"You seem to have found a quiet place to read," She heard Sesshomaru underneath her and brought her out of her thoughts. She looked down to meet his gaze as he gestured her to come down from the tree. Jess closed the book and descended from the tree, Sesshomaru faced her as her feet touched the ground. "Have you gathered any useful information so far?"

"Only about where the village is roughly. It used to be in the shadow of a castle before a Dragon Demon destroyed it.  The ruins of it should still be around somewhere," she informed him, Sesshomaru nodding after she had finished. His thoughts seemed to be elsewhere, Jess trying to figure out what he was thinking about.

"It is a good start. However, we will not waste time locating it at the moment," he told her, which only made her more confused. "The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten, have been searching for you the past two days. They seem to have obtained some sort of new power," Jess didn't really understand how he came to that conclusion, but wasn't really going ask him either.

"So you think it's the last pieces of the necklace?" She wanted to at least confirm that this was for the shards and nothing else. He nodded, Jess thinking back to when she went to get the book. She had seen Sango and Kagome in the water, and Sango had mentioned something about a storm cloud before. So that might've been what the Thunder Brothers used to travel from one place to another. "Hope I can stand getting shocked by lightning in that case," Jess joked to herself, Sesshomaru looking at her.

"As long as you evade their attacks, that should not be a problem. Do not get reckless around them," he warned her, Jess nodding. She wasn't serious about what she said, but she did feel a bit happy about the fact that Sesshomaru cared enough to actually tell her that.

"Aw, what a cute scene," The moment was destroyed by Leopara above them. Jess' gaze moved up in a second and nearly drew her sword. However, Sesshomaru placed his hand on hers to stop her. Understanding that she was to remain out of this, she moved her hand from the hilt and moved a bit back so she was behind Sesshomaru. Leopara jumped down from the trees and moved around a lot in front of Sesshomaru. "It's so sweet one could cry. But you know, one shouldn't get too attached to their pets. It just makes their inevitable death that much harder," Jess placed the book in her bag a bit further from Sesshomaru as Leopara kept dancing around. If she had seen it, she was definitely not interested in it.

"Is there is something you wish of me? I assume it has nothing to do with this punishment you have prepared, since it's still too early," Sesshomaru asked, Jess keeping an eye out for any Demon that might have followed the loud feline.

Oh my, aren't we cautious? As for why I'm here, can't we just wait a bit before we discuss that?" Leopara moved closer to the canine Demon, Jess glaring at her. She didn't like people who shamelessly flirted with anyone they could, and Leopara was one of them. But there was a sting of jealousy as well, which she couldn't explain. Why would she be jealous over something like this? "Who wouldn't want the honor of meeting with the great Lord Sesshomaru himself?"

"InuYasha," Jess muttered to herself, although it seemed the two Demons heard her. Sesshomaru let a small smirk show on his face, while Leopara seemed annoyed Jess had taken her Master's attention from her. The feline Demon moved a bit away from Sesshomaru, finally looking serious.

"Your pet is too free and too often off the leash. The girl needs obedience training and how to respect those above her," she demanded, Jess finally understanding why she was here. She had been rather independent, despite being under Sesshomaru. While she did do almost everything Sesshomaru asked her to, she also took time to do what she wanted to before returning to him. Jess closed her eyes as she waited for Sesshomaru's answer, expecting to be given a lot less freedom now.

"That is for me to decide whether it is necessary or not. She has followed my orders and has yet to displease me in any way, be it from her actions or her manner of speech," he answered, Jess not expecting that. She was sure he would be a bit stricter now that someone had pointed it out. The sound of something moving behind her Master cut the surprise short. She glared at the bushes behind him, noticing a very faint difference in colors. There was movement again, Jess acting mainly on instincts as it jumped from hiding.

"Look out!" She pulled out her sword and sliced at the Demon as soon as it showed itself. She didn't take time to see what it was before she felt her blade cut through its flesh. She noticed something from her right moving towards her, Jess avoiding it and cut whatever it was off with a swift swing of her blade. The Demon let out a loud scream before falling to the ground, Jess getting some time to observe it. It looked like some kind of reptile that lived in the water. She noticed the severed tail next to it, assuming that was what she cut before.

"This Demon roam the sea, poisoning fishers that happen to fish in their territory. Why is it so far from a water source?" Leopara explained, Jess not expecting her to talk so she jumped a bit. She crouched down as the feline Demon moved away from her, studying the dead Demon. If what Leopara said was true, then maybe there was something she could see that caused it. She noticed some movement to her right, seeing the tail tip jumping at her. She froze, not having enough time to get away. Her body was forcefully pulled out of the way by Sesshomaru, who pulled her closer to him and held her tightly.

"This specific this Demon can be considered as two separate minds, the body and the tail. If the body is unable to operate properly, the tail can take over and detach itself from the body to kill the one who ended its life," he explained, Jess feeling his breath on her ear as he talked. Her body started to heat up as a result, but she tried her best to not be affected by it. The last thing she wanted was for him to find out she was embarrassed.

"Sorry," she said quietly, Sesshomaru shaking his head at her.

"You need not apologize. You have yet to encounter any Demon that live in the waters, so you could not have known about it," he reassured her, Leopara's sigh catching their attention. The Demon was leaning against a tree, Jess glaring at her.

"You still trying to make her feel safe? The girl is spoiled enough as it is. Keep this up and she'll just get rusty before she becomes a proper tool," Jess really wanted to snap at her, tell her off for being rude towards Sesshomaru. But with how the conversation went before, she knew Sesshomaru wouldn't let her. She just stood still and forced herself to stay quiet.

"As I said before, I am the one who decides where that is necessary. The only time you have any authority over her is when she has disobeyed my orders directly," Sesshomaru answered Leopara, Jess feeling secretively relieved by his answer. He trusted her enough to give her some reassurance.

"Besides, when exactly are you going to disobey him? You're more loyal to him than you are to yourself and your friends," Flarenix pointed out, Jess agreeing with her. Even thought it seemed very bad the way her new partner put it. But there were still some things she couldn't do even if Sesshomaru had given the order to do so. Like taking the life of a Human, that was still too much for her.

"Fine, suit yourself then. We'll see how long her 'obedience' lasts. And don't forget, three days until judgment," she reminded him, Sesshomaru just glaring at her. She crept into the shadows of the trees before any of them said another word. Jess felt his grip tighten a bit around her, and his arm had moved down to her waist. The position was making her more flustered than she was before.

"Um…Sesshomaru?" she asked carefully, hoping he would understand that she wanted him to let her go. He let out a small chuckle as he let her go, Jess absolutely sure her face was completely red at this point. The footsteps of Jaken, Rin and Black Fang pulled her out of her trance as she tried to calm down her body. The last thing she needed was having Jaken on her case. And thankfully, Sesshomaru spoke soon after they arrived.

"Find out where the two of them are and retrieve the Shards. You can figure out who they will be targeting, I hope," It took Jess a few seconds to actually connect what he was talking about. She had forgotten what they were talking about before the annoying leopard arrived. She gave him a firm nod as she turned to walk away.

"Who do you mean, Lord Sesshomaru?" Jaken butted in, Jess letting out a sigh. She felt Black Fang's head under her palm, the canine seeming rather annoyed by the little imp. Which she couldn't really argue with.

"Hiten and Manten," Sesshomaru answered simply, Black Fang quickly moving his head from under Jess' hand to face her Master.

"The Thunder Brothers? I had heard they were defeated some time ago," he pointed out, Jess turning around again to face them. Sesshomaru moved towards her instead of answering his question, though, and whispered into her ear.

"Find InuYasha and his friends and shadow them. The Thunder Brothers have a grudge against them, and they also are in the possession of numerous shards. They are the most likely target of our resurrected Demons," he ordered her, Jess confirming that she heard him with a firm nod. Once he stepped back from her she turned around and walked off. She heard Black Fang behind her, not really bothered by him. She picked up her bag, which she had nearly forgotten, and was about to walk in the same direction as Leopara. However, Sesshomaru quickly grabbed her wrist and forced her to face him. "The book must stay here. It is too risky to have you carry it around with you," he pointed out, Jess understanding immediately. She pulled the book out and handed it to him. After that was done, she walked into the shadows of the trees to try and find the little parade of Humans and Half-Demon.

Kagome sat next to Marie by the river, cleaning off the blood from the soldiers. Luckily, none of them were lost and they are regaining consciousness one by one. The Elder had shown them his gratitude and allowed them to continue staying at the temple until they were prepared to leave. He also seemed rather calm about the book being taken by Jess. According to Miroku, he thought that the girl could make use of it, since she was able to break its barrier with little effort. Kagome looked over at Marie as she washed the rest of the blood off. She, as well as Johannes, had been very quiet after the incident with Jess. Understandably so, considering how they saw her and what she did.

"Why would Jess go this far just for an old book? I know she can be loyal, but I never thought she would do this without any hesitation. That stupid Demon must've told her to kill anyone and anything that got in her way," Marie kept rambling to herself, Kagome not sure what to say. Most of it was true, aside from the fact that Jess didn't kill any of them.

"None of them seemed to be in a situation where they would die, especially not since we were here. The only thing that could've killed them was the blood loss. And I think Jess knew we would get involved. I think she did it with the intent of putting them out of play, but not dead. Although I can't imagine it was easy for her. She's still just a Human, one that probably has never taken another's life," she interrupted Marie's thoughts, wanting to at least reignite some of the hope her friend had. Jess had acted completely irrational around them. it's only natural for Marie to think Sesshomaru made her do it.

"Even so, I don't get how Jess can be that loyal to someone she barely knows?" Marie pointed out, Kagome not sure what to say to that. It was odd. "And what the heck is up with her leaving early from school just to make sure we couldn't meet her on the way. She knew she was going to do something like this and didn't want me and Johannes involved," Marie assumed, Kagome agreeing a bit with her logic. She was still amazed that Jess was able to injure them to the extent she did, though.

"Has she done anything else that seems unnatural since the two of you saw her here?" Kagome wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else that stood out. If there was, it might help them figure out her movements.

"Well, she ignored both of us all day. And she seemed rather glued to some old piece of paper whenever she got a chance. It looked like an old scroll or something. The teachers in our school usually don't bother making her pay attention at this point. She never does, but is still one of the best students in the class. It looked like she was translating something on it, though. She kept writing something in a small book next to her," Marie explained, Kagome trying to think what it might mean. A loud crack in the silence between them, both of them jumping from surprise. Kagome looked up towards the sky and saw a single black cloud. The presence of a Demon caught her attention as well. She hadn't felt it before, but that might be due to the fact that she was too caught up in thinking about Jess.

"Not good…" Kagome said quietly, only being able to think of a pair of Demons. She quickly stood up as she tried to see them in the cloud, wanting to be absolutely sure it was them.

"What's wrong, Kagome?" Marie asked worriedly, obviously getting a bit shaken by Kagome's reaction. She couldn't see them in the cloud, but she knew it had to be them. The cloud moved closer to them, Kagome grabbing Marie's arm without a word and dragged her off with her. "Hey, what's going on?"

"We have to get to InuYasha, fast!" Was all Kagome gave as an answer. The two of them ran as quickly as they could. The others were by the temple where they slept before. Kagome had seen them walking up the steps after helping the last few soldiers. They ran through the gates and up the stairs, nearly tripping as they made their way up. Shippo was sitting right by the top of the staircase, and seemed rather confused by their rush. "Shippo, go and get InuYasha! Now!" Kagome yelled at him, scaring the poor fox Demon as he ran to the back of the temple. Kagome and Marie followed close behind him, InuYasha jumping in front of them to make them stop.

"Alright, what's all the hurry? And this better not be because of some insect," he asked him, seeming a bit annoyed. Although Kagome didn't really care at this point.

"The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten, they're back!" she gasped out, InuYasha narrowing his eyes at her. The crack of thunder above them made the Half-Demon look at the black thundercloud hovering over them.

"They must be in the same position Yura was in. This should be fun," he smirked, unsheathing Tessaiga and stood in a battle stance. Miroku came up behind him and held his staff ready, Sango and Kirara, who had turned into her bigger form, standing ready as well. Kagome went to her bow and arrows and attached the quiver to her back. She gestured Marie to follow her, who dragged Johannes and Shippo with her. InuYasha waited patiently for the cloud to land in front of them, Hiten and Manten stepping off their 'horse'.

"Well, if it isn't the Half-Demon InuYasha," Hiten smirked, walking closer to them. He hadn't changed since InuYasha saw him the last time, as did Manten. "Looks like I'll get a chance to fight against you before I get my hands on that pet," He brought out his spear and held it towards InuYasha.

"And you're going down, just like last time," InuYasha taunted him, Miroku grabbing the beads around his right arm. Just in case this went South fast. "I was able to defeat you back when you had five Jewel Shards stuck to your head. I don't think you'll be much of a challenge this time," Manten nearly charged at him, if it wasn't for his brother standing between the two. Manten looked less Human than Hiten, so you wouldn't think the two were brothers. Manten then looked passed InuYasha, something the Half-Demon didn't understand.

"Hiten, I would like to pay that little wench back in full. Will you be alright by yourself?" he asked his brother, who just smirked at him. InuYasha already knew the answer, glaring at the two.

"Of course Manten. You go and get the girl so she gets what she deserves," Manten didn't waste any time as he jumped on the cloud once again and flew in the direction Kagome ran before. Hiten watched until his brother was nearly out of sight, focusing on InuYasha once again. "This should be entertaining," InuYasha tightened the grip on the hilt of Tessaiga, ready to attack at any moment.

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